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le 21 novembre 2010
I have to confess that I had never heard of MSM till a little while ago and my hope is that it will help me with my allergies. I haven't tried it yet because my husband, who is a chemist, doesn't think I should, out of fear that it could be an oxidant and could promote cancer and on a site called Earthclinic.com there are a few testimonies of people who did suffer from side effects. I don't know yet whether I will give it a try but after so many years of suffering from permanent allergies I have to confess that I am fed up and would like to find a solution!

My first impression about this book was not good. There is a second cover advertising MSM even before you start reading the book so I thought that it would be just a sales pitch but no, the book is written in a style which is easy to follow, interesting and the two doctors really seem to talk about their experiences in an honest way, therefore I gave the book 5 stars. Many people complain that there aren't many double blind studies but to me, the experience of these doctors also counts, as studies often are very badly set up so they tell you nothing. Too bad that most of the reviews here are by "A Costumer" because those I don't usually trust as I am afraid that they are just people trying to make you buy the book. The book could have been better edited but the mistakes are minor compared with other health books.

If it is true that MSM is able to help so many people who suffer from so many conditions why is it not more widely used? Of course the answer might be: money! It is not worth promoting it because it doesn't bring in enough money but the sad part is that a lot of people could be helped (even if as a rule doesn't seem to cure their conditions) and instead they go on suffering and taking more harmful medication!

I don't know whether I will give MSM a try but I will surely look seriously into it and maybe read another book before I decide (seemingly trying to get rid of my allergies with MSM could also help other problems I have, not bad.... and make my hair thicker in the process as well as my skin smoother)! Worth reading anyway, at least you get the information and can decide what to do with it! PS - There is a more updated book by Dr. Jacob but is seems to be more technical as it was written for professionals but it seems to give you aditional information.
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