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Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 (Anglais) Relié – 11 juin 2013

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Relié, 11 juin 2013
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The future of Star Wars, the future of the galaxy, and the future of the Skywalkers is told in John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's acclaimed Star Wars: Legacy. A legion of Sith have conquered what was left of the Empire, the Jedi have been purged-or fled into hiding-and the galaxy is divided. Meet Cade Skywalker, a bounty hunter who doesn't want anything to do with the Jedi, his famous name, or his legacy . . . But his legacy is determined to follow him as the good guys and the bad guys begin to search for him-as a savior, and as a threat.

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Tales of a tortured Jedi 7 juillet 2013
Par L. W. Swint - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

...a "Star Wars" saga ended much too soon.

In 2006, Dark Horse Comics premiered an ambitious new storyline to the "Expanded Universe" of "Star Wars" tales. This saga took George Lucas' epic galactic mythos to an unexplored time, 137 years after the film adventures of Luke Skywalker, and detailed the exploits of his descendants. Specifically this was the story of Cade Skywalker, a man torn by the tragedies and burdens of his past, as well as the realities of what the name 'Skywalker' meant to him and the galaxy. This was also the story of Darth Krayt, leader of an army of dark force users he called the "One Sith." As the tale of "Star Wars: Legacy" began, this Dark Lord had...

"...broken the spine of the galaxy. Nearly a hundred years ago, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded, plunging the galaxy into deep chaos -- bleeding and weakening it. Patient in the Force, I waited as the galaxy grew darker."

After much tumult and treachery, Darth Krayt wrested control of the war-ravaged galaxy and became emperor of a new galactic empire. But even after his triumph, the Lord of the Sith came to learn he needed the power wielded by the seeming last of the Skywalkers. Yet the troubled Cade had turned his back on who he was, claiming:

"I'm not a Jedi, and I'm not a Skywalker, either. Not anymore."

"Legacy" thus became a "Star Wars" saga of an uncertain future even as it furthered ideas and ideals of its mythic past; and as created by writer John Ostrander and artist Jan Duursema, this Dark Horse comic series became one of the most intriguing and entertaining interpretations of Mr. Lucas' cosmic tale of good versus evil...until it came to an abrupt end.

This hardcover volume contains the following:

Issues #0,0B-19 of the original comic series.

The above individual comics were reprinted in the following trade paperback editions listed as individual stories or story-arcs in this hardcover volume:

(Volume 1) Broken (Issues #1-3,5-7)
(Volume 2) Shards (Issues #4,8-13) (Note: Issues #4 & 8 are reprinted here out of their original sequence.)
(Volume 3) Claws of the Dragon (Issues #14-19)

The individual covers to the comics illustrated by Jan Duursema, Adam Hughes, Travis Charest, and Dave Ross, are featured throughout the hardcover volume in different formats. The cover to issue #10 by Mr. Ross is not included.

One of the pleasures a reader gets in exploring "Star Wars: Legacy" is the sense of the unknown in its story narative. Not since the pioneering time of the Original "Star Wars" Trilogy did fans of the saga have the chance to read an adventure starring a member of the Skywalker clan in which they didn't know the ultimate fate of the character. While the ongoing "Expanded Universe" or "EU" has continued "the adventures of Luke Skywalker" in comic book and novel form, "Legacy's" achievement was its showcase of a new Skywalker, a man unlike his famous ancestor, as he, and his friends battle for the soul of the galaxy, even as he, Cade Skywalker, battled for his own soul.

Cade is unlike any Skywalker, or any hero seen before in the saga. A conflicted, drug-taking bounty hunter, he is also perhaps the most exasperating hero/anti-hero a "Star Wars" enthusiast could come across in any "EU" tale. Many times while enjoying reading the series, this reviewer wished to smack Cade on the back of the head and tell him to get his act together! But "Legacy" is the story of Cade's struggle to truly find himself, and despite his self-destructive tendencies, his tale is told so well, the reader comes to root for Cade in his journey to bring peace and balance to the galaxy, as well as to himself.

