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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 25 février 2013
This 10th Reacher adventure is situated in NYC and moves later to England. Reacher becomes accidentally involved in a kidnapping case. It concerns the wife and stepdaughter of Alan Lane (AL), an ex-US colonel who heads a company offering paramilitary services. From being the only witness to the money transfer, Reacher challenges AL and his A-team of six mercenaries into involving him more, a highly trained investigator and within hours he proves himself indispensible. But soon the plot thickens, because he is approached by Patti, younger sister of AL's first wife, who was kidnapped too. Five years ago, and despite USD 100.000 ransom paid, she was found dead a month later...

From then on Reacher plays a double role. He moves in and out of AL's HQ on various jobs and pretexts. Inside he studies AL and his A-team, waiting for the kidnappers' call with further instructions. Outside, via Patti he meets NYPD detective Brewer and former FBI-agent Lauren Pauling, a private detective now. Who feels bad about the outcome of the first kidnapping. When after many twists and turns the action moves to England, she and Reacher are are partners and an item, ready for a complicated showdown.

Cleverly-plotted with plenty of cliff hangers and logical thinking. No Reacher book is complete without an epic, final burst of ruthless violence. Well done again. However, re the violence in this book, this reader has some issues: some threats AL made against his second wife are nauseating and over the top. And why situate massive, appalling cruelty going on for years in peaceful Burkina Faso, with so many more deserving alternatives around?
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le 4 février 2009
toujours aussi bon de lire les aventures de jack Reacher, celui ci ne déçoit pas, le bonheur provient du héros et non de l'histoire. Ce personnage qui se suffit à lui meme mais posséde ses codes moraux et aide des personnages de rencontre est très attachant, et l'on tire de ce livre tout ce que l'on en attendait si on est fan de reacher. Ce n'est peut etre pas le meilleurs de tous ses scénarios, mais la recette marche toujours bien.
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le 11 avril 2014
trouvé ce que j'ttendais, bon livre dans la moyenne pour lire dans la train ou sur la plage opu le soir avant de s'endormir.
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le 19 juin 2014
Jack Reacher is a modern hero, and nowadays we all need heroes! Very entertaining stories, hard to put the book down.
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