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Wild Cards (Anglais) Relié – 1 octobre 2013

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A huge let down, with insta-love to boot 24 octobre 2013
Par Ashley Evans - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
Wild Cards was very... meh.

I started the book on good terms. Derek seemed like a troublemaker, but a decent enough guy, and Ashtyn was a cool, tough, tomboy-ish girl. She was apparently really good at football, laid back, and kind of one of the guys. But then this happened:

* Derek wasn't a bad boy at all. He constantly thought he was, but there was no evidence to support that whatsoever.
* Ashtyn became clingy, needy, annoying, and a little pathetic.
* The football plot was very lacking.
* Insta-love...

There was so much telling when it came to all of the characters. We're told that Derek is a bad boy, Ashtyn decides that he only likes one night stands, and Derek tells us that he's not good enough for Ashtyn. But... All Derek does throughout the entire book is be courteous to Ashtyn (except for one occasion), mow the lawn, and completely rebuild Ashtyn's broken down shed (without her even asking him to). That's really.... nice of him.

Then we're told that Ashtyn is a great football player, that she gets along well with the guys, and that she's really laid back. She isn't the clingy, needy girlfriend type. But, we never actually see her play football well. All she does is run a few drills. Even at the end when she had a chance to kick butt, she didn't.. at all. It was a HUGE letdown. And her crush on Derek was honestly a little pathetic. Ashtyn became everything she said she wasn't (clingy, needy, and annoying). She constantly gave Derek a hard time whenever a girl flirted with him (as if she owned him), she wasn't even dating Derek and yet she burned with jealousy when her friend flirted with him a little, and she couldn't be away from him for even a few days.

But what drove me the craziest and gave me whiplash, was their constant fighting and bickering. It was exhausting. Derek and Ashtyn fight the ENTIRE book. All they do is insult each other and bicker over such stupid things. But the worst part about that, was the dual point of view. We'd read Ashtyn's chapter and it would go like this:

"OMG I HATE DEREK! ...But actually, he's so hot... I'm so attracted to him. I totally love him. But OMG wait, I can't tell Derek that. I can't possibly ever tell him, because he'd never feel the same way. He only likes one night stands. But gosh.. I love him so much."

Then we'd read Derek's chapter:

"Ugh, that Sweetie Pie Ashtyn gives me hell all the time. Her lips are so damn kissable though. Why can't I stop thinking about her? I have to get these thoughts out of my head because I'm not good enough for her. I can't be the man she wants me to be. She'd never like me anyway, she hates me. But wow, she's amazing. She's so gorgeous. I want to pummel that guy just for checking her out."

** Note: These quotes are paraphrased, they're not actual quotes. **

And it was like that OVER and OVER again. It was so frustrating to read how they were both crazy about each other, but both assumed the other one wasn't so they refused to say anything about it. For the ENTIRE book. But since I was privy to both their thoughts, it was just frustrating for me! I wanted to tell them to shut up and get together already.

And the fact that they spent the whole book fighting and bickering means there was insta-love. Ashtyn and Derek don't date. Ever. They don't talk; they only fight. They never sit down and have a real genuine conversation. They do actually go out together once, but it's not a real date because it was to settle a bet. And yet, at one point, Ashtyn goes on about how she's in love with Derek. IN LOVE?? Seriously? She's never even had a real conversation with the guy! They just fight all the freaking time because when they first met Ashtyn decided that Derek was a jerk(even though he's really not...).

The end of the book just got even worse. I wasn't hating the book until the end, when things went downhill. So many weird things happened that I thought were unrealistic. In general, the ending just felt kind of lame and cheesy, but also unsatisfying.

The only reason I'm giving Wild Cards 2 stars instead of 1 is because I didn't hate the beginning and there were a few lines that made me laugh.
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Wildly addictive and fun! 5 octobre 2013
Par Step Into Fiction - Publié sur
Format: Relié
You know how some times you are just in a mood for a light story? A story without too much heavy angst, but not a comedy. Well that was just what I was looking for recently. And luckily for me I found that in Wild Cards. I had read so much paranormal last month, that I needed a break. I was burned out. Wild Cards is the perfect story for anyone to read who wants a fast and simple story. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and read, and not have to think too much while reading.

Wild Cards is told from two point of views. Ashtyn is a female high school student who is on her school's football team. She is a tough as nails on the football field, but she has a heart of gold off the field. She's a perfect role model because she never gives up, and she follows her dreams. I also really love her name. While I was reading the book, I kept think Ashtyn is such a cool name. Derek is a prankster and former football player. After pulling a prank on his senior class in boarding school, Derek is expelled from high school. His stepmother decides to move them back to her hometown in Chicago. There he meets Ashtyn in a hilarious scene that involves a barn and a pitchfork!