"Star Wars: Legacy" also featured a memorable villain in the character of Darth Krayt, a Sith Lord striving to shape the galaxy in his image with his vision of "the One Sith." Conquering the galaxy through the force of his will, Krayt, like Cade Skywalker, is revealed over time to have ties to the past of the "EU" and was created very much in the tradition of former infamous Sith Masters as Darth Sidious, Darth Bane, and the fallen Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, who became Darth Vader.

The "Legacy" saga is a story with rich characters and concepts that extrapolated on the evolving "Star Wars" mythos in interesting and thought-provoking ways. From its complex leading characters to plot elements like "the One Sith" or the fascinating idea of the "Imperial Knights;" light saber wielding offshoots of the Jedi Order, whose loyalty was exclusive to the galactic emperor, "Star Wars: Legacy" offered readers a distinctive vision of a future "Star Wars" galaxy.

When this new "Star Wars" adventure was announced in 2006, there was trepidation from many fans of the saga, who were concerned about the direction its creators, Mr. Ostrander and Ms. Duursema, had planned for their unique take on "the future of Star Wars." But this was a talented team of veteran comic storytellers, including past "Star Wars" comics, and "Legacy" became a showcase which continued this duo's own rich "Star Wars" creative legacy. Writer John Ostrander has always had a darker perspective on the "Star Wars" saga, and "Legacy" reflected this in its scarred characters, intricate plotlines and oftentimes shadowy settings. As illustrated by Jan Duursema, "Legacy" was an imaginatively realized vision of the "Star Wars" galaxy, complimenting the established look of that "galaxy far, far away" with visual ideas unique to this particular adventure series. The look of "Legacy" was enhanced by the rich color work of artist Brad Anderson, who contributed greatly to Ms. Duursema's pencil artwork, and the ink lines drawn by Dan Parsons. Another notable artist on "Legacy" was Colin Wilson, who served as an alternative illustrator on the comic for a trio of stories featured in this collection. Mr. Wilson would go on to draw the "Star Wars: Invasion" comic mini-series trilogy for Dark Horse from 2009-2011.

Much to the regret of "Star Wars" fans, like myself, who came to love this series, "Star Wars: Legacy" was cancelled in 2010 with the publication of its 50th issue, despite the fact the comic was one of the most popular titles released at the time by Dark Horse. To wrap up the lingering plotlines that remained at the unexpected end of the ongoing series, the publisher and the series' co-creators, Ms. Duursema and Mr. Ostrander, produced "Star Wars: Legacy: War," a six-issue mini-series that was released in 2011. But even with the sequel mini-series, there were still thousands of disappointed "Star Wars" fans, who lamented turning the last page of "Legacy: War," grieving the loss of a comic series they felt came to an untimely end.

Some consolation for fans would come with the publication of a companion "Legacy" comic in 2013. Unofficially called "Legacy 2," this series featured the story of Ania Solo, "carrying on Han and Leia's legacy -- and taking on the galaxy...solo!"

Still, for fans of the original "Star Wars: Legacy" comic series and/or admirers of great comics period, this thick hardcover collection offers the first epic adventures of an especially unique "Star Wars" saga. It comes very highly recommended.
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Great SW comics! 20 juin 2013
Par Yggdrasil - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Relié
I have to start by saying that I am newbie in the expanded star wars universe. The only other SW comics I have is the Quinlan Vos omnibus, and I have to say Legacy is superior to this one.

First a word on the edition. As usual with Dark Horse, the paper stock is thick and really fantastic. The edition is gorgeous, really thick book with a nice dust jacket, and sewn binding so you can open your book flat without damaging it. The format is, as usual for SW comics, smaller than DC or Marvel comics, but it does not hinder the reading.

In terms of story, others already reviewed the TPB and explained better than me. It basically revolves around Cade Skywalker, formerly trained as Jedi, who became bounty hunter after a tragic event. It's just plenty of fun, the characters are likable, there is a bit of politics, a lot of action, just good fun.

The art is pretty good for the most part. It's just a bit inconsistent with faces, or some characters are in a weird posture here and there... Still quite good, but varies from great to serviceable. I also like the character design a lot on most of the characters (the sith are pretty charismatic).

