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Whisper Supremacy Import

5 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client

5 d'occasion à partir de EUR 4,98

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Page Artiste Cryptopsy

Détails sur le produit

  • CD (24 janvier 2005)
  • Nombre de disques: 1
  • Format : Import
  • Label: Century
  • ASIN : B0000242WS
  • Autres éditions : CD  |  Cassette  |  Album vinyle  |  Téléchargement MP3
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 5.0 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client
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Liste des titres

Disque : 1

  1. Emaciate
  2. Gold Hate, Warm Blood
  3. Loathe
  4. White Worms
  5. Flame To The Surface
  6. Depths You've Fallen
  7. Faceless Unknown
  8. Serpent's Evil

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5.0 étoiles sur 5
5 étoiles
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Meilleurs commentaires des clients

Format: CD
Whisper supremacy est le troisieme album du groupe et à mon sens le meilleur. Tout y est: le niveau technique, le son, la violence. Il ne s'agit pas d'un album aussi brutal que brouillon, bien au contraire. les compositions sont riches, claires et efficaces. A avoir imperativement.
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Format: CD
Un de mes groupes prefere dans le milieu brutal death.Cryptopsy est un de ces groupes ou l on se demande si ce ne sont pas des machines derriere les instruments.Mais ce sont bel et bien des humains.Un groupe de pur technike comme on en fait pas vous conseille None so vile pour 140fr de + vous ne perdrais rien car la qualité dans tout les sens du terme est au rendez vous.
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Commentaires client les plus utiles sur (beta) HASH(0x99d07234) étoiles sur 5 80 commentaires
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HASH(0x99c3eb04) étoiles sur 5 The epitome of brutal, technical, and conventional metal. 15 juin 2003
Par TheBlackSun - Publié sur
Format: CD
Rarely do I come across an album that is astonishing in the pure speed, baffling with in it's time signatures and rhythms, mind-numbing in it's complexity, creative in it's songwriting, but at the very same time, makes me want to rip someone's face off.
To call this a death metal album hardly seems to do it justice, being that most death metal is dominated with monotonous growls, lame, masterbatory speed strumming, and recycled drum beats.
This album, although fits under the genre of "death metal", hardly fits any of the traits I listed above.
Drums: What words come to mind when hearing Flo's drumming on this album? Fast, intricate, genius, creative, but that does not even begin to describe it. He is all over his set every second of the album, there are no "down" or "mellow" parts to this album, there are only a couple seconds in which you are able to breathe before you are pummeled to death with a furious double bass, hyper blast beats, and spastic fills. His parts are unlike anything I've ever heard. His double bass rhythms are fast and complex, his fills are frequent and unpredictable, he utilizes odd jazzy drum parts that somehow fit in perfectly and his blast beats are the equalvilant to being shot with an M16. You can not go more than ten seconds listening to this album without hearing something either insanely fast or creative and complicated.
Guitar: Never have I heard the entire fretboard of a guitar be so badly abused. The dual guitar assault on this is relentless. Alex Auburn and Jon Levasseur churnout crushing riffs that dance all over the fretboard and keep up with Flo perfectly, the solos compliment the songs well, and are extremely well thought out, even though there are more moshy parts occasionally, and sometimes semi-melodic parts, the guitar parts NEVER go weak on this album.
Bass: Rarely can you find a bassist that can keep up with a great guitarist. But this is one of the many novelties found on this album. Eric can keep up with these fast punishing riffs, and even throws in a couple slap bass parts.
