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Veil of Midnight (Anglais) Poche – 30 décembre 2008

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Chapter One

On stage in the cavernous jazz club below Montreal's street level, a crimson-lipped singer drawled into the microphone about the cruelty of love. Although her sultry voice was pleasant enough, the lyrics about blood and pain and pleasure clearly heartfelt, Nikolai wasn't listening. He wondered if she knew—if any of the dozens of humans packed into the intimate club knew—that they were sharing breathing space with vampires.

The two young females sucking down pink martinis in the dark corner banquette sure as hell didn't know it.

They were sandwiched between four such individuals, a group of slick, leather-clad males who were chatting them up—without much success—and trying to act like their bloodthirsty eyes hadn't been permanently fixed on the women's jugulars for the past fifteen minutes straight. Even though it was clear that the vampires were negotiating hard to get the humans out of the club with them, they weren't making much progress with their prospective blood Hosts.

Nikolai scoffed under his breath.


He paid for the beer he'd left untouched on the bar and headed at an easy stroll toward the corner table. As he approached, he watched the two human females scoot out of the booth on unsteady legs. Giggling, they stumbled for the restrooms together, disappearing down a dim, crowded hallway off the main room.

Nikolai sat down at the table in a negligent sprawl.

"Evening, ladies."

The four vampires stared at him in silence, instantly recognizing their own kind. Niko lifted one of the tall, lipstick-stained martini glasses to his nose and sniffed at the dregs of the fruity concoction. He winced, pushing the offending drink aside.

"Humans," he drawled in a low voice. "How can they stomach that shit?"

A wary silence fell over the table as Nikolai's glance traveled among the obviously young, obviously civilian Breed males. The largest of the four cleared his throat as he looked at Niko, his instincts no doubt picking up on the fact that Niko wasn't local, and he was a far cry from civilized.

The youth adopted something he probably thought was a hardass look and jerked his soul-patched chin toward the restroom corridor. "We saw them first," he murmured. "The women. We saw them first." He cleared his throat again, like he was waiting for his trio of wingmen to back him up. None did. "We got here first, man. When the females come back to the table, they're gonna be leaving with us."

Nikolai chuckled at the young male's shaky attempt to stake his territory. "You really think there'd be any contest if I was here to poach your game? Relax. I'm not interested in that. I'm looking for information."

He'd been through a similar song-and-dance twice already tonight at other clubs, seeking out the places where members of the Breed tended to gather and hunt for blood, looking for someone who could point him toward a vampire elder named Sergei Yakut.

It wasn't easy finding someone who didn't want to be found, especially a secretive, nomadic individual like Yakut. He was in Montreal, that much Nikolai was sure of. He'd spoken to the reclusive vampire by phone as recently as a couple of weeks earlier, when he'd tracked Yakut down to inform him of a threat that seemed aimed at the Breed's most powerful, rarest members—the twenty or so individuals still in existence who were born of the first generation.

Someone was targeting Gen Ones for extinction. Several had been slain within the past month, and for Niko and his brothers in arms back in Boston—a small cadre of highly trained, highly lethal warriors known as the Order—the business of rooting out and shutting down the elusive Gen One assassins was mission critical. For that, the Order had decided to contact all of the known Gen Ones remaining in the Breed population and enlist their cooperation.

Sergei Yakut had been less than enthusiastic to get involved. He feared no one, and he had his own personal clan to protect him. He'd declined the Order's invitation to come to Boston and talk, so Nikolai had been dispatched to Montreal to persuade him. Once Yakut was made aware of the scope of the current threat—the stunning truth of what the Order and all of the Breed were now up against—Nikolai was certain the Gen One would be willing to come on board.

First he had to find the cagey son of a bitch.

So far his inquiries around the city had turned up nothing. Patience wasn't exactly his strong suit, but he had all night, and he'd keep searching. Sooner or later, someone might give him the answer he was looking for. And if he kept coming up dry, maybe if he asked enough questions, Sergei Yakut would come looking for him instead.