In conclusion, I found here a fun SW comics with interesting characters, good action popcorn fun, and which explores a part of the expanded universe I am really not familiar with. Recommended.
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As Vader should have been! 24 novembre 2013
Par Herbert Gustufson - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
I haven't read all of the graphic novels in the Star Wars extended universe by any means, but I do have a few. Of all the SWEU comics I do own (or read) however, I like this series best of all (by far!). The art is great, the writing is outstanding, and the characters are everything you'd want from the SWU. Cade Skywalker is everything I wanted Anakin to be (and ultimately wasn't). Torn between the light and dark sides of the force and being a jedi and a sith, Cade kicks all kinds of ASS (instead of throwing temper tantrums and crying all of the time). If you felt underwhelmed by Vader's origin story and are looking for something MUCH more fulfilling, GIVE THIS A TRY!!!
One of the biggest epics of the Star Wars EU 5 juillet 2014
Par CT Phipps - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
Star Wars: Legacy is one of the few grand experiments in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. A fifty-six issue comic book series with an ongoing sequel series, it was one of the rare attempts to do something original. Set a century and a half after the events of A New Hope, it followed the adventures of antihero Cade Skywalker as a new Sith Empire had risen to take over the galaxy.

The problem is there's already some issues with this premise. The Sith returning after George Lucas made such a very big deal of the "Rule of Two" and their order being extinguished rang false. Likewise, I'm not sure any fans wanted to see a drug-addicted PSTD-suffering bounty hunter and occasional pirate version of Luke Skywalker.

Much like Superman, Luke Skywalker is one of those incorruptible symbols of purity in modern mythology. Seeing Luke's "heir" as such a wreck of a human being while the galaxy was once more under the sway of a tyrannical regime couldn't help but cause me to feel like his quote-unquote legacy was being tarnished.

The issue is further troubled by the fact Cade Skywalker has no interest in being either a Jedi Knight or studying the Force. The refusal of the call is a basic part of Campbellian mythology but it's usually resolved fairly quickly. Watching the entire galaxy suffer while Cade talks about how hard it is to deal with the death of his father is hard to take seriously. Not to diminish his loss but a lot of people are losing their fathers during this time period and the fact Jedi Master Kol Skywalker was killed by the Sith should make Cade more determined to oppose them.

The first third of this three volume collection of omnibuses mostly centers around Cade's series of false stops and starts along his road to (maybe?) getting his act together. Unfortunately, any number of events which would normally convince Cade to take up the fight against the Sith and their Imperial minions gets ignored by them. Quite simply, Jon Ostrander and Jan Duursema seem more interested in Cade's angst than I, the reader, am.

Despite this, I maintain the series still has much to go on it. The writers have taken a great deal of time to plot out the mythology and backstory of the characters he's created. Darth Krayt is a great villain, even if he's got a bit too many similarities to Anakin Skywalker. Likewise, I love the concept of the Imperial Knights (Jedi who serve the Emperor-in-Exile Roan Fel) and the entire Fel family.

The art of the book is incredible, though. Everything seems like a painting come to life and while it's a much darker world than the original trilogy, everything things vibrant and realistic. I love the look of characters like Marasiah Fel, Roan Fel, Rav, and even Cade himself. The action scenes leap off the page and if the One Sith are a bit generic--I never get tired of seeing them sliced up by lightsabers.

Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 is a rather small book, larger than a standard paperback but not by much. It is very reasonably priced, being only about twenty-dollars for four-hundred pages of color comics. If you're interested in an epic storyline, albeit one marred by an attempt to be "gritty" in the least gritty setting in fiction outside of My Little Pony, then you might enjoy picking up this volume.

Interesting change for the expanded universe 15 janvier 2014
Par Ethan - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
I really enjoyed this comic. I hadn't read any of the series before picking it up, but after I got past the atrocious cover art (my friends won't read it simply because of that) it's a really interesting timeline. I also really enjoyed the technology breakdown and character profiles at the end that added some art and gave a better understanding of what the vehicles they're using are supposed to be. I went out and got the rest of the series after I speed through this in a few short days. Worth it.
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