Sounds like a great album doesn't it? But wait, there's more.
Mike Disalvo is a brutal, rapid, unique, and creative voice, he fits the band perfectly. His somewhat abstract lyrics are wrapped in a brutal growl (that isn't retardedly low), that shifts harshness and pitch somewhat subtely, while adding an extra layer of complex rhythms over the already insanely technical music.
Overall song-writing: You usually never hear a band go through so many riffs in a single song, and go through so many speeds. At first listen, these riffs may seem randomly thrown together, but if you listen to the album about 30 times, (that's how complicated it is), you start to see how ingeniously these songs were written and put together. For instance, on White Worms (one of my favorites of the album), all the madness stops for one moment, Mike let's loose a brutal low scream as it suddenly goes into a breakdownish part, only to pick back up into a hyper blast part.
There are so many other parts on the album, I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about how genious this album is, but you have to hear it to believe it.
If you consider yourself a fan of anything heavy or technical, there is NO reason why you shouldn't buy this album.
12 internautes sur 14 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99c4218c) étoiles sur 5 The most technical, brutal album ever! 15 mars 2000
Par cyanobacteria - Publié sur
Format: CD
Well, were do I start? I have listened to death metal since the first albums came out by Death and Morbid Angel. I have always looked for new bands who are "pushing the envelope of death metal". Death metal reached it's technical high point with the release of Suffocation's "Pierced From Within". Pretty much everything after that album did not bring any new developments into the death metal scene until this album. This album brought a level of technical ability, unknown speed and the added element of complete controlled CHOAS. The number of time changes and odd time signatures is mind blowing. Unlike most death metal drummers who have taken Morbid Angel drum technics and mainly play 3 or 4 speeds Flo(drummer) has taken the profiency of a jazz drummer mixed it up like a mad man and introduced hyper speed. The guitars are also insane with constant fret movement that makes you feel like you have just consumed 5 pots of coffee. The production is well balanced so all instuments are heard. The vocalist sounds like a man possessed. It is amazing to think they recorded this album in June of 1998. Since then we have had a few hyperblast releases by band such as Angelcorpse, Hate Eternal and Krisiun to name a few. All of these albums were very fast but all were sped up old school(Morbid Angelish) death metal. Cryptopsy will be going into the studio soon to record the follow-up to this album. I am quite confident it will (again) be the most brutal album ever. I give this album a 5(and overall most brutal album to date) but I do have a few bone to pick with it. The bass could be a little more up in the mix. This would add some bottom end, which is lacking, to the production. The vocalist could add a little more range to his vocals and the lead guitarist needs to speed up his solos to the level of Angelcorpse or Krisiun's lead guitarists. BUYER BEWARE: Buy this album only if you are into EXTREME EXTREME DEATH METAL.
16 internautes sur 20 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99c3edec) étoiles sur 5 Hell On Overdrive 9 janvier 2005
Par Nicholas Alla Koholick - Publié sur
Format: CD Achat vérifié
My view of death metal is still shaky. A lot of it is extreme rock with caveman vocals and meatbeats, with the sole intent of brutality, hardly a worthy cause for making music. There will always be a heavier band, a faster band, a band that is more underground. Why try to outdo everyone else? Why write disgusting lyrics? Why create anti-music?