"I need to find someone," Nikolai told the four Breed youths. "A vampire out of Russia. Siberia, to be exact."

"That where you're from?" asked the soul-patched mouthpiece of the group. He'd evidently picked up on the slight tinge of an accent that Nikolai hadn't lost in the long years he'd been living in the States with the Order.

Niko let his glacial blue eyes speak to his own origins. "Do you know this individual?"

"No, man. I don't know him."

Two other heads shook in immediate denial, but the last of the four youths, the sullen one who was slouched low in the booth, shot an anxious look up at Nikolai from across the table.

Niko caught that telling gaze and held it. "What about you? Any idea who I'm talking about?"
At first, he didn't think the vampire was going to answer. Hooded eyes held his in silence, then, finally, the kid lifted one shoulder in a shrug and exhaled a curse.
"Sergei Yakut," he murmured.

The name was hardly audible, but Nikolai heard it. And from the periphery of his vision, he noticed that an ebony-haired woman seated at the bar nearby heard it too. He could tell she had from the sudden rigidity of her spine beneath her long-sleeved black top and from the way her head snapped briefly to the side as though pulled there by the power of that name alone.

"You know him?" Nikolai asked the Breed male, while keeping the brunette at the bar well within his sights.

"I know of him, that's all. He doesn't live in the Darkhavens," said the youth, referring to the secured communities that housed most of the Breed civilian populations throughout North America and Europe. "Dude's one nasty mofo from what I've heard."

Yeah, he was, Nikolai acknowledged inwardly. "Any idea where I might find him?"


"You sure about that?" Niko asked, watching as the woman at the bar slid off her stool and prepared to leave. She still had more than half a cocktail in her glass, but at the mere mention of Yakut's name, she seemed suddenly in a big hurry to get out of the place.

The Breed youth shook his head. "I don't know where to find the dude. Don't know why anyone would willingly look for him either, unless you got some kind of death wish."

Nikolai glanced over his shoulder as the tall brunette started edging her way through the crowd gathered near the bar. On impulse, she turned to look at him then, her jade-green gaze piercing beneath the fringe of dark lashes and the glossy swing of her sleek, chin-length bob. There was a note of fear in her eyes as she stared back at him, a naked fear she didn't even attempt to hide.

"I'll be damned," Niko muttered.

She knew something about Sergei Yakut.

Something more than just a passing knowledge, he was guessing. That startled, panicked look as she turned and broke for an escape said it all.

Nikolai took off after her. He weaved through the thicket of humans filling the club, his eyes trained on the silky black hair of his quarry. The female was quick, as fleet and agile as a gazelle, her dark clothes and hair letting her practically disappear into her surroundings.

But Niko was Breed, and there was no human in existence who could outrun one of his kind. She ducked out the club door and made a fast right onto the street outside. Nikolai followed. She must have sensed him hard on her heels because she pivoted her head around to gauge his pursuit and those pale green eyes locked on to him like lasers.

She ran faster now, turning the corner at the end of the block. Not two seconds later, Niko was there too. He grinned as he caught sight of her a few yards ahead of him. The alley she'd entered between two tall brick buildings was narrow and dark—a dead end sealed off by a dented metal Dumpster and a chain-link fence that climbed some ten feet up from the ground.

The woman spun around on the spiked heels of her black boots, panting hard, eyes trained on him, watching his every move.

Nikolai took a few steps into the lightless alley, then paused, his hands held benevolently out to his sides. "It's okay," he told her. "No need to run. I just want to talk to you."

She stared in silence.

"I want to ask you about Sergei Yakut."

She swallowed visibly, her smooth white throat flexing.

"You know him, don't you."

The edge of her mouth quirked only a fraction, but enough to tell him that he was correct—she was familiar with the reclusive Gen One. Whether she could lead Niko to him was another matter. Right now, she was his best, possibly his only, hope.

