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Star Trek: Fan Collective - Q [Import USA Zone 1]

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Disc One Encounter at Farpoint Hide and Q Q Who?

Disc Two Deja Q (with Text Commentary) Qpid True-Q Q-Less (with Text Commentary)

Disc Three Tapestry All Good Things Death Wish (with Text Commentary)

Disc Four The Q and the Grey Q2


Volume 3 in the Star Trek Fan Collective series focuses on the show's resident deity, Q, played with indignant mischief by John De Lancie. While previous Fan Collectives have taken votes to select which episodes around a certain theme would be included, Q makes things easy (the character never made things easy) by simply including all 12 episodes (two are double-length) in which he appeared. And because Q was especially fond of tormenting Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew, most of the episodes are from The Next Generation, including that series' first episode, "Encounter at Farpoint". Subsequent episodes are "Hide and Q" in which the crew plays a deadly game; "Q Who," in which a temper tantrum throws the Enterprise into its first-ever encounter with the Borg (also included on the Fan Collective: Borg set); "Deja Q," in which the character becomes a normal human; "Qpid," in which Q tries to play matchmaker by turning Picard into Robin Hood; "True Q" in which Q reveals the truth about a mysterious young woman; "Tapestry," in which Picard shares a near-death experience with the godlike thorn in his side; and the series finale, "All Good Things…" Q also made brief stops in the first season of Deep Space Nine ("Q Less") and in Voyager. In "Death Wish," Q tries to help Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) recover her male crew members after an encounter with another member of the Q Continuum, "The Q and the Grey," in which Q wants Janeway to bear his child; and the final season's "Q2," in which Q's son arrives to cause chaos, such as removing Seven of Nine's (Jeri Ryan) clothes. As with previous Fan Collective sets, the only new features (and in this case there are no other features) are text commentary on three episodes by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda. --David Horiuchi --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition DVD.

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Excellent collection focusing on one of Trek's best bad guys--complete episode line up! 26 mars 2006
Par Wayne Klein - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
Misunderstood or just a god with a nasty sense of humor either way Q (the marvelous John de Lancie)was one of the highlights of "The Next Generation" and was such a good character that he was seamlessly incorporated into two other series. If this follows the course set with the other releases, we'll see probably 12 episodes. Here's the episode listing for each Q appearence as well the series it was drawn from.

The best of Q, however, truly is in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". In "Encounter at Farpoint Parts 1 & 2" Q puts humanity on trial for its arrogance and destructiveness. The Enterprise crew has one chance to redeem themselves--they must figure out a mystery involving "Farpoint" a station for the Federation that comes under attack by a mysterious alien race. The pilot also features a cameo by the late DeForest Kelley as Admiral McCoy in an amusing scene with Data.

The first season of "The Next Generation" was wildly uneven with some truly bad episodes alternating with some extremely good ones. "Hide & Q" straddles the line between these two extremes. While not the best it does offer de Lancie the chance to chew some scenery. Called in to help a mining colory, Q sets a test for Riker--he gives him the power of the Q and tempts him to use it to save his crewmates. In "Q Who" an enraged Q flings the Enterprise across the galaxy to test the crew against a new race they've never dealt with before--the Borg.

The third season featured two Q for the price of one. In "Deja Q" Q has been stripped of his power and made into a mortal. Q must prove his worth both to the Enterprise and to his the other Q (including Corbin Bernsen in a cameo as another member of the Q). This episode includes a text commentary.

"Q-Pid" brings together the Enterprise crew and Q in a reenactment of Robin Hood with Captain Picard as Robin Hood and Q as the Sheriff of Notthingham. "True Q" is a so-so episode in which an honor student on the Enterprise realizes she's a member of the Q Continuum. Q comes to claim her but she is torn between her humanity and going to the Q Continuum. When Picard is killed in a terrorist attack in "Tapestry"he finds himself in limbo with Q claiming to be God. Q feels bad for Picard and allows him to revisit a moment in his past. It was evidently inspired by a pitch for an episode called "A Q Carol" a variation on "A Christmas Carol".

