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Star Wars X-Wing: Tie Phantom Expansion Pack (Anglais) Jouet – 22 mai 2014

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Jouet, 22 mai 2014
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With its stygium crystal cloaking device, deflector shields, and hyperdrive, the TIE Phantom is one of the most menacing starfighters in the galaxy! The TIE Phantom Expansion Pack for X-Wing brings this fearsome fighter to life with a pre-painted miniature carefully sculpted at 1/270 scale and new rules for cloaking. Imperial players will be able to further customize their Phantoms with four ship cards, new modifications, and system and crew upgrades. The Rebellion will never know what to expect!

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The TIE Phantom... It can cloak! 3 juin 2014
Par El Tonio - Publié sur Amazon.com
The TIE Phantom is one of four "Wave 4" expansion sets for the X-Wing miniatures game. I think there are some good reasons to add at least a couple of TIE Phantoms to your Imperial fleet.

To begin with it has the highest base attack to date (4 dice). And, while the 2 defense, 2 hull, and 2shields leave a little to be desired at first glance, it is the only ship that has the fun and potentially powerful new "cloak" icon in its action bar (and some great upgrades to help you make the most of it). You can cloak as an action, and decloak for free. While you are cloaked you roll 2 more defense dice, but cannot attack. This leads to some great combos, especially with either of the unique pilots and the advanced cloaking devise upgrade (see below).

Pilots include:

(1) Sigma Squadron Pilot, a level 3 non-unique pilot that costs 25 points.

(2) Shadow Squadron Pilot, a level 5 non- unique pilot that costs 27 points.

(3) "Echo", a level 6 unique pilot that costs 30 points, with a pretty fun special ability that reads, "When you decloak, you must use the [2 LEFT BANK] or [2RIGHT BANK] template instead of the [2 STRAIGHT] template."

(4) "Whisper", a level 7 unique pilot that costs 32 points, with a nice special ability that reads "After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus token to your ship."

It also includes two previously released upgrades (Fire Control Systems and Recon Specialist), plus three that are unique to this expansion at the time it was released: (1) Tatician - a 2 point crew upgrade that assigns a stress token to ships you attack at range two; (2) Advanced cloaking device - a 4 point modification that lets you perform a free cloak action after you perform an attack; and (3) Stygium Practical Accelerator - a 3 point modification that lets you perform a free evade action when you cloak or decloak.

As with all expansions, this one includes all tokens, dials, etc. that you need to use this ship in a game (though a copy of the base set is still needed to play).

Overall, I think this ship adds some nice twists to an already fun game (cloak is a very interesting new addition to the game).
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A glass cannon, when played with skill can frustrate your opponent 25 juillet 2014
Par C. Jacobson - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
The TIE Phantom is the Imperial's Glass Cannon. It requires finesse to play right, but it can be a potent weapon - both psychological and in dice results.

With 4 Attack Dice, it packs the most firepower of any (non-Huge) ship. At range 1, it can unleash a devastating barrage, and thanks to it's maneuverability it can get into that range and stay there.

It possesses 2 Agility, 2 Hull, and 2 Shields. Given that it costs a little more than an X-Wing, this might seem weak, particularly in comparison to the much cheaper TIE Fighter or slightly cheaper TIE Advanced (which is considered an underperformed for it's cost). What is easy to overlook is that the Phantom gets +2 Agility when cloaked, for a total 4 Agility, which gives it the most Agility in the game.

Maneuverability dial is close to the TIE Fighter, but lacking a 5 Straight and the 3 K-turn.

Cloak is the key to the Phantom. It can frustrate your opponent to no end, by decloaking before it's movement for a free "Straight 2" barrel roll or boost. Because of this, even if your opponent uses Intelligence Agent to peek at your maneuver dial, you can still end up in 4 possible locations.

