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le 7 juin 2014
Highly recommended. This is not a scientific or academic book so criticisms from professionals in the field may well be a bit misplaced. But to call it just a self-help book with a solid scientific basis would perhaps be to undervalue it. Most importantly, like other readers, I have found that it has changed the way I look at my interactions with other people as well as my own actions and reactions to others. I'd like to think that I'm getting to be a more tolerant and therefore happier person for reading it and understanding that other people sometimes say and do things that they don't really mean. Of course I "knew" this before but now it's at the forefront of my mind. And more, the author gives the reader strategies to deal with those moments when the inner beast (he calls "your chimp") wants to lash out at another and regrets it later, rather than take a more constructive approach. Maybe there are moments when the reader might think that the author is going over ground he'd covered before but these can be overlooked when you consider that overall the book is very readable and engaging.
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le 14 mai 2014
A really interesting approach to dealing with emotion and motivation. At first I thought this was just another popular psychology self help book but it is actually way more. I started to find useful stuff really early on - a difficult client who regularly presses allthe buttons was seen in a newlight and I found new ways to interract that helped me stay calm. Other instances also helped illustrate the usefulness of this book and the method.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who finds difficulty in emotionally charged situations or in dealing with people who act out. It certainly gave me insights into my own behavious and that of others which will really help in my work and in acheiving my personal goals.
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le 16 juillet 2014
A fascinating insight into the human brain and what makes us tick. Easy to read and very enlightening - highly recommended.
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le 15 août 2014
Il permet de mieux cerner sa personnalité et aussi celle des autres. Ne pas hésiter à le lire et à le partager
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