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The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World (Anglais) Broché – février 1999

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The Biggest Secret How the same inter-breeding bloodline has controlled the world for thousands of years. Full description

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Just finished it! 4 juin 2001
Par jimmy - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
David Icke with his horrid mullet haircut and his less than appealing fashion sense has long been a figure of fun in the UK. A couple of days ago I was browsing at my local bookshop when a middle aged couple asked a girl at the counter where they could find this very book. She and her colleagues burst out laughing before directing the blushing pair to the 'new age/occult' section of the store (Icke certainly does not belong to either of these fields). The couple fingered a copy of The Biggest Secret obviously embarrased. They soon left without making a purchase and with their tails between their legs. I had wanted to assure them that it was a worthy read but I stalled for fear of being ridiculed as well, and they had gone before I mustered the courage.
This is significant because believing in what you feel to be right and not being detered by fear of public ridicule is in many ways at the core of what Icke is saying. This is why a NOT impressively endowed Icke pictures himself butt-naked on the cover of 'I am me, I am free'. He is demonstrating that he has liberated himself from the derogatory value judgements of society and the media. They mock him and he happily supplies them with more fuel to continue doing so. For this alone he deserves respect! We all want to be free of the pressure to conform, don't we?
Icke doesn't profess to be someone special. He wants us all to be exposed to the truth, whatever that might be, and to make informed choices about our lives. Each of us can then choose our own individual path. Not some collective path that everyone must follow or suffer the wrath of the majority.
I have heard accusations of anti-semitism levelled at Icke. Well if 'The Biggest Secret' is anything to go by that notion is bollocks (as we say in England). Without question David Icke is an egalatarian, a humanist and a man who believes we should celebrate diversity and treat everybody on the planet with respect and love. The reptilians need love more than anybody he says!
A lot of the criticisms in the reviews below seem to come from defensive christians who feel threatened by Icke's theories. This is understandable. Nobody likes to have their belief system questioned. But Icke in many ways presents a christian point of view. He believes in the eternal soul, he is an incredible pacifist (which you certainly can't say about many christians, despite the teachings of jesus), he believes that god is everywhere, though to him God does not represent an omnipotent individual who requires obsequience and worship as the Gods of all the major religions in the world today do. According to Icke God (or whatever you want to call it) is simply a universal energy that manifests itself as all things tangible and otherwise (including us), and it is entirely neutral morally. This energy can be used in positive ways or negative (for good or evil, if you like). The only thing Icke leaves out is the dogma and the hierarchical structure that is a huge part of all the major religions.
Some of these same reviewers question the quality of his research and the reliability of his sources (I have to say I found his research exhaustive, and exhausting!) perhaps they'd like to challenge their bible on similar grounds?
Another christian reviewer rants that this book is fear based. Ahem, ahem, Hell? Lakes of fire? Eternal damnation? Not to mention all the religious purges and massacres that pepper history. David Icke's book is about freeing yourself from fear! Fear of failing; fear of being unaccepted by the crowd; fear of dying; fear of instability, financial and otherwise. He says the only way to defeat the brotherhood's plan to enslave humanity is to open your hearts to love and leave fear, hate, anger and all the other negative emotions behind. Someone below also suggests that if the reptilian brotherhood really wanted to destroy the world they could just nuke everyone as they are invariably in positions of global power. Did you even read the book? They want global domination, not global destruction. Who the hell are they going to dominate if the waste everybody? Read the book, you might find it interesting.
David Icke is a sincere fella. He asks not that you swallow his theories mindlessly (unlike some other belief systems) and only attempts to give everybody access to earth-shattering information. You can take away what you will. David Icke reiterates that everybody has the right to believe in what they choose as long as they don't try to impose it on others. We don't live in that social climate at the moment.
Personally, I don't embrace all his theories. What I do embrace is the possibility that they are true. I embrace the possibility that there are other possibilities besides those sanctioned by governments, religions, society and particularly the media. This is common sense to anybody, surely?
David Icke is a real humanitarian. The last couple of chapters are wonderfully inspirational. Read this book. It's valuable. It's amazing.
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A year's worth of subsequent study has born out its validity 11 août 2000
Par a now more educated reader - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I first read this book a year ago. At that time I'd have given it 2 - maybe 3 stars. It was too "out there". I could see enough info I'd already learned from research to not dismiss it - but the ideas were ones I did not want to own. It would have been easier to think it wasn't true. Reptilians? Come on!
But over this year, I've investigated everything from ancient texts to modern news. (The ancient, buried texts are the most revealing.) I've put a million miles in on my cyber journey to study this. I now have two shelves full of notebooks with printed matter. I've spent 10 times the cost of this book in paper and ink and many, many late nights reading.
All that time, all that work, all that reading has brought me to the undeniable conclusion that this book is overwhelmingly true. Terribly true. I only wish we could get the rest of the thinking world to read it. Only armed with knowlege can we change it.
Get the book. Act on it. Finding out the real truth is one of the few hopes we have. Only then can we know the RIGHT direction to save ourselves.
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a smorgosbord of conspiracy theories 20 octobre 2006
Par Ashtar Command - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
When I first read this book, I thought it was a hoax. Later, I realized that it was seriously meant. Since the book is completely insane, I find it hard to say anything objective about it. Yet, I will give it my best shot.

The author, David Icke, is British and used to be a sports commentator on British TV, commenting both soccer and snooker. Then, he became a spokesperson for the Green Party. Even later, he experienced a spiritual awakening or divine revelation, turning him into a New Age guru of sorts. He began writing books containing various conspiracy theories, including "The Truth Shall Set You Free" and "The Robots Rebellion".

