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le 10 juin 2013
For me Kathleen McGowan's "Magdalene Line" trilogy is a spiritual tour-de-force which finally made sense of 2000 years of history and a lifetime of confused teachings of western religion. Based on almost two decades of historical research and inspired with her own personal spiritual vision it opened my eyes to a truth which, as she writes, is there "for those with eyes to see."

The first book, "The Expected One", takes place alternately in the present time and two thousand years ago, with the heroine Maureen researching, discovering and re-membering events from the time of Jesus. These are exquisitely told through passages from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, discovered as the book unfolds and alternating as flash-backs with events in present time. Teachings of compassion, deep forgiveness and equal place for the voice of the divine feminine in all matters spiritual and temporal.

This second book, "The Book of Love (The Magdalene Line)", should only be read after the first (or you will, in my opinion, be cheating yourself of a wonderful reading experience and perhaps also the truly life-changing opportunity which these books offer). It weaves together three main time periods and is infused with its teachings of the Way of Love in ways which touch the heart and mind again and again both directly and subtly as these teachings are illustrated in the lives of its characters. Balance of masculine and feminine, expression of love in its many aspects, personal and universal, and service to truth form a rich tapestry as, in the words of the book, "The Time Returns."

The third book, "The Poet Prince: A Novel (Magdalene Line)", continues the story with the same contemporary characters, this time illuminating the time of the Renaissance as Kathleen McGowan shows her mastery in combining extensive historical research with her own very special talent to enter the lives and places of those she writes about and bring fresh spiritual insight into their place in history and in our lives today. It also explores the place of prophecy and the duty we may have to fulfill it, or to give it fresh meaning.

Like all the best trilogies, "The Magdalene Line" does not end with three books, and I await the delight of reading the fourth book when it appears. Thank you Kathleen.
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le 26 octobre 2015
This is one of the most important books I have ever read. The research is amazing and the book is easy to read.
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