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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 27 décembre 2013
Rien à redire pour cette intégrale, présenté dans un magnifique livre en carton où sont rangés par pages deux blu-ray, avec un résumé des films juste avant. Un livret est présent à l'intérieur, traduit pour une fois (ça fit plaisir, vu que habituellement chez Warner, rien n'est traduit).

Bref je le recommande vivement pour tous les fans du réal.
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le 26 février 2014
Coffret Tim Burton extra.
17 film fantastique à découvrir ou à redécouvrir.
Emballage plus que satisfaisant.
Pas cher lors de mon acquisition.
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Le coffret est magnifique, lourd et bien fini.

En revanche, le système d'accroche des blu-ray est à la limite du risible. Un petit rond de mousse autour duquel on doit enficher le blu-ray!
Et tout le monde sait que la mousse est connue pour être une matière très rigide, ce qui est idéal pour y enficher quelque chose... (ironie)

En dehors de ça et des blu-ray qui se font la malle chaque fois qu'on incline trop le coffret perpendiculairement au sol, il n'y a rien à redire.

Le petit détail qui fait plaisir: Il y a un emplacement vide, afin de pouvoir y caler le prochain film de Tim, puisque ce dernier n'est pas encore à la retraite!
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le 17 décembre 2013
Bonjour, effectivement il n'y a pas les 3D que j'ai par ailleurs mais les ménages restent encore peu équipés, en même temps celà ne coûte pas plus cher de mettre un blu ray dual 2D/3D. Sinon, hormis que c'est la 3è édition (chaque nouveau film de Burton engendre ce format coffret et c'est dommage pour des collectors), elle reste excellente et finalement économiquement bienvenue. Mais si à chaque nouveau titre le coffret rechange, je dois avouer être perplexe sur de telles éditions (c'est la 3e de mémoire). J'ai attendu, j'ai bien fait... jusqu'à la prochaine? Le coffret est compact et se range bien avec les kubrick et nolan du même format. Donc 3 étoiles entre la qualité de Burton indéniable et le côté potentiellement éphémère d'un énième coffret dont les collectionneurs se lassent...
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le 24 octobre 2015

That sure is a comedy, what do I say, a farce indeed in Molière’s style, and as they say in French “Bonjour les dégâts!” meaning something like “Good Morning Vietnam!” I must say there is no logic, no real development of any theme at all, except absurdity and tomfoolery, maybe some masquerade and charade in shambles. And it is funny just because it is absurd. […]


That’s the real beginning of this Tim Burton of great fame. This film is absolutely crazy as for the tomfoolery, the ghosts, the people and the situations. It is off limits in all possible ways but it is great because this time there are two things that hold the whole story together.

First of all there is the music. The calypso is a phenomenal good idea. That music in itself is the music of the dead, of happy newly deceased who finally get their last word in this world: they can stay in their home and they become the real soul of this home that is inhabited by some living people and haunted by them with the full agreement and collaboration from the living inhabitants. Death is finally the pleasant delirium that it is supposed to be and not that ordeal so many people are afraid of. When you die you must make friends with some living people. The point is to find how you can make yourself useful to them so that they will welcome you in their home that used to be yours. […]


This new version of Batman was bound to rejuvenate the old story. It was intended to reopen the book though it was closing it in a way. Batman was not the flier we thought he was but he was only a very good acrobat who had very good weapons that threw cables all around and helped him get out of the muddy marshes of life right into the sky. At the end of his metal thread he looked more like a spider swinging in the wind than a bat, but let’s say he was close enough. […]

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5 STARS Good can be popular and vice versa
By Jacques COULARDEAU on November 9, 2005

The Joker Nicholson is a great paranoid psychotic clown that only wants to kill and hurt though he attracts people not with honey but greenbacks. Batman is a child fighting to get back to his parents, to bring them back to the only life they can know after death, and that is the root, the goal or the mind of the one who will purge Gotham of the evil Joker that does not even deserve a smile when he goes down into his macadam grave.


