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The Out of Body Experience: The History and Science of Astral Travel (Anglais) Broché – 1 janvier 1999

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The Out of Body Experience The 'out-of-body experience' is one of the greatest mysteries of psychology - is it simply a form of hallucination or evidence that consciousness can exist outside of the body? Full description

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Interesting approach, but not complete 18 mai 2013
Par DEllis - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
I thought M. Peake gave an interesting accounting of the quantum possibilities for explaining the out-of-body experience. So in that sense it was an interesting book. It brought one up-to-date, you could say. But M. Peake seemed determined to use the quantum physics approach and so ignored some of the other experiential evidence that would support a simpler, and even more direct, approach. I think this lacking in the book comes from M. Peake's self-confessed inexperience: he says he has never had an out-of-body experience. And therein "lies the rub." Indeed, there can be quantum happenings in some of the out-of-body experiencing, as there can be in mystical happenings. But quantum doesn't explain consciousness itself. And M. Peake's quantum explanations don't cover the oft reported continuity of consciousness between the normal waking consciousness in identification with the body and the seeming identical "waking consciousness" in identification with the subtle/etheric/astral body or double. And again, what about the mere "fact" of consciousness itself.
The other place where I thought M. Peake missed the point was his emphasis on what he felt was a total lack of "veridical" evidence for the out'of-body experience actually being a "local" experience rather than a quantum experience. It seems to me that folks such as Buhlman, Minero, and Nichols (as well as Monroe and Muldoon), and the sum of these experience offer veridical proof of local experience or explanations in the terms of simply changes of energy or vibrational levels.
Because human experience is associated with varying states of consciousness, one can look at the various interpretations of experience as what is the point of view consciousness has assumed? That is, consciousness can associated itself with any conceivable self-organized, or coherent, process or energy. For most people that coherent process is the body. But for others it can include the body's energy structure or psychic structure (even as an alternative, as in OOB experiencing), or an infinite other variety of energy/psychic/quantum organization.
So I appreciated what M. Peake had to say. It was interesting, but certainly was not complete.
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Great book that makes you think! 12 mars 2012
Par Mark Ryan - Publié sur
Format: Broché
I first heard Anthony Speak on a a 2 hour Red Ice Radio interview...i was instantly a fan.
He has an amazing way of telling a story and making things that might not be...very interesting.

The biggest thing i get from reading and listening to Anthony is that he takes me on a journey of self understanding.
He invites me to expand into new worlds and thinking the way he puts information together.

I love reading books on the cutting edge of psychology, brain science, spirituality etc.
What i usually do is then apply it to other areas. Anthony's OBE book puts it all together.
From his personal experience to others personal stories and the added new science makes this an exciting
read for anyone interested in survival outside of the human body.
I am a big picture guy and this book gave that overview.
As far as history..i can take it or leave it but Anthony made it interesting.

I also like how Anthony puts it all together with his own theories.

If you haven't yet read any of Anthony's books yet...i recommend you search the net and listen to one of his interviews
while waiting for your book to arrive. This way you will get the flavor of Anthony's way of telling a story and putting it together.
You can't help but hear his voice in the background as you read:-)

I look forward to his next book!
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Very interesting to astral travelers and skeptics 5 novembre 2011
Par Sandro Fabres Viana - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
This is really a great book! The author knows the main authors and was able to identify details in their works that are, in fact, problematic. He discusses these points and presents a scientific way to attack the problems, trying to give a scientific interpretation to the phenomena. I think that he was very successful in his goal and was able to explain in simple terms several theories of quantum physics to support his explanation. It is a great reading to astral travelers and to skeptics.

However, I would like to make some commentaries: if you have a doubt about medicine, where you will seek the answer? With a doctor, or in medicine books and papers, always within the medical theories, that reunites the total amount of practical and theoretical knowledge about that area. You don't ask to priest, or to archeologist, or a engineer. If you have a doubt about law, you ask to a lawyer, or a law books or magazines, not to philosophers, or doctors, or priest. This is a simple principle that all persons apply without any doubt.

When a person acts differently, this person is usually moved by prejudices or very strong system of beliefs, which blocks his good sense and direct it to a "deviant road". This behavior means that, about this specific matter, this person is unable to think and act normally, although it can be a normal person in other aspects of its life.

So, AGAIN, what makes a person to ask to a doctor about a law problem? What makes a person to ask to engineer about a healthy problem? What makes a person ask to materialistic scientists about astral projection? It makes no sense!

Astral projection is a operation of the consciousness. The human race has a long history of techniques, specialists and theoretical corpus explaining the several planes of existence and ways to travel in them. And in all these traditions it is axiomatic that the consciousness is able to work and really works without the brain, not only in astral projection but after the death. It is the basic theoretical point and this is verified by anyone that is able to practice the methods and self-discipline necessary to this. What makes a person reject centuries of practice and conclusions only because this is not acceptable in a materialistic view of the world? Maybe the same that makes a person to reject the doctor opinion about a health problem....

By some crazy reason, the skeptic kind of person decide reject previously anything that can shake the materialistic view of the world, like a fish would reject the existence of anything that leaves outside the water, and only can accept a phenomena if it fits in some materialistic theory. They chosen their religion, the materialistic science, and they ask first to their "popes" if they think that this or that really exists or not.
It is a childish way to think and to live.

