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Where God Lives: The Science of the Paranormal and How Our Brains are Linked to the Universe (Anglais) Relié – 5 septembre 2000

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"Dr. Morse, what are near death experiences good for, anyway?"

This question, asked by a young patient, sent a curious medical doctor down a path of discovery to investigate the many aspects of this most intriguing subject.

  • Is there proof that "near death" and other spiritual experiences can cure afflictions of the body, mind, and spirit?

  • Are there simple ways to tap into a "universal power source" that spiritual masters call enlightenment?

  • Is there scientific evidence of life after death that is being overlooked by skeptics?

  • Is there scientific proof of a "God Module," a spot in our brains that communicates with God and the universe?

Melvin Morse believes the answer to all these questions is yes. He presents his research in a clear and methodical book that sheds new light on the links between science and mysticism.

Where God Lives not only reveals the area of the brain that is our biological link to the universe, it shows us the secret of tapping into the universal energy to achieve healing, personal peace, and transcendence.

In Where God Lives, Morse reveals his own experiences of the divine. By observing and interviewing hundreds of children who have had near death experiences, he was able to cure his own life-threatening disease with the spiritual lessons he learned.

Filled with moving case histories, Where God Lives applies the rigor of science to the study of the spiritual and concludes that here is an unseen-but not unreachable-power that guides us all.

Biographie de l'auteur

Melvin Morse has co- written the bestsellers Closer to the Light and Transformed by the Light.

He is a practicing pediatrician in Seattle, Washington.

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, is a world-renowned author, lecturer, and psychiatrist whose seminal work, Life After Life, changed the way we view death and dying. He is widely acknowledged as the world's leading expert on near-death experiences.

Paul Perry is an internationally bestselling author who has co-written nine books on near-death experiences.