That’s probably the first really great and creative film by Tim Burton. He used a very young Johnny Depp who is marvelous and surprising in composure, retained and controlled emotions just as if he had none and was feeling nothing. It is true that the fact he has no hands makes his body language a little bit deficient. But his face has to be emotionless too and only his eyes express some human feeling. His nature is not exactly sure, certified and guaranteed. Is he an artificial man like the creature of Frankenstein? Vincent Price was a specialist of that kind of horror movies with “The hilarious House of Frankenstein,” but also and above all the films adapted from Edgar Allen Poe and other authors in that line of human horror. So as a mad scientist he fits the role. […]


Thirty three years later Batman is still the same age and Alfred Pennyworth has not caught one single wrinkle more. They are beyond time. That’s of course the very first axiom of a comic strip, hence of any comic strip super hero (look at Tintin for one). They do not age. Around them though people are getting old of course, but since very few are the same from one film to the next it does not matter. And of course Batman’s paramour of the first film has disappeared from the picture, or should I say pictures?

Then the plot has to be really renewed indeed. Tim Burton has decided to make it a lot more complex and complicated. Instead of one good one, Batman, and one bad one, here the Penguin, he gets two more, both on the evil side, though one is slightly insecure as for her profile between good and evil. […]


The Story itself is a perverse well ending distortion of all festivities children love into a nightmare. Children adore Halloween, even though it is dedicated to wintry death, the ghostlike dead, sour witches, menacing wizards, all kinds of dangerous beings that only revel in the enjoyment of death for themselves and for everyone else. On the other hand Christmas has become the celebration of sweet gifts, sugary presents, honey-like offerings of love and friendship to children and to everyone we love and love can only exist in life. Or Can it really? […]

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5 STARS Christmas is better than Halloween, but Halloween is best
By Jacques COULARDEAU on March 7, 2004

A film of great interest, artistically. It is a Christmas pantomime that reveals a very high level of technical perfection in animation. It is a very good musical where music and singing are literally merged into the pictures. It is also a very profound film about children : their expectation of fear with Halloween and of joy with Christmas. Children are just like adults, dark on one side and colorful on the other side, and they don't want the two to be mixed or just to mix. This gives a great attractive power to the film for these children who will be panickstricken by the kidnapping and possible killing of Santa Claus, and who will be thrilled by the frightening characters that haunt our vision of Halloween and this strange night when ghosts come back to roam our streets begging for candy. [;;;]


How can one make a film about the worst ever director in Hollywood? Not a loser really since he managed to do a few things in B movies though from what we see we could think his films are a lot more advanced in the alphabet. But certainly not the winner he wanted to be or become and he never became for sure. That will lead him into alcoholism to forget or go on dreaming, just like Bela Lugosi got into drug addiction to be able to sleep at night. […]


This time he blew it completely, Tim Burton. OK he does not like middle class America but why the heck does he want to have it destroyed? All right he does not like Martians who are green and destructive in the most futile and insidious way but why the heck does he want them to destroy us all? He sure does not like crooners that are good enough for Las Vegas casinos and for grandmothers who live in the past, but why the heck does he want them to be a deadly weapon against Martians? […]


This one is a classic, a witch and haunted classic. Since it comes from a very distant time, 1799, in 1999, to celebrate the millennium anyway after celebrating an older millennium, when everyone was expecting the end of the world and the Apocalypse, there is no need to play at “suspending your disbelief” because in 1799 they did believe in ghosts, in curses, in the devil, in witches and many other things like that, though deeply motivated by inheritance, property, possessions, riches, land owning, and a few other things like that. […]


This version is a remake of an older film that was not exactly one of the best films under the sun. Here Tim Burton manages to give some new life to the main story and to add a punching line that is most surprising.