Finally we get the conclusion episode of the series "All Good Things Parts 1 & 2" in which Picard discovers that the universe is about to end and its all his fault. Picard whisks back and forth in time with Q providing him clues as to why he's responsible for the end of humanity but refusing to provide him with the solution.

The "DS9" episode "Q-Less" is the only episode from the series featuring Q and it's quite a good one with a highlight being a boxing match between Commander Sisko and Q in which Sisko knocks Q out ("Picard never hit me!"). Finally from "Voyager" we get "Deathwish" in which a member of the Q Continuum wants to die and Captain Janeway is chosen as the judge in the case while Q presents the arguement against allowing a member of his race to die. This episode includes another text commentary. This episode actually appears on disc two as it takes place before "Tapestry".

"The Q & The Grey" the Q are in the middle of a civil war and Q transports the Voyager crew to his continuum chosing to make it appear symbolically as America during its own Civil war. In his final appearence as Q de Lancie appears to the Voyager crew and dumps his adolescent son Q2 (also the title of the episode(Keegan de Lancie)on the Voyager crew to deal with. Evidently the boy is bringing chaos to the Q continuum and the Continuum has indicated that Q must straighten the boy out. Q believes that Starfleet ideals might serve the youth and do the job.

As someone else pointed out this set would have worked well with the inclusion of "The Squire of Gothos" since the character of Trelane was an inspiration for the character of Q in "The Next Generation". Unfortunately it's not included with the set. I'm not sure if it wasn't presented as an option for this set or if it was just overlooked. It's a pity as it would have fit in quite well with this set.

Are these sets worthwhile for fans who own the entire run of "TNG", "Voyager" and "DS9"? Probably not but if you have a couple of seasons of one series or don't have all the Trek incarnations this is a pretty good set to have. Paramount has added three text commentary tracks to this set which is a nice plus since there weren't any on the original "Next Gen" or "DS9" sets.
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Episode List 28 avril 2006
Par Fred Mertens - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
This set will contain evry episode that Q appeared in. Twelve episodes in all - including two two-parters. Here is the official list:

Disc 1

* "Encounter at Farpoint" - Star Trek: The Next Generation production # 721

* "Hide and Q" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 111

* "Q Who?" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 142

Disc 2

* "Deja Q" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 161 (w/ text commentary)

* "QPid" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 194

* "True-Q" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 232

* "Q-Less" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine # 407 (w/ text commentary)

Disc 3

* "Tapestry" - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 241

* "All Good Things..." - Star Trek: The Next Generation # 747

* "Death Wish" - Star Trek: Voyager # 130 (w/ text commentary)

Disc 4

* "The Q and the Grey" - Star Trek: Voyager # 153

* "Q2" - Star Trek: Voyager # 265.
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Good character, good performances 11 juin 2006
Par Kaylee Ranger - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
I hated Q during TNG's run and avoided all his stories in reruns. So imagine my surprise when I found myself really enjoying this collection--it probably helped that I hadn't seen the Next Gen eps since they aired and the others not at all. The character of Q brought something to the next gen Star Treks that they lacked all too often--humor, unattractive character traits, selfishness: a humanity that other characters lacked sometimes, even though I loved TNG. Yet thanks to Q, we see a grumpy Worf, a grumpy Geordi, etc. Q's interactions with the regular cast is fun to watch--though we needed more Q and less Vash in Q-less (though I did like the character of Vash a lot). Seeing Suzy Plakson again is great, too, in the Q and the Grey, even if it's not a strong episode. Seeing Q interact with each of the three captains is fun, and the character arc for Q is interesting. John de Lancie does a really excellent job and he "gets" Star Trek as well as anyone.

