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Stop At Nothing
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Stop At Nothing

13 mai 2003 | Format : MP3

EUR 7,92 (TVA incluse le cas échéant)
Également disponible en format CD

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HASH(0x9fb8ba5c) étoiles sur 5 I'm not worthy 17 juin 2003
Par Wheelchair Assassin - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
While Dying Fetus's previous albums were great, they've reached a whole new plateau with their newest release. "Stop At Nothing" raises the ante for this band with one of the most brutally intense slabs of insanity these ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing. There's really very little point in my describing in words how hard this album hits; it's something you need to hear for yourself. If you want something mellow, look elsewhere; one listen to "Stop At Nothing" and you'll probably be banging your head like a madman from beginning to end (I know I was). Dying Fetus offer up all the blazing speed, pummelling heaviness, and awe-inspiring technicality that any death/grind fan could possibly expect, but there's more going on here. Beneath the full frontal assault, these songs offer things like complex arrangements, constant tempo changes, drum variety, and even semi-discernible vocals, ensuring an interesting listen even after the initial shock has worn off. This album was released a mere week after Lamb Of God's equally stunning "As The Palaces Burn," and those two releases may well wind up duking it out for my prestigious "album of the year" honor. If bands like Dying Fetus and Lamb Of God represent the new face of extremity, the future's looking pretty good.
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HASH(0x9fb8bab0) étoiles sur 5 An incredible album! 1 février 2005
Par Tom Servo - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Fast, grinding brutality! Dying fetus is a technical Deathgrind band who rocks harder than most bands out there but add mosh riffs intyo their music, and that my friends means harsh head banging music. Dying Fetus play a very aggressive and heavy style of grinding deathmetal and it is captured so well on this latest release. The sheer brutality and genius makes this band truly unique. Fusing intricate guitar solos, fiery Crust grooves, and manic Grind rhythms, Dying Fetus sets an epic standard in intensity. Shrieks and guttural growls piledrive through the maelstrom of crushing music. Fans of Cryptopsy, Napalm Death, and Rotten Sound should be thrilled. Dying Fetus is gold. This is a must buy! definitely must buy for deathmetal fans that enjoy that brutal style of bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy, and maybe Cannibal Corpse. To me this is almost a perfect deathmetal album in that the guitars are heavy, the riffs, and arrangements are great, the vocals are interesting and sickly brutal! There are no bad tracks. I love each one. This is one you play all the way through!
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HASH(0x9fb8bee8) étoiles sur 5 Onslaught of malice, indeed 4 mai 2006
Par A. Stutheit - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
As soon as the opening song kicks into high gear, you should realize that Dying Fetus' fifth album is about as heavy as heavy gets. It's also as dark as death metal gets. From the scorching riff and thunderous blast beat on "Schematics" to the pounding, earth shaking power chords which close out "Vengeance Unleashed," not a single ray of light or melody shines through on any of "Stop At Nothing." The words "brutal," "uncompromising," and "dissonant" don't even begin to describe this album. It's fueled by complex and walloping drum beats, crushing, sludgy riffs, and one of two vocal styles--very deep and growly "angry bear" vocals, or higher, more intelligible (but not quite hardcore) screams. And, of course, this is Dying Fetus, so the musicianship on display here is almost immeasurable. The drummer sounds inhuman, and the riffs are very complex. Plus, the guitar solos are usually a lot more technical than those of other death metal bands. "One Shot, One Kill" boasts ultra heavy, churning riffs and a stunning, speed of light blast beat, whereas songs like "Institutions of Deceit" and "Abandon All Hope" are backed by buzzsaw guitar maelstroms (plus the former track also has a fast, cracking snare drum.) Some songs even manage to be kind of catchy (consider the bobbing riffs and staccato vocals on "Forced Elimination"), and the appropriately titled seventh track, "Onslaught of Malice," is maybe the most complicated of the bunch. It marries slow, grinding riffs with many different tempos/rhythms, and also features a breakneck speed change. If you like heavy as heck death metal, virtuosic musicianship, or metal which combines brains with brawn, nothing should stand in your way of owning this album. In other words, Stop At Nothing until you buy this C.D.
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HASH(0x9fb912d0) étoiles sur 5 The turning point?Or just an experiment? 4 octobre 2005
Par Dragula - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Let me start off by saying,if you are expecting anything along the lines of Destroy the Opposition...it is not going to happen.

This album is where Dying fetus redefine their sound.

Punk influences are even in this record.The whole line up has changed,and John Galagher is the only remaining original member,so the music is quite a bit different.

The verses seem to become a little boring at times,but interesting,alternatign from slow riffs to speedy riffs.DF still have the ability,to maintain powerful godly riffs,just a little less for this release.

Though this album may lack a little bit of expectations as one would expect,it has many classic Fetus songs.

1.Schematics: By far my favourite song on the album,the riffs just asault you like the riffs in Destroy the Opposition.Vocals are powerful and the lyrical content has never been better.This is the song that converted me into a Dying fetus fan. 999999..../10

2.One shot,one kill: This song starts off with a catchy riff,something that almost suites a sports video game,the song si extremely catchy and is the single off the album,another classic song. 8.5/10

3.Institutions of deciet: This song took awhile to grow on me,it didnt hit me at first,but after awhile,the riffs seem to blend together....and the slow riffs become favourites. 7.5/10

4.Abandon all hope: This song is nothing special,the odd guitar riff sounds great,but nothing too special. 6/10

5.Forced elimination: This song is quite catchy,reminds me of earlier DF songs,this song is extremely fast and blends a lot of punk influences in it. 7/10

6.Stop at nothing: Ah,yes,the album titled song,great song.I do not know really what to say about it,but it is great! 8/10

7.Onslaught of Malice: Never really liked this song,one riff kciks ass though! 5/10

8.Vengeance unleashed: It took a long time for this one to grow on me,a death metal asault,great song! 8.5/10

Overall,this album has its ups and downs,but I am glad to own it.
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HASH(0x9fb913b4) étoiles sur 5 Easily one of the best cds in this genre 19 février 2005
Par Smithy1185 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Dying Fetus once again prove that they really are talented musicians that are able to create amazing albums each time. The production is very good with all the instruments and vocals sounding so heavy and brutal together. The lyrics on here are a nice change from the usual stuff from other deathmetal bands. I enjoyed every song on here and I highly recommend this to fans of deathmetal. You won't be disappointed.
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