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It was good to see the kids again, the ones who were the subject of my initial research into the occurrence of near death experiences (NDEs) in the children. Lire la première page
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HASH(0x9ef73f48) étoiles sur 5 Narrowing the Gap Between Science and Spirituality 17 septembre 2000
Par Donald Mitchell - Publié sur
Format: Relié
'Learning to listen to our inner voice is what this book is allabout.' ' . . . We are just starting to learn how to use it.'
This book combines the perspectives of science and spirituality to consider what right temporal lobe stimulation in the brain is really accomplishing. The best part of the book is that it goes on to propose daring new hypotheses about the nature of the mind and reality. I look forward to future experiments designed to test these hypotheses.
Dr. Morse is a pediatrician whose young patients have often experienced near death. These young people report important spiritual events associated with their near-death experiences. These spiritual experiences include speaking with dead relatives, seeing themselves in out-of-body experiences as the doctors work on them, going through tunnels into another world, and meeting religious figures. When one of his patients asks Dr. Morse what the purpose of these spiritual events is, the question sets Dr. Morse to thinking. The results of that investigation are found in this book.
One of the reasons that the question intrigued him is that he had noticed that these patients seemed to develop an improved balance in their lives that improved the quality of their lives afterwards. This quality of life often meant having better health, happier times, closer relations with others, eating healthier foods, and exercising more.
What he has come to appreciate is that near-death experiences are simply spiritual experiences that anyone can have without having to almost die. ' . . . We have the biological potential to interact with the universe at any time during our lives.'
Based on research with electrically stimulating different parts of the brain, scientists have located the Sylvian fissure in the right temporal lobe (just over the ear) as the site of these spiritual experiences. Take a healthy person, put some electrical current there and near-death experiences will follow. Scientists have studied these near-death experiences further, and can tell that these experiences are distinct from mental illness and hallucinations. Dr. Morse also reports that you can access these same experiences through prayer and meditation.
He outlines 10 things you can do to have these experiences more often. (1) 30 minute of enjoyable exercise daily (2) pay attention to your life patterns through a journal and meditation (3) build relationships with your family and others (4) trust your inner vision and intuition (5) provide service for others (6) create a financial plan to have more peace of mind (7) improve your diet (8) pray and meditate daily (9) learn to love more (10) develop your spirituality to reconnect with all parts of the universe.
One interesting connection he makes is to the theory of morphic resonance (see The New Science of Life). By postulating that there seem to be legitimate cases of reincarnation, he wonders what reincarnation experiences (if real) could mean about the nature of reality. He concludes that 'universal memory is best understood as a morphic field.' He cites the examples of how rats in succeeding generations can go through a maze for the first time in ever shorter periods of time . . . as though they are sharing knowledge from prior generations indirectly.
From these pieces of evidence, he hypothesizes that we have two sources of memory. Short-term memory is in our physical brains, and long-term memory is outside of our brains. The right temporal lobe then operates as a memory receiver and transmitter to access this external memory that is available to all. This description reminds me of Napoleon Hill's writing in Think and Grow Rich about how to create abundance in our lives.
He also describes many experiments that successfully show remote viewing can be done, physical objects can be changed with the mind, children have eliminated warts with hypnosis, the placebo effect cures some diseases, and spiritual healing methods reveal large transfers of electricity between healer and patient. He uses this evidence to argue that the quantum nature of reality takes a holographic form when it comes to the mind and what we observe. By changing the waves in our brain, we affect the waves that are the reality that we observe around us. One of the funniest examples of this phenomenon comes in the form of people who give off so much energy that they can make machines break down all around them.
Dr. Morse provides 10 ground rules for getting the best results from morphic reality:...
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HASH(0x9ef743f0) étoiles sur 5 Scientific Approach to the Mystical 27 février 2001
Par J. Coolidge - Publié sur
Format: Relié
This is one of the most enlightening books on mystical, or spiritual, experiences and their meanings I have read. The approach Dr. Morse takes is extremely humane, sensitive, and honest. He manages in an interesting and meaningful way to examine near-death experiences, healings, apparitions, and other unexplained phenomenon in terms of the human brain. It seems our brains may at times function in a particular way to connect us with realities we normally are not aware of.
I had enjoyed reading Dr. Morse's previous books, where he related the stories of children's near-death experiences, and described the evidence of the transforming nature of these experiences. In this book, Dr. Morse goes much further in developing his theory of the importance of the right temporal lobe in allowing us to experience the external reality of these experiences.
As a speech-language pathologist, I know a little something about the brain and how it works. The right hemisphere of the brain processes information very differently from the left. We have generally known a great deal more about the left hemisphere, which is where our language center is in most people. However, what Dr. Morse has to say about the right hemisphere and its possible role in NDEs and other experiences connecting us to a "universal memory", or mind, makes a great deal of sense, especially to anyone who has ever had even a minor extra-sensory type of experience.
I especially enjoyed Dr. Morse's personal stories in this book. It was brave and honest, and made the book real to me. After all, one of the big questions raised to him has been, "What is the good in having a near-death experience, anyway?" I appreciated that Dr. Morse attempted to apply some of the lessons he learned to his own life. It made a poignant story.
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HASH(0x9ef74468) étoiles sur 5 You can have a near death experience while still alive! 17 février 2001
Par ALLISON MORSE - Publié sur
Format: Relié
My husband's book describes the secrets of living that he learned from studying children who had near death experiences. He used these secrets to get himself off of five medicines for asthma and high blood pressure, heal his own life threatening illness, and discover his own spirituality for the first time. I have seen him transformed over the years from an arrogant critical care physician who thought he knew everything to a gentle man willing to spend an extra minute with a patient, or an extra hour helping a grieving parent.
His studies document that there is an area in our brain which allows us to communicate with god. This is the same area responsable for intution, telepathy, remote viewing and mind-body healing. He has discovered that there are real angels guiding our lives. He presents a case of a well documented miraculous cure of one of his own patients who had a fatal liver disease, a cure facilitated by spiritual intervention.
His book is oddly practical. He shares with us extremely moving stories of children who have faced death, and learns from them that the secrets of living are to pay off our credit card debt, give money to charity, and to go jogging in the morning with our 12 year old son.
My husband shares with the readers his own spiritual experience, something I was shocked to learn that he had. He had never discussed it with even his own family. He is the sort of guy who watches football on Sundays and likes to say that he doesn't have a spiritual bone in his body. When I asked him about it, he said he wanted to share his experience with his readers because "if I can learn to use my right temporal lobe to have a spiritual vision, anyone can learn to use it. Why wait until we die to have the experience?".
I was a little mad to read the review stating that his book was boring. There is nothing boring about his book! He presents a new theory of how our brains link to the universe, and explains how angel encounters, ghostly visions, paranormal talents and mind-body healing can actually work! He explains how anyone can tap into the power of the near death experience to transform their lives. Even our sex life is better after we applied the ten secrets of the near death experience to our daily life.
It is a science book, but very easy to read with lots of stories. He has hundreds of scientific references he put in the back of the book so people can delve deeper into the topics he presents. He has already published in scientific journals that main concepts in his book and he is always being invited to conferences all around the world. I won't let him go because we have five children, so if you want to learn about why near death experiences are important in your life, you will have to read his book.
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HASH(0x9ef747f8) étoiles sur 5 Cosmic consciousness from NDE perspective 10 août 2003
Par Peter Uys - Publié sur
Format: Broché
This book consists of a series of case studies into Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and identifies the right temporal lobe as the place where the individual interfaces with a greater consciousness. The author calls this "the God spot" and claims that this region is instrumental in facilitating mind-body healing, is responsible for mystical visions, psychic powers and vivid spiritual experiences.