Encounter at Farpoint and Hide and Q are a bit painful to watch--the cast was overacting so badly that it's a wonder that the show survived the first season--they are interesting for that reason alone. Q was the best thing in both episdoes. Q-Who is chilling and wonderful, and the Borg were at their best--they lost a bit of their menace with each subsequent appearance. Deja Q was very, very funny--better than I remembered. The Q-Geordi and Q-Data interaction is great. Q-pid is nearly as funny. True Q is a bit dull, but Tapestry is one of the best ever TNG episodes. All Good Things is fun if you ignore the plot holes that you can drive a truck through. As the commentary points out, Q-less, as one of the first DS9 eps, gives a wonderful look at the foundation of the DS-9 characters and watching Q interact with Sisko is great. I liked the fact that they show the episodes in Q-order with this episode before TNG finale. The Voyager episodes are the weakest in the lot--but Q stirs things up and brings a liveliness to the proceedings. By the time I got to them, I was just enjoying John de Lancie without worrying about the stories overly much. The one-liners and witty observations are evident in all twelve episodes. Seeing Colm Meany as O'Brien in TNG pilot and then on DS9 seems like a nice bonus, as does having both TNG pilot and finale in one set.

I hadn't really noticed in the other collectives--but there's one text commentary per series so that you get insight into each.
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Every Single Q Episode Together In One Package, What's Better Than That? 5 juillet 2006
Par GameraRocks - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
This is a must have for Trek fans who don't have the episodes on DVD. To put it simply, this is every single episode Q has every appeared in, so you get every episode of Q! This is a dream come true to Q fans that have been waiting for a collection like this to be released. Love or hate him, there is no denying that Q is one of the greatest characters ever created in not just Star Trek but Sci-fi history.

The special features on this collection are not as good as in the previous collectives since you only get text commentaries on a few episodes, but I suppose that is better than nothing. Once again, like in the previous fan collective, there are episodes that are already on the previous collective releases but it doesn't matter in this case since it is all of the Q episodes. Once again, if you already have every season of Trek from every series, you don't need to buy this at all. If you have all the seasons, then you already have every episode on here and you would only be paying money for the box. There are no special features on here that you will die if you don't have. This is for the fans that don't have all of the season and/or want all of the Q episodes all in one package. If you want every single Q episodes all together, this is for you and it is totally worth the money!
7 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Q Returns 19 juin 2006
Par Prauge Traveler - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD Achat vérifié
These lower priced boxed sets are a good way to review all your old favorites from the various trek series. You avoid two of the pitfalls found in the alternative of purchasing all individual seasons: firstly, even at a reduced price, you will end up spending considerably more on individual seasons; secondly, having a bookshelf devoted to startrek is not always socially the wisest course of action. For those who make the leap and fully indulge in their passion for Trek, I make no judgments. Personally, I would like to enjoy my sci-fi fix with a little bit more subtlety than a 28 season marathon in my room and few more dollars in my pocket.

The episodes chosen seem to capture the theme of each boxed set very well, and it would be nice to see a "Startrek: Classics" set with no particular theme, just those good episodes that were fun to watch. I like the 'Time Travel' Collection more than the 'Q' and `Borg' collections because the episodes seem to have a little more variety within that theme. The Next Generation episodes present a much broader spectrum of 'Q' and 'time travel' than than the 'Borg' collection manages.

Generally speaking, if I were going to purchase only one of these Fan Collectives, 'Q' would not be it (time travel is the best in my opinion); however, because I am a star trek geek, I bought more than one set, and I am enjoying re-viewing the shows I watched when I was younger. The 'Q' collection is pretty much self explanitory- every episode deals with the omnipotent being we all love to hate. So if thats what you want to watch, then this is the collection for you. If not, then don't buy it. Don't expect much new, if you've already spent a thousand dollars on all the complete seasons.

I will fault the selections for the overlap that is present in each theme. I'm not positive, but I don't think you can purchase any two sets without re-purchasing at least one episode.
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