Tack on an Advanced Cloaking Device and you can re-cloak after shooting. While the available Pilot Skill range is limited (3, 5, 6, and 7), with Veteran Instincts on a named pilot you can reach an 8 or 9, which can get you moving last, shooting first, and cloaking before most other pilots shoot back.

Phantoms can take a single Crew. Navigator can increase maneuverability, and Rebel Captive discourages and punishes taking shots at it. Recon Specialist for extra Focus can be handy, while Gunner lets you shoot again on the occasion those 4 Attack dice fail to cause any damage. However, this does drive up the cost of an already expensive (for Imperial) unit.

The named pilot "Echo" gets to use the "Bank 2" template when uncloaking, and if played well can stay on the tail of even the super-maneuverable A-Wing or TIE Interceptor.

The strengths of the Phantom are:
1. 4 Attack Dice base is a strong attack, and 5 dice at Range 1 can be brutal. Your opponent will want to start taking Evade actions rather than Focus, which impacts their ability to hurt you.
2. Highly maneuverable, thanks to cloak
3. Rewards skillful play, and can be downright fun

The weakness of the Phantom are:
1. A fairly high points cost (for Imperials)
2. Require skill to play well; they benefit from facing lower Pilot Skills, but if you can out-think your opponent you can do well against higher Pilot Skills.
3. If caught out in the open with their pants down (no cloak) they can die quickly. Stress should only be accumulated if already cloaked.
4. Turrets are their worst enemy. Their biggest strength is staying out of enemy fire arcs. Turrets on high Pilot Skill are even worse, because to attack the Phantom must drop cloak and lose it's bonus 2 Agility dice.
5. Your opponent might get frustrated by the high maneuverability, and inability to get out of arc or line up a shot, which might result in a not-so-fun game for them.

Why might you take a Phantom instead of the 2 TIE Fighters the same points would buy you? While you can argue that those 2 TIE Fighters each can attack, that's still only 2-3 Attack dice per attack. Your opponent will get to roll Agility dice against both of those attacks. Versus a single 4-5 dice attack, those same Agility dice won't stop as much damage. 4 Attack dice vs 2 Agility dice provides about a 50% increase in average damage results vs two separate attacks of 2 Attack dice vs 2 Agility dice.
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An interesting TIE with the power to cloak 7 juillet 2014
Par Neko-san - Publié sur Amazon.com
The TIE Phantom is an expansion for the X-Wing Miniature Game, which happens to include a good model. I'm not familiar with this ship from the Star Wars EU, but the ship looks intriguing so I decided to get this one.

The sculpt and paint of this miniature are really good. This miniature is about 1.5" long x 1" wide. Not knowing better, I believe Fantasy Flight Games has this ship at scale with other miniatures in the X-Wing Miniature Game such as the X-Wing and Tie Fighters.

In addition to the TIE Phantom, this expansion includes a stand and a base for the miniature, two ship tokens for the base, one maneuver dial, a rulesheet, and plenty of other tokens as those included for the X-Wing Miniature Game.

I had no expectations, but the cards included in the expansion make this ship even more interesting. This expansion includes:

4 ships/pilots: Whisper (7, 32pts), Echo (6, 30pts), Shadow Squadron Pilot (5, 27pts) and Sigma Squadron Pilot (3, 25pts);
2 crew cards: Recon Specialist and Tactician
1 cannon upgrade: Ion Cannon (3)
1 system upgrade: Fire Control System
2 utility upgrades: Stygium Particle Accelerator and Advanced Cloaking Device.
3 reference cards: Modifications and Titles, Cloak Action and Decloak.