"Tell me where he is. I need to find him."

At her sides, her hands balled into fists. Her feet were braced slightly apart as if she were prepared to bolt. Niko saw her glance subtly toward a battered door to her left.

She lunged for it.

Niko hissed a curse and flew after her with all the speed he possessed. By the time she'd thrown the door open on its groaning hinges, Nikolai was standing in front of her at the threshold, blocking her path into the darkness on the other side. He chuckled at the ease of it.

"I said there's no need to run," he said, shrugging lightly as she backed a step away from him. He let the door fall closed behind him as he followed her slow retreat into the alley.

Jesus, she was breathtaking. He'd only gotten a glimpse of her in the club, but now, standing just a couple of feet from her, he realized that she was absolutely stunning. Tall and lean, willowy beneath her fitted black clothing, with flawless milk-white skin and luminous almond-shaped eyes. Her heart-shaped face was a mesmerizing combination of strength and softness, her beauty equal parts light and dark. Nikolai knew he was gaping, but damn if he could help it.

"Talk to me," he said. "Tell me your name."

He reached for her, an easy, nonthreatening move of his hand. He sensed the jolt of adrenaline that shot into her bloodstream—he could smell the citrusy tang of it in the air, in fact—but he didn't see the roundhouse kick coming at him until he took the sharp heel of her boot squarely in his chest.


He rocked back, more surprised than unfooted.

It was all the break she needed. The woman leapt for the door again, this time managing to disappear into the darkened building before Niko could wheel around and stop her. He gave chase, thundering in behind her.

The place was empty, just a lot of naked concrete beneath his feet, bare bricks and exposed rafters all around him. Some fleeting sense of foreboding prickled at the back of his neck as he raced deeper into the darkness, but the bulk of his attention was focused on the female standing in the center of the vacant space. She stared him down as he approached, every muscle in her slim body seeming tensed for attack.

Nikolai held that sharp stare as he drew up in front of her. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I know." She smiled, just a slight curve of her lips. "You won't get that chance."

Her voice was velvety smooth, but the glint in her eyes took on a cold edge. Without warning, Niko felt a sudden, shattering tightness in his head. A high-frequency sound cranked up in his ears, louder than he could bear. Then louder still. He felt his legs give out beneath him. He dropped to his knees, his vision swimming while his head felt on the verge of exploding.

Distantly, he registered the sound of booted feet coming toward him—several pairs, belonging to sizable males, vampires all of them. Muted voices buzzed above him as he suffered out the sudden, debilitating assault on his mind.

It was a trap.

The bitch had led him there deliberately, knowing he'd follow her.

"Enough, Renata," said one of the Breed males who'd entered the room. "You can release him now."

Some of the pain in Nikolai's head subsided with the command. He glanced up in time to see the beautiful face of his attacker staring down at him where he lay near her feet.

"Strip him of his weapons," she said to her companions. "We need to get him out of here before his strength returns."

Nikolai sputtered a few ripe curses at her, but his voice strangled in his throat, and she was already walking away, the thin spikes of her heels clicking over the field of cold concrete underneath him.

Chapter Two

Renata couldn't get out of the warehouse fast enough. Her stomach roiled. A cold sweat popped out along her forehead and down the back of her neck. She craved the fresh night air like her last breath, but she kept her stride even and strong. Her fisted hands held rigidly at her sides were the only outward indicator that she was anything but calm and collected.

It was always like this for her—the aftermath of using her mind's crippling power.

Outside now, alone in the alley, she gulped in a few quick mouthfuls of air. The rush of oxygen cooled her burning throat, but it was all she could do not to double over from the rising pain that was coursing like a river of fire through her limbs and into the center of her being.

"Damn it," she muttered into the empty darkness, rocking a bit on her tall heels. Taking a few more deep breaths, she stared at the black pavement under her feet and focused simply on holding herself together.