However, if you wants science about this, the ASPR did several experiments with Alex Tanous , and you can see some material about them typing in the youtube:

" ASPR OBE Experiment 1983 "

The author begins his book with attitude, considering that nothing "proves" that the mind can exist and work without brain, and consider that multiple anecdotal evidence means nothing. Ok, IF WE DEFINE that all fruits has orange's smell or it is not a fruit, you can eat a apple and say "I am not eating a fruit". In the same way, if you define "prove" the materialistic definition of proof, ok, doesn't exist any proof that the consciousness can exist and works without any brain. All astral travels of the world can not prove this, nor all spirit communications that give private in formations to "prove" his identity, because when all psychic explanations are discarded, you still have some crazy exercise of imagination, called "collective unconscious", that is a theory that accept anything that the materialistic view can not deal with.

So, the author provides several theories of physics to provide "scientific possible explanations" to justify why astral travel can be not only a "dream". I suppose that his skeptic readers will love this, but I think that the quantum physics has much more hard-to-believe theories than occultism or religion, and have much less to show like "prove". I mean, if Robert Monroe makes a astral travel and identify rightly the friends walking outside home, in the right hour, and their clothes, but make mistakes about a talking, it is not considered a "prove", but theories about invisible particles that only can be tested in laboratories, and that has only minimal changes measurable, are considered "proves" and extrapolated to the macrouniverse...I think that accept this demands a lot of "faith" in science, the same science that is unable to decide about the good and the bad in eggs, fats, carbohydrates, cancer causes, thalidomide, statins, etc. If the science seems very incompetent in its own ground, the materialist ground, imagine all the confusion that it can do in not-material matters!
Other point negative, I think, is that some time the author see problems where they doesn't exist. For example: he cites Monroe, that described that he need return to body because respiratory problems, and the author seemed confuse about this. In fact, it is a common problem. Usually we try astral projection in a position that is not good to sleep, as any doctor can explain to you: supine. This facilities apnea and the astral travel is much more easily disrupted than the normal sleep. Another point that he cites is about Waldo Vieira, the Brazilian astral traveler that describes as he suddenly is in another place when is in astral, not in his home. Well, it is common too, but we can control this. You can define a spot and, WHEN WORKS, you are suddenly there. Or you are open to anything, and you can discover yourself in a strange place, or you can only left the bed and the physical body behind, and walk to outside, that I prefer. The fact that the author think that it was strange shows that he never had this kind of experience (at least not in a controlled manner, although near to end of the book he relates some experiences)

However, I think that the scientific theories chosen by the author show really some promise of success. I mean, I think that they can have some answers to some anomalies that all astral traveler recognize and need deal with, and in the future centuries maybe the quantum physics can really show, in a concrete way, all this. But this explanations are only new to physics, the Budhism, the Gnostic, and the Kabbalah all talk about the deceptive nature of the astral realms and visions, and about parallels planes of existence or manifestation. It is a truth that has 1000 years old! One day the "great materialistic science" will arrive at this point, but then, the sun will not be yellow anymore, but red.

I think that skeptic and astral travelers should read this book. The skeptics can learn a lot about the research about astral travel and near-death-experiences, and can learn some new little things about physics that the most of them never believed that existed. And astral travelers can learn a little about the history of his activity and they are not alone in his difficulties to obtain reliable data from their travels in real-time.

I am not a experienced OOBE traveler, I began to train only recently and had only 50 or 60 OOBEs, and except by one, that last 90 minutes, all others last usually between 3-10 minutes, and they are all in real-time and near to my home, exactly because I am trying to learn if it is possible modulates the conscience to "tunne" only physical information, and identify when you are seeing a astral "interference". It is much more difficult that I imagined because this "scientific" way of thinking seems hard to activate in astral. When we are there, all this worrying about details and exactitude seems so irrelevant that is even hard to remember to make a simple test. Even so, for three times I was able to left my body, see the hours in a clock in another room, return to the body, and check it, and it was right! And once I was able to visit a classroom two days in the future, and to know the lecturer before the actual class happens. At the day of the lecture, two days after, I perceived that her almost complete appearance was right: clothes, fat body, hair and eyes colors, but the hair had only half of the length!
However, in the test of the clock, like all we have a inner sense of time, I think that it is not impossible that a dreaming mind can generates a illusory scenery that show the right time in a clock, so, this still not prove anything, nor to me.

The importance this book to astral travelers is exactly because it shows how difficulty is to produce reliable information from this way and represents a invitation to try do it. The old books about astral projection promised a lot, you think that you can do anything, but when we finally am able to project regularly we discover that the task is much harder than we thought. Or the old authors were extremely competent in this, or they simply never perceived the differences between imagination and reliable data. Moderns authors, like William Buhlman, Robert Bruce and Preston Dennet all give a much more realistic view of the difficulties of astral projection. The Preston Dennet book is almost discouraging, but is the most realist about the difficulties that we face in astral.
Eye opening 16 janvier 2014
Par AtlantaLaura - Publié sur
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
The Out of Body Experience-The History and Science of Astral Travel is yet another book by Anthony Peake that has opened my mind to a reality that most of us question at best. I have read all of Anthony Peake's books and each and every one of them has turned my life into a fascinating journey that I only once dreamed of. This book in particular helped me answer my questions about everyday reality and confirmed many of the mysteries that I have experienced in my life. It's the kind of book that I will gladly share with all of my friends and family. Loved it!
im not smart enough for this 16 octobre 2012
Par wendy - Publié sur
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
love the guy, but reading it reminds me of the "life after death" book in beetlejuice: the essential book that reads like vcr instructions. a little too advanced for a beginner like moi. maybe i'll come back to it after a little more reading :)
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