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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 18 septembre 2012
another good book that makes science accessible for the general public. I was more impressed with the previous book (the elegant universe) as some "ommissions" were made in this one, that made some chapters harder to follow without the background. Especially in the chapters on inflationary theory a few short-circuits are taken (whatever happened to supercooling and false vacuum..?). Fortunately I read some A. Guth before (the inflationary universe - a recommendation!!). Once into string theory, we clearly notice the "home" of Brian Greene and the explanations are very smooth again. Altogether certainly a very interesting read.
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le 31 mai 2014
Very instructive book where the author presents several possibilities of infinite universes. There are details of interest in particular about the time we evaluate through observation and the reader will learn that in physics today, there exists 73 different fields!
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le 15 juin 2013
Pour moi il s'agit d'un extraordinaire bouquin de science-fiction. Cela m'a absolument passionnée même si certaines explications m'ont sidérée et je suis vraiment sentie dépassée. Je recommande le livre, c'est un must il faut l'avoir lu.
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