Well, that was very 'devil's advocate' of me, because this album seems to do all of those things. It raised the bar on heaviness, technicality, and over-the-top brutality. Why would I give this a positive review?

Simply, because it succeeded in a way I would have never thought possible. It, along with landmark releases by Gorguts, Suffocation, Origin, and others, proved to me that death metal has value.

There is a point where music becomes so difficult to play that it is irreplicable. It is one of a kind, a secret of its creators. A landmark. A mark of true originality. That is what death metal must achieve to become worthwhile, to me anyway. Morbid Angel's guitar pyrotechnics and repetitive drumming hardly impress me. Obituary's bleeeearghugh vocals and sloppy-sounding slow groove are boring. Cannibal Corpse's gore lyrics and heavy metal hero worship are pointless. Mortician a joke.

The bands who can create albums like Whisper Supremacy are the elite, the ones I can respect for their battering musicianship and true extremity. Cryptopsy aren't kids out to be the 'freaks' in their senior class. They are out to make statements. Everything about this album is engineered to create fear. This is calculated suffering. This is brilliance.

"Emaciate" starts with a sense of quiet calm, and explodes into a frenzy as the ridicoulous speed drumming of Flo Mounier and the debut hardcore/death vocals of Mike DiSalvo roar out overtop. The song is akin to a swarm of bees swirling around the skull, a maelstrom of riffs and percussive textures glued together in a beutiful chaotic randomness. Quirks like 32nd-note blastbeating, ride cymbals, guitar twiddles, and funky/twnagy slap bass float in and out of the music. Sometimes, all the instruments let off the havoc and swirl together into a riffworthy groove or chromatic melody before exploding all over again. The solo is a brief burst of melody, the calm of the hurricane. When the song ends, only a second is given for breath before "Cold Hate, Warm Blood"'s deceptively gorgeous intro comes in. After a few seconds of jazz guitar and bass, the song rises into yet another frenzy, this one cold and melodic, more like a wave of icy water than bees. And, the melodies coalesce and diverge into patterns and harmonies before random bits of soft strumming are revealed. Flo's blasts in this song are ridiculously fast. The groovy B-section is seemingly a respite, aside from the odd time signatures and random speed changes. Guest vocals from previous vocalist Lord Worm and a breathtaking solo from lead guitarist Jon Levasseur end the song in a triumphant spirit. "Loathe" and "White Worms" repeat the process with even more ridiculous crushing riffs and spastic drumming. More twangs from Eric Langlois rise abound, and the band makes use of DiSalvo's unusual vocals to evoke a sense of anger from the music not usually found in death metal. Lord Worm sounded generic, gurgly and grunty, with no coherence or intelligibility. DiSalvo is almost articulate.

"Flame To The Surface" returns the album's ambient sense of melody, although the band has lost a bit of steam by now. Aside from a few mosh riffs in "Depths" and the great intro to "Faceless Unknown" courtesy of Levasseur and Miguel Roy (rhythm gitz), much of the last three tracks are interchangeable. Luckily, the momentum of the first half of the album carries through all the way into "Serpent's Coil" and the album ends as powerfully and intensely as it began.

Everything about this release, from the lyrics to the vocals to the arm-twisting guitarwork to the relentless drumming, is an exercise in musical ferocity. Hell, this album is the dissertation for technical death. The unique production brings drums and vocals to the forefront, crushing all (if not covering the guitar at times). Even the band pictures, the eerie cover art, and the brilliant title all help to convey the sense of dread Crytopsy have always intended to evoke and finally succeeded in 1998...

This album will eat your soul.
10 internautes sur 12 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99c42450) étoiles sur 5 Sweet merciful crap!! 10 octobre 2003
Par Jenny Cadaver - Publié sur
Format: CD
This is one of the most brutal albums, I kid ye not. I've listened to Cryptopsy evolve from a mostly standard-death-metal sound into this incredible sprawling battering roiling juggernaut they have now... Dang! It's relentless! It's like listening to a boulder the size of a Volkswagen roll downhill, while on fire, covered in blood with bits of weaponry sticking out. In other words, it's out of control but it's on a very tight path. Technically these guys are still amazing. I agree with that other reviewer-- Mike DiSalvo would've sounded out of place on other albums, but his utterly unrestrained vocals work just perfectly here. Lord Worm gave us the good old traditional death-metal growl, but DiSalvo makes you taste blood in the back of your own throat while you listen.
"Whisper Supremacy" makes you want to cover your head from the onslaught, and dance wildly at the same time. And if you're looking for a veritable symphony of Ungodly Racket [tm] that your mother will hate, this album's at the top of the list. Buy it immediately.
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99c42b1c) étoiles sur 5 More like SCREAM supremacy! 25 octobre 2000
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: CD
Upon the first few listens you might find yourself overwhelmed by a wall of noise -- these guys tune their six-string guitars from B to B. Six-string guitar pickups are not made to suit a low-B string, so those bottom notes are very hard to distinguish. But after three or four CAREFUL listenings, you start to hear virtuosity, beauty, and true innovation.
The guitar solos are fast and furious, but tasteful. The vocals are ferocious. The drumming is probably the best you'll find in this genre -- extraordinarily diverse, with the fastest blast beats humanly possible. The riffs, like I said, are on the cutting edge of innovation, virtuosity, and brutality.
The only thing that beats listening to this album is seeing these guys live! The SICK part is that they're even better on stage! You'll be able to appreciate that last comment only when you've given "Whisper Supremacy" some long, hard listens.
If you're looking for virtuosic, innovative death metal, also check out Suffocation, Hate Eternal, and Broken Hope.
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