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le 24 février 2013
What are the blocks that hold humanity in captivity to the baseness we see around us and may feel in ourselves?
What will it take to dissolve them and unlock those chains? It won't happen overnight, it takes continued persistence to identify each of the fears and take the baby steps that will overcome block after block.
Freedom, for those who seek it, is a stepwise process. Identify, dissolve, identify, dissolve.
As your consciousness shifts, your perception changes. What you self-identify with is a moving target. One way to establish and reinforce such an intention is a systematic program of prayer or affirmation.

Those who already dwell in the higher dimensions can see with a broader and clearer focus. Guidance from an elevated source speeds the process and the Guides which supply the inner dictation for Paul's books have set out a series of affirmations that can be used to open seekers to an enhanced frequency, a higher magnitude. Each of his books supplies dozens of affirmations with explanatory text that can lead to a more honest and loving life.

So what. Why should you care? As you connect with a higher polarity, your Divine self, you connect with a more perfect answer to every life situation, as you sink to a lower polarity you connect with a more chaotic solution. Chaos is uncomfortable. Sometimes that is what it takes to get someone to scream out for help as Paul did early in his life.

Paul's books lay out a path of self help. You will be have to motivate yourself to do this work. As you ask for help, you will get it. But if you do not, chaos will be there as a motivator. The divine blueprint is there free of charge.

According to the book a planetary shift, a new dawn, is underway and a changing of the guard can be uncomfortable and disconcerting as the tide rises.
If you are strong enough to respond to revaluation from love instead of from fear-based anger you will find life more fruitful and enduring. If you can stand tall and issue a decree of spiritual strength in the sight of discord, love wins.
His book explains it this way:
"...there will be those of you that will hold this planet in a perfect vision of light that will sustain it through the trials to come.
"You all have choices, and the choice to be this in your knowing supports the global change and it aligns you to the higher frequency. If you would recall, we gave you an example earlier in this text of a field where people were throwing rocks at one another. And when you stay in low frequency, you are hit or struck by those rocks that are thrown. But as you rise in frequency and you hold a new vision for your lives, your ascension, as it were, carries you above that lower level of impactfulness and it stops becoming your experience. So we are not saying that bodies will not be harmed if somebody tosses a rock at it, but we will say to you that you will not be present for the rock throwing. Your consciousness will have decreed you be elsewhere for that little demonstration of low-level exchange."
Choices, choices...
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le 15 avril 2016
Ce livre est chargé d'une énergie d'amour époustouflante qui nous transporte à chaque page. Il est d'une profondeur rarement égalée tout en étant simple. J'ai ressenti la présence enveloppante et rassurante de consciences éclairées et aimantes tout au long de la lecture. Il révèle ce que tout être humain a besoin de comprendre pour savoir qui il est vraiment et le rôle que chacun joue à l'heure actuelle dans la transformation planétaire qui est en cours. Le changement ne peut arriver que par notre propre transformation et par la réalisation que la séparation et la peur sont des illusions qui ne peuvent plus se maintenir.
A lire par toute personne désirant mieux comprendre la réalité et la vie.
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