In 2001 Tim Burton played with black holes and he could since the famous 2010 the Space Odyssey had come out some time before, exactly seventeen years before and everyone started knowing that in space we have these black holes of highly concentrated anti-matter that maybe lead to another time or space dimension, if we believe Stephen Hawking and his Brief History of Time published thirteen years earlier. It starts a little bit romantically since a monkey, an ape if you want, is being trained to go in a special space shift into one of these highly tormented and agitated areas to see what is in there. Unluckily he is lost within minutes. So his trainer decides against his own superior officers to follow suit to recuperate the monkey or share his lot.

5.0 out of 5 stars The remake was more than necessary
By Jacques COULARDEAU on September 1, 2010

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5.0 out of 5 stars The myth is not renewed but revived for sure
By Jacques COULARDEAU on 1 September 2010

The remake is worth the nearly two hours it lasts. Tim Burton packed the story with all kinds of action and dramatic tragedy at every turn in the plot that is thickening as fast as it is sickening, and that is an understatement. Brilliant job, Tim! When are you doing the sequel? He injected a lot of believable realism and that planet where apes have taken over on humans, does not make humans regress to speechlessness because that is impossible, and absolutely absurd. They have regressed to living in villages that we will never see but they do dress properly, they do behave with some kind of humanity, or human-ness at least. […]


The film is well done and we can see here and there some images that are recalling elements of other films by Tim Burton, like an image resembling the basic image of The Nightmare Before Christmas. There are many more, well, at least a few. That’s the sign of a man who wants to build a complete set of films, that is able to connect his films with some bonds and strings to make them a whole and not just isolated titbits. But more than that the film also uses allusions to works that are not Tim Burton’s. We definitely cannot miss the allusion to Twilight Zone in that village lost in the forest and we automatically think it must be a village beyond life, hence the hero must have died along the way, maybe with the jumping spiders. We will only know it is not the case at the very end of the film. […]

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Life is nothing but invisible marvelous wonders, November 9, 2008

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Story telling as the embellishment of real life
By Jacques COULARDEAU on 9 November 2008

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Olliergues, France, 9 November 2008
We are all the mythical fish of some one else

It turns all around the father and his son and their difficult relation. It was perfect as long as the son believed in the stories the father was telling him all the time, that is to say as long as Father Christmas really was a childhood hero. But older age came and those stories sounded all silly, even sillier and sillier and they led to a complete break between the two, the father and the son, till the father came to the point of departing from this life. The son and his wife came back and he was confronted to the stories again. […]


This animated film that uses puppets and other means to build a full show, dancing, singing and haunting included, is remarkable. Remarkable for its pleasantly morbid humor and subject. Remarkable for its caustically social criticism. Remarkable for its mesmerizing loving young characters. These are the victims of everything in the world. Of their parents, of their social position, of their young age, of their romanticism, of their naiveté and of course of all the social climbers and social vultures our beautiful human society hosts and even cherishes. It is true without these social escalating climbers life would be humdrum and tasteless. With them it tastes like mud and there is always some hullabaloo around them. […]

5 STARS Morbidly exhilarating
By Jacques COULARDEAU on December 6, 2006

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5 STARS Love and marriage deserve to die
By Jacques COULARDEAU on 6 December 2006

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Olliergues, France, December 6, 2006
Death is like the paradise of love and the real gate to marriage

Do not try to disentangle and find out all the allusions this film contains. You will always miss most of them, even Hamlet. Just enjoy the animation that is superbly creative and the situation that is so full of humor, black and white and in colors, that you may end up losing your marbles and loosening your jaws. The music is definitely marvelous and mysterious. A Danse Macabre in high noble society and a wedding march in the cemetery. […]

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5 STARS Plus beau que la mort il n'y a que l'amour
Plus beau que la mort il n'y a que l'amour
Par Jacques COULARDEAU le 6 décembre 2006

