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le 15 août 2012
j'ai adoré. très romantique. en bref c'est l'histoire d'amour entre une fille et son voisin qui n'est autre que le meilleur ami de son frère. du classique.
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le 10 mai 2014
Nice little story again by Kirsty Moesley, I enjoy all the different emotions that come through her books, this one included. Very easy to read, again not able to put down one I started reading it!
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le 31 mai 2016
I love this story. The characters aren't annoying, which I love. Most of the characters have their funny moments and serious moments so there's a balance. The plot is engaging—the story keeps you wanting to keep reading until the end.
The story centres on three characters - Amber, her brother Jake and Jake's best friend Liam. We meet them when Amber is 8 and the boys are 10. We are immediately thrown into the household nightmare in which Amber and Jake live, and the horror that the these two kids have to survive each day.
This book is not about the abuse itself as it is only really happening at the start and end of the book. This book is about the trauma that physical/sexual abuse causes and about coping mechanisms. And it is a book about love, pure untainted love.
I am very happy that I've read this book, I had no expectations whatsoever as I had heard very little about it and was only pleasantly surprised to discover how much I liked it.
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