The beginning of Wild Cards was solid. The story flowed really well, but towards the end it started to drag a little bit for me. There were a few scenes that I felt were added in just to try to further the plot, but I didn't think were really necessary. If anything, I think they slowed the book down. There was even a point where I thought, "Just get on with it already!" But once that hump was passed over, it was smooth sailing again.

I would recommend Wild Cards for anyone who is looking for a light, quick, and easy read. I would especially recommend it for anyone who enjoys a book with a strong female lead.

Reviewed by Sana @ Step Into Fiction
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Boring, lack of chemistry and all around annoying 14 octobre 2013
Par The Sea of Pages - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
Nope. No me gusta. No me gusta times infinity!

I did not like this book at all. Not even one bit. After reading the blurb I expected this great story about football, love and friendship and what did I get? None of that! I got none of that!

The book starts off with Derek getting kicked out of school which subsequently leads to him having to move with his stepmom to Chicago. Here we're introduced to Ashtyn who is the new captain of her high school football team and it turns out, Derek's stepmom is Ashtyn's sister. So then of course Ashtyn & Derek fall in love.

I'll say the first couple pages had me hooked. After that things got a little iffy. The chemistry between Ashtyn and Derek was nonexistent. It was more lust than anything. Also I know they're not related but um where exactly is your relationship going to go? Your stepmom is her sister. AND said stepmom is pregnant! This relationship made no sense at all. If it weren't for Derek lusting after Ashtyn I'd say they'd be better off as siblings.

Ashtyn is the only girl on her high school football team. Due to this she has learned to be tough (not really). Ashtyn was a very annoying character. She was always talking about how she was one of the guys but instead she was kind of wimpy. She was always crying! There is no crying in football! (just kidding) Her crying was annoying and didn't help with the idea that she was this tough tomboy. Also, if this book was suppose to be about football, why does it take place in summer? The only football Ashtyn played was at practice or summer camp where she didn't even do well. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have it set in fall?

Derek was an ok character. Not the greatest. In the summary he's described as a bad boy. Pffft if painting sheds and mowing the lawn constitutes being bad then yeah he's a real rebel. Derek doesn't seem to do much of anything but lust after Ashtyn and mow the lawn.

Aside from my intense dislike of the characters. My biggest gripe was the plot. I like a good romance but Elkeles focused too much on that rather than Ashtyn being in football or even the indifference she receives from her father. Nothing is really resolved in the plot except for the romance. I would have liked to have seen more on Ashtyn's relationship with her sister and dad as well as Derek's relationship with his dad.

Overall, I found the book to be disappointing. The plot was underdeveloped and the characters were annoying. There was no romance, football or much of anything.
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Review for Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles 1 octobre 2013
Par Alyssa - Publié sur
Format: Relié
***Review posted on The Eater of Books!***

Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Rating: 2 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

Summary (from Goodreads):

After getting kicked out of boarding school, bad boy Derek Fitzpatrick has no choice but to live with his ditzy stepmother while his military dad is deployed. Things quickly go from bad to worse when he finds out she plans to move them back to her childhood home in Illinois. Derek's counting the days before he can be on his own, and the last thing he needs is to get involved with someone else's family drama.

Ashtyn Parker knows one thing for certain--people you care about leave without a backward glance. A football scholarship would finally give her the chance to leave. So she pours everything into winning a state championship, until her boyfriend and star quarterback betrays them all by joining their rival team. Ashtyn needs a new game plan, but it requires trusting Derek--someone she barely knows, someone born to break the rules. Is she willing to put her heart on the line to try and win it all?

What I Liked:

First, let me say that I have never read a book by Elkeles, so I don't know if I would like her books, or if it's just this one, or if I would probably dislike all of her books. Before (and after) I read this book, I've heard Elkeles fans say that this book wasn't her best. So, it's not just me. I still might look up some of her older books, and even read some of her upcoming ones if I get the chance.

Derek's father re-married a really young, bimbo-type woman, who is actually only a bit older than Derek himself. Derek's father is in the Navy, and so he is always away. Derek's stepmother decides to move back to Chicago, and Derek is forced to go with her. In Chicago, the stepmother's sister, Ashtyn, is the only girl who plays on the football team. She's a tomboy, rude, non-girly, and doesn't want anything to do with the yummy Derek, who actually was a football legend himself, years ago.

I loved Derek in this book. He isn't a "bad boy", though you can tell that was the angle Elkeles was trying to get. He is thoughtful and contemplative, and he fixes sheds and mows the lawn without being told to do so. Also, he does all of that shirtless. YAY for shirtless!

But seriously. He's a good guy. He's the only reason why I gave this book two stars, and not one. Well, him, and his grandmother. That lady is HILARIOUS.

Okay, but that's it.

What I Did Not Like:

This book really made me want to rip some hair out, or launch it to the next country. Of course, there would be no hair-ripping-out, because I LOVE my hair, and I can't launch the book anywhere, because that would involve launching my Kindle, and I NEED my Kindle.