Ce film est un chef d'œuvre éternel dans son noir et blanc qui en devient une vraie palette de couleurs. Ne cherchez pas les allusions vous ne saurez jamais les trouver toutes et vous vous sentiriez bien frustré d'en manquer une pelletée. N'allez pas vous mêler les méninges dans les fils plus qu'entrecroisés de ces marionnettes qui jouent aux dessins animés. […]


While Tim Burton was marrying Johnny Depp to a corpse in the most lurid and lascivious funeral wedding he could imagine, he was working in a bath of chocolate with five children, three boys and two girls accompanied by one parent each, two fathers, two mothers and one grandfather, Charlie’s. The game, the lottery, the sweepstake of this film is nothing but the visit of a chocolate factory worked only by machines and we will discover later a new species of brownish humans who are all, absolutely all midgets, though we can never be sure with Tim Burton. Maybe their shrunken state is nothing but a visual special effect. […]


This film in its original version is entirely or nearly entirely sung and the music is probably the best part of the film. It is thus a musical tragedy, mind you, not drama.

First, Tim Burton recreates in color the bleak black and white vision we can have of London in Dickens’s time among others. Oliver Twist is there in front of us all over again, and his world of coal, smoke and dirt. And the house of this barber is a lot bleaker than any bleak house in Dickens. In fact it goes as deep in squalor as D.H. Lawrence’s early autobiographical novels like Sons and Lovers. The only real color Tim Burton uses is red, the color of blood and nothing else, but all its possible shades and intensities. That is already a piece of art and a masterpiece at that, a film in black, red and grey. Nothing white of course. […]

5 STARS Colorful black and red
By Jacques COULARDEAU on March 30, 2008

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5 STARS Red and black color film
By Jacques COULARDEAU on 30 March 2008

Nothing to compare with the French version seen at the cinema some years ago. This film in its original version is entirely or nearly entirely sung and the music is probably the best part of the film.

First Tim Burton recreateS in color the bleak black and white vision we can have of London in Dickens among others. Oliver Twist is there in front of us all over again, and his world of coal, smoke and dirt. The only real color he uses is red, the color of blood and nothing else. That is already a piece of art and a masterpiece at that. […]

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Olliergues, France, March 30, 2008
10 STARS A dark parable of light

Sweeney Todd could have been a swine representing "der Tod", in German in the text, death in one word. And he does represent a fate that should be ashamed of existing. A young barber is the husband of a beautiful woman and the barber is sent to forced labor for no other reason than to clear the way for the judge. The wife will be the possession of the judge but she will poison herself, though she will survive as a deranged homeless woman. The daughter will be adopted by the judge for his unique later use. This Victorian society is shown as being absolutely horrible, disgusting. […]

IMDb – Amazon.co.uk – Amazon.com – MAY 30, 2008


This book is a marvellous treasure. It is dedicated to the film of Tim Burton and hence to Johnny Depp whose bleak and disquieting face is on the cover all surrounded by red and dry blood dark red brown. He is the man you just do not want to meet in a back alley in London or any other place in the world.

The book gives you explanations about the making of the film, the choosing criteria for the main actors and the supporting actors, the designing of the set and the costumes, in one word everything. If you like the film, if you like films in general, if you like the cinema, this book is absolutely indispensible. […]


For 1936 that was a good English film? No embellishment, just the drama, the horror, the descent into hellish London when Fleet Street was really deserving its name when it was the disembarking entrance into London for all ships that still went up the Thames beyond Tower Bridge.

The Barber is Sweeney Todd and the pie-maker is Mrs. Lovatt. They are associates in crime to share the profits since it targets isolated travelers arriving on the ships mostly from the Indies, West or East, or even in-between Africa. The objective of their waiting for them and then on them is to rob them and make them disappear, though there is no real allusion to any cannibalism. […]