Behind her came the swift, heavy shuffle of booted feet from out of the warehouse. The sound drew her head up sharply. Forced a look of cool apathy over the hot tightness in her face.

"Careful with him," she said, glancing at the slack bulk of the big, nearly unconscious male she'd disabled, and who was now being carried like felled game by the four guards working with her. "Where are his weapons?"


A black leather duffel bag came sailing at her with barely a warning, heaved toward her by Alexei, the appointed leader of tonight's detail. She didn't miss the smirk on his lean face as the heavy duffel full of metal crashed into her chest. The impact felt like the pounding of a thousand nails into her sensitive skin and muscles, but she caught the bag and swung the long strap up over her shoulder without so much as a grunt of discomfort.

But Lex knew. He knew her weakness, and he never let her forget it.

Unlike her, Alexei and her other companions were vampires—Breed, all of them. As was their captive, Renata had no doubt. She'd sensed as much when she'd first seen him in the club, a suspicion confirmed by the simple fact that she was able to take him down with her mind. Her pyschic ability was formidable, but not without its limitations. It only worked on the Breed; the more simplistic human brain cells were unaffected by the high-frequency blast she was able to mentally project with little more than a moment's concentration.

She herself was human, if born slightly different from basic Homo sapiens stock. To Lex and his kind, she was known as a Breedmate, one of a small number of human females born with unique extrasensory skills and the even rarer capability to successfully reproduce with those of the Breed. For women like Renata, ingesting Breed blood provided even greater strength. Longevity too. A Breedmate could live for some long centuries with regular feedings from a vampire's nourishing veins.

Revue de presse

“Evocative, enticing, erotic…enter Lara Adrian’s world and be enchanted!” —J. R. Ward, author of Lover Unbound

Détails sur le produit

  • Poche: 368 pages
  • Editeur : Dell (30 décembre 2008)
  • Collection : Midnight Breed
  • Langue : Anglais
  • ISBN-10: 0440244498
  • ISBN-13: 978-0440244493
  • Dimensions du produit: 10,6 x 2,4 x 17,5 cm
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 3.5 étoiles sur 5  Voir tous les commentaires (2 commentaires client)
  • Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon: 133.800 en Livres anglais et étrangers (Voir les 100 premiers en Livres anglais et étrangers)
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Par LF le 22 novembre 2011
Format: Format Kindle
This book is about Nikolai, the youngest of the Order.
Up till now we didn't know much about Nikolai except that he has Russian origins, is blond with icy blue eyes and the go-to guy when you need modified weapons.

Niko is on a mission in Montreal to find a Gen One male named Sergei Yakut. Things don't go exactly as planned and Nikolai ends up in a dangerous situation. Luckily Renata, Sergei's bodyguard, comes to his rescue. But Renata needs his help as well to find Mira, a litlle girl who also lived at Sergei's and has been taken by a Breed male who's up to no good with the little girl.

Veil of Midnight is packed with action and we discover a little more of Dragos's plans. Although not everything goes according to Dragos's plans when an important meeting with his luitenants is disturbed by the Order. Especially when one of the Gen One assassins, Hunter, refuses to obey Dragos's orders.
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0 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile  Par ahb130 le 4 mai 2010
Format: Poche Achat vérifié
Les Breed sont des vampires nés d'extraterrestres et uniquement mâles. Ils ont donc besoin d'humaines génétiquement programmées pour se reproduire, et celles-ci sont à protéger. L'Ordre est un groupe de guerriers contre les menaces qui pèsent sur les vampires... Bref, l'idée générale est assez simpliste. Chez un Gen One assassin sans scrupule, Nikolai rencontre Renata, un garde du corps. La Breedmate est plus complexe que ce qu'on croit et obsédée par sa fille adoptive, Mira, une petite Breedmate... On comprend mal comment le si puissant vampire se fait avoir comme une bleusaille et que ce soit la faible humaine qui le sauve après l'avoir condammné au premier coup d'oeil... mais tous les livres ont le même shéma absurde !!! On rencontre ici Hunter, un Gen One au potentiel intéressant.
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Commentaires client les plus utiles sur (beta) 169 commentaires
48 internautes sur 50 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
4 1/2 stars - kick a## heroine, super HOT vampires, and mesmerizing twists and turns! Oh, yeah!! 30 décembre 2008
Par Bookaholics Reviewer - Publié sur
Format: Poche
Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Paranormal Vampire Romance Mass Market Paperback- December 30th, 2008
4 ½ stars