Let's start with Ashtyn. Gosh, I hated her SO MUCH. This book is written in alternating first person - between her and Derek. So... we get her inner monologue A LOT. I enjoyed Derek's (for the most part), but not hers. She is selfish, self-absorbed, self-important, all the "self" adjectives I can think of. It is BRUTAL, reading her train of thought. Everything is about her, and her football, and her football camp, and her boyfriend, and her wanting to be with Derek BUT WAIT. She hates him. Right?

And by the way, what is UP with the football thing?! Okay, to all you feminists, I get it. Women should be able to football with me, blah blah blah. To that, I say WHATEVER. I've always watched football with MEN, and I enjoy the game with MEN. I didn't like the football aspect of the book, because Ashtyn is such a b**** off and on the field, and she makes the sport so pansy in the book.

Again, feminists. I get it. I'm a female too. But I like football... with men. Ashtyn on the men's football team? Weird.

And the football plot was dumb. Ashtyn got picked as team captain. Ashtyn was all mopey because she couldn't go to football camp, but then she could, because it just happened to be in Texas, where Derek is from, and Derek just happened to be summoned to Texas by his grandmother. Ashtyn was bullied and ignored at football camp. You think I feel sorry for her? No, I don't. I still think football - at least on a collegiate/school/professional level - should be played by men. And the football plot was silly. And trivial.

Ashtyn was also annoying because every five seconds she's like, I don't like Derek one bit. But then, she's like, I think I love him and I want him to stop flirting with my friends and other girls, and I want him to love me and care about me and stay. I want him to build his entire life around me and my football. I'm totally allowed to get mad at Derek because he didn't tell me about him being a football prodigy. IT'S TOTALLY OKAY THAT I'M SO SELFISH!

Yup, that's Ashtyn. Queen of denial and complaining and selfishness.

Derek was bad too - in terms of his inner monologue about Ashtyn. Everything was about Ashtyn, and her bossy attitude, and her hot body, and her life problems that made her so strong. WHAT PROBLEMS DOES SHE HAVE?! It's not like she was uprooted from one state to the other! She has zero "grown-up", "tough" issues to deal with AT ALL.

So... I hated the romance, but really because of Ashtyn. She's so controlling and selfish and bossy and she strings Derek along wherever she goes. She blames him when he doesn't tell her things. She gets mad at him ALL THE TIME. Seriously - the bickering NEVER STOPS. It's not even the cute, or chemistry-filled banter. It's like the I-HATE-YOU banter, but you know they are in lust (or love, I guess).


And the ending is so hunky-dory. Derek decides to stay and follow Ashtyn, as always. He starts doing something that he gave up a long time ago FOR ASHTYN. He drags his grandmother with him, FOR ASHTYN. Everything thing is for f****** Ashtyn and her "perfect" self.

Excuse me while I barf. I'm finished.

Would I Recommend It:

No. Not even to Elkeles fans. Don't do it. This book is ridiculous. The romance is ridiculous. It isn't even steamy! Ugh!


1.5 stars -> rounded up to 2 stars. Because I liked Derek. He's a good guy.
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Great Contemporary.... 18 octobre 2013
Par Mother/Gamer/Writer - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/Writer
Rating: 5 out of 5 Controllers
Reviewer: Jennifer

Recently kicked out of boarding school, Derek Fitzpatrick is forced to move back home with his `ditzy' stepmother and her young son while his father serves in the Navy. Things get worse quick when his stepmother Brandi announces that not is she pregnant, but she is moving the family back to her home town of Chicago.

With nowhere else to go, he has no choice but to move in to Brandi's childhood home with her father and younger sister Ashtyn. But Ashtyn has too many things on her mind than to worry about Derek. The only girl on the Freemont High Rebel football team, it's the summer before her senior year and she has just been voted captain of the team. And while this should be the perfect start to her senior year, she can't shake the feeling of guilt that she `stole' it from her teammate and boyfriend Landon. After dealing with an absentee mother and sister along with a neglectful father, Ash has major trust issues and feels like she can't take much more. But when Landon ditches the Rebels for their rivals, she has no choice but to trust Derek.

I was so excited to read this book and Simone definitely didn't let me down. Like all of her books there were so many things to love. Now up until about a month ago, I knew absolutely nothing about football. But the good thing about this book is that even though football plays a pretty big role. It's not overwhelming and even if you know nothing about the sport, you can still follow the story. The one thing I was disappointed about was that there was no epilogue. Maybe I just spoiled after reading the Perfect Chemistry series repeatedly over the last few years that I just expected there to be an epilogue that gave you a looking into Derek and Ashtyn's future. It was a little disappointing to read the entire book just for it to end, but that doesn't take away from the story.

I waited so long for this book that it's a little bitter sweet to be writing the review, and if that doesn't tell you how amazing this story is, I really have nothing else for you. Buy it, read it, love it. I did!!
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