This film is the most surprising adaptation of this typically Victorian novel for children written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1865, one hundred and fifty years ago. Centered on a woman, Alice, it is a memento about the role of women in society and their necessary liberation. The queen was Victoria and as such was setting an example, and in 1865 she was still young. Lewis Carroll with his two queens fighting for supremacy and the crown is providing a caricature of what the world would be if only women were at the top and that is a direct allusion to the debate of the time when Queen Victoria became a widow and refused to remarry. Behind this discourse about the liberation of women, or rather the promotion of women into responsible positions in the world, there is the discourse that they need men to stabilize and balance their government, their authority. It is obvious that Alice ending up as the captain (really?) of a colonial ship is the modern addition to the tale. […]

5 STARS Enchanting magic
By Jacques COULARDEAU on April 11, 2010

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5 STARS Marvellous and charming
By Jacques COULARDEAU on 11 April 2010

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, April 11, 2010
10 STARS A mature epiphany

A beautiful film indeed. Beautiful because of the images themselves. Systematically light, colorful, very dynamic, surprising in all kinds of way, frightening a few times but most of the time enchanting and magic. Beautiful because of the actors who play so well and are so well adapted to their roles. Of course the Mad Hatter is the best in that line, even in a way better than Alice who is more standard, more exactly the way we imagine her. The queens are fine too but the White Queen does not have the charisma she should have to be able to inspire a struggle and revolution of the type she leads. The Red Queen is just hateful and odious. She is perfect in her role there but she has no charm and no appeal. She is repellent from the very start. Then you have the animals that are so lovable, even the big monstrosity that flies and is supposed to be some kind of distorted and out of shape dragon. […]

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Par Jacques COULARDEAU le 11 avril 2010

Il est recommandé de se laisser enchanter par l'histoire car autrement elle semblera un peu simpliste. C'est une belle histoire de par les images et les couleurs et les animations et le dynamisme. Elles sont parfois un peu effrayantes mais la plupart du temps simplement charmante, à savoir qu'elles jettent un charme sur les spectateurs. C'est à ce niveau là un film réussi. Un beau film aussi du fait des acteurs qui jouent si bien leurs rôles. Le meilleur reste le Chapelier avec ses chapeaux, ses costumes et son visage tantôt de chien battu, tantôt de soleil levant. Il dépasse même Alice en quelque sorte. Les deux reines sont un peu simplistes, surtout la Reine Blanche, et la Reine Rouge est odieuse depuis le premier instant. Les animaux sont un peu magique, que ce soit le chat invisible, les chiens, les lapins, ou les monstres divers, même ce faux dragon de la fin qui a l'air si patibulaire même s'il a l'air le plus convaincant quand sa tête roule en bas des escaliers. Un tantinet morbide […]


No matter how spectacular this film is and its special effects are, the film itself is a remake of at least half a dozen story lines already famous and vastly imitated on all screens. Anne Rice brought the vampires out of their closet with Lestat de Lioncourt from Auvergne, France, and that has brought to life a myriad if not a host of vampires of all types, genres and sexes (definitely more than two). Then she dared make her vampires meet with her witches, the Mayfair family from Montpellier, France, and even beyond, and that brought some new episodes of great power and that has so far not been exploited in the cinema or on television, at least at that level. And in 2012 she started a new series with werewolves, mind you, Reuben Golding and many more. But in the meantime the BBC produced a phenomenal series with vampires, werewolves and ghosts living in the same house and trying to pass for humans, Being Human shot in Bristol, GB, 2008-2013, immediately remade in Montreal. So there is really nothing new under the sun, really nothing. […]


This is an absolute pastiche copied up from no matter how many films and books, you won’t be able to trace them all from Stephen King to Mary Shelly, to you know whom better than I.

But it is a festive big laughing competition against all basic beliefs of parents about the education of their darling children, especially when they, the parents, are at work and the children at home and the latter understood myriads of years ago how to by-pass the “security” on the TV and computer. They are able hours on top of hours to view all the nasty shows they can find and imagine.