Veil of Midnight is the 5th in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series and another hit in her continuing vampire series. Unlike many authors whose continued series have run out of steam and seem flat, Lara Adrian's books build upon each other, enthralling her readers. Mesmerizing characters and fascinating plot lines are introduced, which are sure to keep readers wanting more!

Nikolai is a vampire of the Order, an elite vampire group whose purpose is to protect the vampire society as well as humankind. But, Nikolai has never been good at playing by the rules and when he is sent to track down a vampire Elder he meets more than his share of trouble.

When Renata first meets Nikolai she is puzzled by his decency. He is unlike any of the repulsive and cruel vampires she has been forced to serve. She has been humiliated and used by a vampire Elder for her psychic powers as well as her blood. Renata spends her days plotting to escape and stay alive. Renata's sole comfort is a young psychic girl for whom she cares. When a powerful group of renegade vampires threaten Renata and her charge, Renata realizes she needs Nikolai's protection.

Veil of Midnight is sure to be yet another best seller and is guaranteed to delight and captivate fans of the paranormal and those jaded by the 'typical' romance. It has suspense, fascinating world building, and enthralling characters. I particularly enjoyed the characters interactions. Although both characters began as enemies, they grew to earn each another's respect and love. Renata was a resourceful and ruthless woman who was more than a match for Nikolai. I was also intrigued by the mysterious characters Lara Adrian introduces in Veil of Midnight. (I am especially eager to discover the origins of the elusive Hunter.) The story ends well for the two main characters, but be warned, it does leave many questions unanswered for her next installment.

Reviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club
26 internautes sur 27 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Liked it, but didn't love it... 31 décembre 2008
Par Dark Dreamer - Publié sur
Format: Poche
*** 3 1/2 stars
I won't give you a book description since there are a few already. What I didn't like was the love story part of the book. I felt that the couple lacked something, not quite sure what but there was something missing. The relationship felt a little flat to me. The continuation of the saga from previous books was better. I liked that this book moved the big picture foward and held some interesting plot twists and surprises. It seems to me the first few breed books had a delightful and exciting romance involved, the last two seemed a little lacking in that dept. I am still planning to continue following this series and did enjoy the book, just not as much as the first few.
20 internautes sur 21 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5 Booksmarks from Wild on Books! 7 novembre 2008
Par Natalie S - Publié sur
Format: Poche
Nikolai has been sent by his commander to Montreal to find a Gen One vampire that is in danger. The blond warrior gets more than he bargained for when he is tricked by a beautiful woman named Renata and is immobilized by her psychic force. Upon awakening, he finds his quarry and is invited into the Gen One's lair. Once there, Niko comes face to face with the atrocities this vampire has been hiding on his land. When Niko loses his temper, he is thrown off the vamp's land. Niko, however, isn't leaving without a fight and he for sure isn't leaving without Renata, the woman with whom he saw his destiny.

Renata has been a prisoner of Yakut's, a Gen One vampire for two years. First brought to his home as a woman to hunt, Renata impressed the forceful vampire with her psychic ability and made her one of his bodyguards. When Renata overhears the huge blond warrior asking about her boss in a club, she sets him up for capture. The tables are turned, however, when he is invited to Yakut's home. No matter how much the warrior makes her tingle, Renata will not forget the seriousness of her life nor will she forget her promise to keep the child Mira safe. When Mira is sold out from under Renata, she vows vengeance.