Jewish organizations have accused Icke of anti-Semitism. Anarchists and Trotskyists see him as a fascist, and have busted up his meetings. In Sweden, anarchists abstained from protesting a meeting by Icke only because they regarded him as crazy. A Swedish anti-Semitic group, the Hylozoiks, translated at least one of Icke's books to Swedish. This group believes that Jews are controlled by evil aliens based at Pluto.

In this book, "The Biggest Secret", Icke implicitly distances himself from anti-Semitism by calling the evil force at work in the universe "Aryans". However, he still supports the Christian Patriot movement in the US. While the militias are not necessarily fascist, they are nevertheless a very problematic milieu. Icke might not be "far right", but his ideas can still be used in such contexts. Still, the Hylozoiks took a clue and stopped fronting for Icke.

What are the main ideas of "The Biggest Secret"? Essentialy these: In secret, Earth is ruled by multi-dimensional shape-shifting space aliens, whom Icke dubbes "Aryan reptilians". Tounge in cheek (Icke is one of the few conspiracy theorists with a sense of humor), one of the chapters of the book is titled "Don't mention the reptiles!". Icke believes that the British royal family, many US presidents, Henry Kissinger and even one Mexican president are reptilians who shape-shift to look human. He explicitly compares this to the TV show "V". These evil beings are behind all the world's religions, materialist science, most wars and financial crises, and globalization. The goal is to create a global, evil superstate. The space aliens thrive on hatred, conflict and guilt. Therefore, the solution to the conspiracy is not warfare against them, but a New Age message of Love and Forgiveness. Perhaps this will release even the reptilians in the end.

On one level, this is all wacked. On another level, however, Icke makes fascinating reading. Indeed, Icke has become a pop culture phenomenon. You simply cannot understand conspiracy theory or even New Religious Movements without reading Icke. What makes Icke unique is not so much this or that single idea. Rather, it is the fact that he weaves them all together. "The Biggest Secret" is a virtual smorgosbord of conspiracy theories, where everyone will find something he recognizes and perhaps already believes in, and much that is new besides. Perhaps this explains the stunning success of this book and its sequal "Children of the Matrix", which is very similar.

Some ideas of Icke are derived from established religion. The reptilians are presumably identical to the Asuras of Hinduism or the Archonts of Gnosticism, evil spirit-beings who out of envy want to hinder the salvation of man, keeping him bound in matter. But Icke goes one step further, claiming that the Archonts walk among us, like everyday men. That idea isn't new either. For instance, both Summit Lighthouse and the Hylozoiks claimed that certain people (read Jews) aren't real people, but robot-beings controlled from afar.

Such ideas can lead to genocide if left unchecked. By contrast, Icke is still a New Age guy who believes love is the solution. Thank you, David.

I give this book 5 stars, not because of its ideas, but simply because of Icke's tasty smorgosbord.
37 internautes sur 42 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Now things are starting to make sense 4 mars 2000
Par Chris Brown - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
"The Biggest Secret" is better than "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper in explaining global political manipulations, flying saucers, the "new age", mind control, the income tax scam, freemasonry, etc. Before reading this book, I had read many books on these and similar subjects, but there was never a good explanation of what was behind it all. And most of the books were heavily biased by the authors' political and religious beliefs. I don't find that with David Icke, who is fed up with both organized religion and politics. He explains the above subjects and how they tie in to each other. He gives a rational, if somewhat far-fetched, explanation of the way the world works. For better or worse, things are now starting to make sense to me.
Well documented references.
45 internautes sur 55 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
The biggest, bestest conspiracy EVER! 12 juillet 2001
Par Vince Cabrera - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I don't know what to make of this book. Mr. Icke claim that we have ALWAYS been ruled by lizards from Mars. Hilary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth are lizards, whereas Bill Clinton is merely a puppet. You cannot SEE these lizards because they live in another dimension, but people with above average ESP skills can clearly SEE our lizard masters walking the Earth.
A lot of reviewers claim that if you dislike or disagree with Icke and this book it's obviously because your mind is not open enough. Well, Icke certainly SOUNDS convinced (and you have to be VERY open-minded to take him 100% seriously), but just because you BELIEVE something, it doesn't mean you are right.
At the same time I cannot help but wonder whether Icke hasn't merely invented the biggest and best conspiracy of them all in order to make money. After all, the idea that we are unwittingly ruled by some sort of secret society is hardly new. It's a staple of conspiracy books. Secondly, as the author points out in the first few chapters, we are fascinated by reptiles (Godzila was a reptile, there was a serpent in paradise and so on) put an archetypal enemy together with a basic model conspiracy theory and voila! you have an instant cult classic.
The worst part, as many reviewers have pointed out, is the fact that the research is hardly impressive.
Icke quotes either his own books or privately printed papers. The better chapters are apparently based on a book called "Trance: Formation of America" and you might as well read that and cut out the middle man.
Other things are a bit old. For example, Icke also makes much of a place called "Bohemian Grove", a place where the US establishment apparently gets together for toga parties (and pedophilic rape and serial murder if Icke is to be believed) but I'd heard of this place through National Lampoon back in the 1980s. Hardly earth shattering news.
Icke is also fascinated by the fact that Democrats and Republicans socialize freely. Well, I'd be very surprised if they didn't. after all they're in the same business know the same people and so on. Surely a guy that sells Toyotas can be friends with a guy that sell Fords?
I'd dismiss this book entirely if it wasn't for the fact that a friend of mine told me once that he watched the TV coverage of the Seoul Olympics while on certain substances... and saw the competitors in the diving event turn into lizard men...
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