The TIE Phantom is as agile as an X-Wing (2), more powerful (4), but with less hull (2) and about the same shields (2). It is as maneuverable as a TIE fighter, but unlike the TIE fighter, it can not go straight at speed 5. However, it does include the cloak ability

Overall, this is great model for Star Wars collectors and an intriguing (in-game expensive) fighter.
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or can obliterate your foes if you fly this one well and have some good dice rolls 27 septembre 2014
Par Adrian Corral - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
A worthy addition to any Imperial fleet. The Phantom is very powerful if you manage it correctly. With 4 hit dice (5 if at range one), it is a heavy hitter. It can also cause havoc with the enemy with its ability to cloak / de-cloak maneuverability. You could field more lesser point cost ships, or can obliterate your foes if you fly this one well and have some good dice rolls.
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A very interesting ship- a must just for the fun factor 13 février 2015
Par Yu-Jin Chia - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
This is probably the most interesting small ship in the game so far, but it can be difficult to use and needs a significant point investment to be effective.

The Phantom is a very expensive unit any way you cut it. It does a ton of damage - especially at close range - and with cloak has high agility, but it can't take hits. It is very maneuverable, and you need to use this to your advantage because if the Rebel player is able to keep taking potshots at you, sooner or later they'll get lucky. This means two things:

If the enemy has a lot of units with high attack, you need a tank or something else that is (a) tougher and (b) too dangerous for them to ignore. A Firespray or Decimator seems good for this role. I've been toying with a TIE Defender as it can keep up with the Phantom to some degree, but it's not a whole lot tougher. You need to keep the Phantom safe until it can get behind the enemy and do its job. Once out of the enemy's firing arc, it's a lethal unit and very difficult to shake.

While the Phantom is still in an enemy's arc- especially in round one- and especially if said enemy is someone like Wedge Antilles, it is very vulnerable. I've seen Wedge take out a full-strength Whisper with one lucky proton torpedo on the opening round (ouch!). With cloak, the Phantom has 4 agility, but the first cloak has to be an action, so no focus, and you can always get some unlucky rolls. This is why it's so critical to keep your Phantom as clear of the enemy as possible- especially in the first round and especially if the enemy might be popping off alpha strikes like proton or ion torpedoes or any other ion/stress attacks. If a Phantom gets ioned while cloaked, it's a sitting duck- a lot of its maneuverability comes from the decloak action (which ion prevents) and it can't attack while cloaked. Likewise if it gets stressed, you can't cloak, even with advanced cloaking device. It is critical to get the ship in action before this can happen, and to use obstacles as much as possible to obscure enemy shots.

This leads to one obvious problem in or out of round 1: turrets. You can't get out of a turret's firing arc, and there's ion turrets. If the enemy has several turrets in play, you might want to reconsider fielding the Phantom to begin with. That or be sure you take out those units ASAP, as they have no blind spots and sooner or later are bound to get lucky.

That said, if you can get a Phantom into action and aren't horribly unlucky, it's darn hard to kill and can dish out huge damage. You have an unprecedented range of maneuvers between decloak, barrel roll, and the dial. Generally, you don't want to do red maneuvers as it kills cloak, but even without those it's crazy. The ship has 4 attack dice unmodified, and can modify to add a free cloak action on attack. The ship can also take a crew (gunner is a good choice), and a system upgrade.

Overall, this is a fun ship to play and packs a serious punch, but if not flown well or if you just plain get unlucky, it's toast- and you can't afford to lose them. It is definitely one of those ships that cannot be ignored, and in the hands of a skilled or lucky player, it's devastating. Just be aware that everyone knows this and will try to focus burn it.

On other notes- the mini looks awesome and is the first model of the Phantom (of any size) I've ever seen. FFG has really done a great job of putting detail into these- they're impressive especially for the size, and this is coming from a guy that's built a couple of the Fine Molds SW kits.

P.S. I don't know whether to be relieved or irritated that they didn't include 'Rookie One' as a pilot. Those who are wondering what I'm talking about... you're either not geek enough or not old enough ;-) The Rebels have nothing like this ship at the moment, which is realistic but a bit unfortunate. However, adding a guy with a callsign like that is bound to earn some jeers, to say nothing of having a ship that can be run by both sides (it would be the first), so maybe it's for the best.
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