Nikolai and Renata set out to find the sinister Rogue that has suddenly become more powerful than any of his Order thought. With vampires being murdered and allies turning against each other, the only two people Nikolai and Renata can trust are themselves and in turn that trust leads to a bonding - breed style.

Yearning for Nikolai's story since Kiss of Midnight, I knew that his mate would have to be a warrior worthy of him. Renata could not have been more perfect for him. She is fiercely loyal and a female warrior determinedly defiant in protecting her own. Her psychic ability helps out immensely in the battles she and Niko fight. They love just as intensely as they battle. Her trust in Niko and the power of his blood to heal won me over and made me her biggest fan.

Nikolai... honed warrior breed, blond, faint Russian accent. There was NOTHING about this fine man that I did not like. His combativeness and skills as a warrior surprised me with the ferocity in which he fought but I knew without a doubt that when he loved, he would love forever and without hesitation - which he did. Quite sensually I have to say. Add in the special talent Nikolai possessed concerning vines and this remarkable vampire made me shiver.

Lara Adrian utilizes previous characters throughout Veil of Midnight. As a reader I am dying to see what happens next in this paranormal, yet contemporary and believable world. Veil of Midnight will enthrall you and leave you breathless for more. That's just the first time you read it. Reading it a second time will just seal your addiction to these heady warriors and their breedmates.

Veil of Midnight is the fifth installment of Lara Adrian's highly successful Midnight Breed series. As such, I highly recommend going back and reading the series in order, starting with the book that started it all, Kiss of Midnight. You will be glad you did!

The Midnight Breed Series reading order is as follows:

Kiss of Midnight, Book 1
Kiss of Crimson, Book 2
Midnight Awakening, Book 3
Midnight Rising, Book 4
Veil of Midnight, Book 5

***Natalie S. for Wild on Books***
9 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Lovin Me Some Kick A** Heroines! 23 janvier 2009
Par VampFanGirl - Publié sur
Format: Poche
The Order, a military faction of the Breed civilization, is in the midst of saving not only their species, but humanity as well. The Breed truly are a sub-species of humans. Having originated from aliens who where able to breed with human women, the offspring of these unions were left with the terrible task of bringing down these ancient aliens in order to preserve Earth's human inhabitants from their bloody destruction. These vampires were known within the Breed as Gen One vampires, and today are a rare find in the Breed population having existed since the death of their ancient alien fathers centuries ago.

Lucan, leader of The Order, has charged one of his combatants, Nikolai, with the task of making contact with a Montreal Gen One named Sergei Yakut. This elusive Gen One is to be offered their protection because an unknown assassin is systematically killing the Gen One Breeds and thereby exterminating the most powerful members of their species.

During Nikolai's search for Yakut he encounters the very mysterious Renata who welcomes him with a very sharp blow to his ego. Renata is a Breedmate - a special human female who can mate with the Breed. Each Breedmate can be identified by the same crescent moon and teardrop birthmark. In addition to their ability to provide offspring, Breedmates also have psychic abilities that are unique to each individual. Renata has the ability to create a high pitched sound heard only by the Breed that creates debilitating pain. Suspecting that Nikolai is the hit man that nearly murdered her boss, Sergei Yakut, Renata brings the big Breed down with every intention of capture and questioning.

Renata and her crew are surprised to discover that Nikolai is a warrior member of the Order and that the hit on Yakut was planned with the combined intention of wiping out all Gen One Breeds. Renata at this point appears to be a verdant follower and protector of Sergei Yakut but this appearance couldn't be more contrary to the truth. Having been abandoned as a new born and survived her formative years on the streets, Renata has learned time and again that she can absolutely trust no one. Her entrance into Yakut's circle was nothing short of abrupt and terrifying. She now lives in a realm of fear with the knowledge that she can never, ever escape.