For them parents science like technology are dirty words and unbearable subjects that have to be kept away from the children’s ears and from the dinner table, when there is a family dinner, once every blue moon. For them parents a science fair, festival, competition, fest or carnival only has one aim and goal: to learn how to be badder than bad and produce both Viagra and ecstasy. You children know the type of pills your parents or you parents are buying on the Internet. Is it from Amazon or from Alibaba? Maybe only from the corner store, well the chap that is standing ,in front of the corner store. How old is he by the way?

This farce is absolutely successful and in black and white, or something close, which is better than you could have imagine. Don’t you play with electricity, Benjamin Franklin would say. You may burn your fingers and roast your tonsils. When I say your tonsils you know what I mean.

Of course the film has no depth whatsoever and does not pretend to have any. The only point is that it is funny ah ah and nothing else. Enjoy it and play with death as if it were your nightmare friend in the science class of your dear high school. And do not forget the science teacher is necessarily a bomb maker, a heroin refiner, a mental pervert, a serial killer and eventually a religious fundamentalist.

Have a good day with Walt Disney

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le 8 janvier 2015
je suis ravie de ce coffret pas trop chere et avec l'essentiel de tim burton. Je suis juste décue que le produit est était mal emballé (sans papier bulle) car malheureusement j'ai un coin du coffret déchiré et le haut qui s'est décollé :s
Comme les autres personnes qui ont déjà émis des commentaires je suis moi aussi un peu décue que cela soit des morceaux de mousse qui tiennent les dvd, ça n'est pas de bonnes qualité et j'ai peur qu'un jour que les dvd ne tiennent plus ou ne ressortent plus. Je suis étonné pour le dvd de beetle juice il n'y a pas d'image sur le cd, j'espere que c'est la meme chose pour tout le monde et que ce ne soit pas moi qui suis tombée sur un mauvais lot. Sinon dans l'ensemble je suis satisfaite du coffret il y a la collection complete, il y a de belles photos et images aux couleurs timburtoniene et un magnifique livret.
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le 25 mai 2014
Cet intégrale ne comprends pas le dernier des Tim Burton (il reste pourtant l'emplacement découpé à la fin pour lui ^^) et doit ommetre quelques oeuvre (Vincent à mon sens aurais pus sa place que le second batman..))
La qualité du boitier est au rendez-vous mais j'emet un bémol quant à celle de l'image des blueray.
La numérisation n'a pas du se faire sans heurt pour les premières oeuvres de Burton, un certain "gramage" , une espèce de filtre de "piqué" ajoute un grain qui n'est pas des plus esthétiques sur les noir et blanc. Enfin le son comme à son habitude sur blueray n'est pas proposé dans la meilleure qualité pour les versions françaises.

Toutefois c'est un coffret économique pour découvrir un talentueux réalisateur :)
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le 23 février 2014
Rien à redire sur le pack, par contre le dvd d'Edward aux mains d'argent a toujours ce bug (vu sur 5 ou 6 DVD appartenant à diverses personnes, testé sur de multiples platines dvd de salon et lecteur dvd de pc) où le film se bloque au moment où les personnages se rendent à la banque pour un emprunt.
Cela fait plus de 10 ans que TOUS les dvd français de ce film ont ce bug !!!!
Une étoile en moins pour ce défaut rédhibitoire jamais corrigé en plus d'une décennie, honte à vous messieurs ..
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le 3 janvier 2014
edition a 17bluray paye 99euros au lieu de 169 euros imbattable pr un integral bluray au top
petit bonus la boite peut contenir 18 bluray ideal pr ranger le prochain burton
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le 4 janvier 2015
On vient de m offrir ce coffret. Au premier abord très très ravie, il est magnifique, le popup est chouette, le livre en carton également. Puis vous voulez mettre un film et vous voyez le système d accroche des bluray: de la mousse qui vous force soit a abime la mousse pour que la prochaine fois le disque ne tienne pas soit a tirer sur le disque. De plus le petit livret qu il y a à côté contient des infos sur les films, oui sur 5-6films et les 10 autres? Au prix du coffret c est décevant.
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