His study of NDE's has revealed that we have the biological potential to interact with the universe at any time in our lives. It is thus important to learn how to activate the right temporal lobe. The author's studies demonstrate that children who have had NDE's are more balanced in their physical, mental and spiritual lives. They feel a purpose in living and do not fear death. Trusting their intuition, they feel that they can again connect with the divine presence without brushing with death again.

These children develop certain habits later in life that the author calls the ten secrets of happiness: exercise, pay attention to your life patterns, family and relationships, trust your intuition, service to others, financial planning, healthy diet, meditation/prayer, learning to love and spirituality.

He also discusses the scientific theories of people like Dr Karl Pribram, Michael Talbot and others and looks at cases of reincarnation that defy easy explanation, synchronicity and spiritual healing and comes to the conclusion that consciousness ripples throughout reality like a pebble in a pond.

Morse believes that early humans were too dominated by the right temporal lobe so that individuality was not fully expressed. Modern man is too left-brain dominated so that people become too isolated. NDE's remind us that we are interconnected spiritual beings as well as unique individuals. He concludes with an appeal to us to learn to use more of our mind in order to transcend the five senses and reach for an expanded human consciousness, a type of sixth sense.

Much helpful advice is given on how to become well and stay balanced and optimistic. The voluminous bibliography consists of separately listed books and articles under the following headings: Scientific and Medical References, References Concerning Death-Related Visions, The Scientific Study Of The Paranormal, Scientific Perspectives On Religion, Spirituality and Consciousness, Mind-Body Healing, Memory and Past-Life Memories, Religion and Spirituality, and Miscellaneous References.

This book covers much familiar terrain in consciousness research. Readers who appreciate Where God Lives will also find much of interest in old classics like Richard M Bucke's COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind and modern works like Roger Coghill's The Dark Side of the Brain: Major Discoveries in the Use of Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy, Drury's Inner Visions: Explorations in Magical Consciousness (Arkana) and Sheldrake, McKenna and Abrahams' Chaos, Creativity And Cosmic Consciousness.
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HASH(0x9ef74930) étoiles sur 5 Excellent Scholarly Approach to Finding and Accessing God 24 avril 2006
Par Barbara Rose - Publié sur
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
I found this book to be important, especially for medical doctors, scientists, and anyone who has great doubt that we CAN receive answers from God, "if we would only listen."

Dr. Morse's approach in this book is largely based in medical and scientific data, particularly with his vast experience as a pediatrician with NDE (near death experiences) among his patients. Educated at Johns Hopkins University for his Medical education, Dr. Morse later discovered that the right temporal lobe is the "God Spot" as he calls it in the book where people can access Universal information.

However, he gives the book a great touch with his own personal experiences of prayer, and "hearing" the answers within his mind. Additionally, Dr. Morse gives many, many examples, case studies, patient experiences, as well as covering subjects such as remote viewing, synchronicity, becoming your own healer, trusting your feelings, along with beneficial suggestions to greatly enhance your life in all areas, especially for the areas in which you feel less than pleased about.

All in all, I feel that his contribution to this field is direly needed, especially coming from a scientific/medical background. This book will greatly help to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, in scholarly terms, yet can certainly be understood by anyone.

I recommend it for anyone who is skeptical about this area, as well as for anyone who would just like some more "facts."

It is written with sincerity and truth.

Thank you Dr. Morse for your important contribution to humanity!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D., author of Know Yourself and If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!
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