Nikolai is granted permission to investigate the scene of the failed hit at Yakut's hunting lodge located outside Montreal. The hundred year old lodge is bereft of any human comforts and it's soon apparent that Yakut has been organizing and participating in the outlawed practices of a Blood Club whereby humans are captured then hunted for sport. Nikolai is also introduced to Mira, a young Breedmate with the incredible ability to show the future to anyone who looks into her eyes and is fiercely protected by Renata. Nikolai confronts Yakut on his illegal extra-curricular activities with abysmal results. After which events soon unravel with Mira being sold to an evil vampire, another hit on Sergei's life being successful, and the horrible added result of Nikolai being charged with the murder due coincidental circumstances.

Renata, determined to rescue Mira but realizing that she can't do it without help, breaks into the holding facility that's interrogating Niko. As the two escape, it becomes a race for their lives and with the death toll increasing every hour, Renata and Niko can only pray that Mira herself is not dead.

I really liked Renata. The fact that she's a warrior was fun and exciting, plus I felt a measure of female satisfaction every time she brought the Breeds down with her mind. Her strengths nearly put her on equal footing with Niko and their struggle for domination was interesting. Renata was above and beyond the most admirable of the female characters of Adrian's series so far. She repeatedly made hard sacrifices not only during her time with Yakut but also as a child living on the streets. She always put those weaker beings first in her priorities.

On the other hand, Nikolai was boring. We know that he's the adrenaline junkie of the Order but that's about all. We aren't privy to Nikolai's upbringing until nearly the end of the novel. While his past was indeed tragic, I thought that Adrian could have brought it out earlier in the story and saved me and my distracted search for understanding. I wanted to know who Niko was and if he had any substance to his character. Needless to say I was disappointed.

I was also disappointed with the romance. It just felt forced and based purely on Niko and Renata's life or death circumstances. One minute Renata believes Niko to be the killer of Yakut and then she's in love with him all because he agrees to help her rescue Mira? Plus there was some definite innuendo regarding Renata and sexual abuse. Although it is never verbally or mentally confirmed by her, there seemed plenty of evidence to indicate that there was. Yet Renata has no trouble having sex with Niko and the fact that she was raised by nuns leaves little in the way of modesty and Renata is soon butt nekkid and turned on!

Honestly I feel that if Adrian had been allowed an additional two hundred pages of wrting space, this story could have been great. The plot and action were intense and exciting and I think maybe a bit too complicated thus forcing the romance into the background. Adrian was also spending numerous pages in other characters' POVs when she could have devoted that time to Niko's and Renata's romance.

So far, I've personally found Adrian's novels to be either a hit or miss on my "like it" or "love it" scale. Combined with the fact that I loved the action packed plot but was disappointed in the romance, I have give this novel three stars.
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2.5 stars - Not great romance, not bad story 9 juin 2009
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I've been reading the Lara Adrian Midnight series from Book 1 straight through, starting about a month ago, and this is my first adult vampire series. I LOVE them!! But this latest book I just finished, "Veil of Midnight" wasn't great compared to the rest of them. With all the other heroines, I felt connected and I understood them. I understood their feelings and why they might hesitate to fall in love. But then, I also felt their joy in discovering love, trust and respect from these incredible Breed men through Adrian's writing.

HOWEVER, Renata just plain annoyed me. She was too guarded and too volatile. I couldn't understand (aside from destiny and that she was apparently gorgeous) why Niko would fall in love with her so quickly. I have a daughter who I would give my life for, but I wouldn't be so recklessly blind as Renata is when it comes to her either (thus causing the final conflict between her and Niko). That she makes such snap judgements about Niko really annoyed me about her.

I agree with the other reviewers who said the characters and love story just weren't developed enough in this book. Their back stories seemed rushed and like I said, I just couldn't connect with their love. The story concerning the furthering of the overall arc of the series was good, with an interesting twist that I'm excited to see played out.

While I'm glad I read it so that I can keep up with the overall story, it's not one in the series that I feel compelled to read again.
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