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Women in Prison Triple Feature [Import USA Zone 1]

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  • Format : Dolby, Cinémascope, NTSC, Import
  • Audio : Anglais
  • Région : Région 1 (USA et Canada). Ce DVD ne pourra probablement pas être visualisé en Europe. Plus d'informations sur les formats DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Nombre de disques : 2
  • Studio : Panik House
  • Date de sortie du DVD : 12 juillet 2011
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  • ASIN: B004XIWRW4
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HASH(0x96b17f9c) étoiles sur 5 Good Picture Quality, but Red Heat is an edited version 8 juin 2011
Par Michael Shields - Publié sur
The picture quality on these films is suprisingly good (anamorphic). To my recollection, Chained Heat is uncut, but buyers should be aware that Red Heat is an edited version with the scene between Linda Blair and Sylvia Kristel in the warden's office cut almost completely to remove the nudity & violence.
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HASH(0x96ba43c0) étoiles sur 5 BOOBS BEHIND BARS! 19 juillet 2011
Par The Critic - Publié sur
When I read that Panik House Entertainment was going to release the "Women in Prison" collection with introductions from Mr. Skin I didn't know what to expect. I've heard of Mr. Skin but I don't know anything about Panik House Entertainment or their previous DVD releases, so I took a bit of a chance with this one. Turns out my taking a chance on this DVD release paid off, big time!

Either the prints used for this DVD release were in exceptional condition to begin with or Panik House Entertainment spent some major time, effort and money on remastering them for this release. All three films look and sound amazing, better than any previous versions I've seen and heard before. The first film in this two disc set "Chained Heat" found on disc one is considered the greatest women-in-prison film of all time. It's finally being presented totally uncut and the anamorphic widescreen print used for this newly re-mastered version is absolutely pristine.

The prints used for "Red Heat" and "Jungle Warriors" found on the second disc are equally as impressive. I expected the prints for these three films would be riddled with lines, debris, speckling and really grainy but there definitely not. Fans of these three films will be blown away with the picture and sound quality from Panik House. None of these films will ever win an Oscar for best picture but they will definitely entertain you with the hilarious dialogue and plenty of gratuitous frontal nudity. Did I say plenty of Nudity!

Film Synopsis:

CHAINED HEAT - Carol Henderson (Linda Blair) has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison after accidentally killing a man. Keeping an eye on Carol while she's in the slammer will be the perverted Warden Bacman (John Vernon) who shoots private sex films starring the inmates. Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens) the warden's first in charge also has her eye on the young Carol for different reasons. Last but not least is Erika (Sybil Danning), leader of the cell block and the last person Carol wants to be alone with in the shower. Linda Blair and cult favorite Sybil Danning really heat up the screen in this one. Can you say Nudity!

RED HEAT - It's back to the slammer for Linda Blair and her third film with nudity. Christine Carlson is an American tourist, a woman who witnesses a kidnapping. She's guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing more. After admitting to false charges at the hands of her captors in an effort to be released; Christine is wrongly sentenced to three years in a barbaric East German penitentiary. She is continuously abused by fellow prisoner Sofia (Sylvia Kristel) and her lesbian followers. Escaping this hell hole won't be easy; Christine must fight for her life while her fiancée tries to rescue her.

JUNGLE WARRIORS - Somewhere over a South American country a plane carrying a group of beautiful models is shot down over the jungle. The models are quickly captured, imprisoned and subjected to sadistic torture and rape at the hands of the evil Drug Baron's army and his half sister Angel (Sybil Danning). The women prove they're much more than just pretty faces as they devise a plan to escape. They get their hands on some machine guns and shoot their way to freedom. Hooray!

DVD Special Features Include:
- All films remastered in 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
- Introductions for each film from Mr. Skin
- Chained Heat is presented uncut for the first time in North America
- Video interviews from actresses Stella Stevens and Sybil Danning
- Chapter selections
- Theatrical trailers
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HASH(0x96ba4438) étoiles sur 5 WOMEN IN PRISON. BEST PLACE FOR THEM 17 juin 2011
Par Paul Scott - Publié sur
Achat vérifié

Chained Heat: An innocent young woman winds up in the slammer. It's a bad place.

Women In Prison films run the gambit from artsy exploitation to sadistic crap. The genre was popularized by Jack Hill (Big Doll House) and became a staple of low budget exploitation features worldwide. The top three WIP films, in this reviewer's opinion, are #1) Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion, #2) Bamboo House Of Dolls, and #3) Chained Heat.

Chained Heat wins few points for quality dramatics or biting social commentary, but seldom has such overt sleaze been presented in such an accomplished and enthusiastic presentation. It boasts one of the finest scripts of any WIP feature and an all-star cast of exploitation veterans. It takes the basic elements of the genre and adds suspense, dark humor, and gore to the standard mix of corruption, sex, drugs, shower scenes, rape, and lesbian assault. But most of all, this is a successful dark comedy with a witty script, (mostly) great performances, fast pacing, atmospheric sets, and sleaze galore. Yes, it is over-the-top but still retains it's footing in the [alternate] universe presented. If you're thinking this is in the same league as campy and shoddy eighties product like Reform School Girls, guess again.
Linda Blair was duped into appearing as the protagonist and still maintains that it ruined her career. Perhaps her disdain for the project is what makes her the weak link as she whines her way throughout. It's a tossup over who chews the scenery with wilder abandon, John Vernon or Stella Stevens, and they're given solid support by Sybil Danning and Henry Silva. Exploitation regulars Louisa Moritz and Edy Williams appear, as does Irwin Keyes in a `blink and miss' cameo as a chauffeur. The standout, though, is Tamara Dobson in her best baddass sista role next to Cleopatra Jones and the Casino Of Gold. Many of the supporting cast are quite memorable and obviously relish their roles, with only a few being memorably bad.

The DVD:

The visual and audio is exceptional, with no discernible damage. The widescreen matting looks proper, and even the dark cellar scenes are quite clear with no grain. The audio is far superior to the noisy Vestron VHS. This version includes extensions of most of the nude scenes and significantly ups the `Mr. Skin' rating, but nothing here really affects the dramatics of the story. There are two brief cuts, one extraneous and unnecessary (the needle injection), but another that changes the dynamics of the entire movie. In the pre-credits sequence a female prisoner attempts escape and is shot to death. The fact that she was shot in the back, and more importantly who did so, affects the viewer's regard for that character and anyone closely associated with her, and that is what was cut.
SPOILER ALERT - it was Ann Day (Butterfly) as Harriet.

Red Heat: An innocent woman is taken captive with a female agent and spirited away to interrogation. She is forced to confess as a C.I.A. agent and is incarcerated within a hostile prison population. Her fiancée had just thrown her a spit ball, and doesn't know what to think of her disappearance.

When Linda Blair signed onto Chained Heat, she thought it was a serious prison drama in the vein of Caged (1950). Her next WIP film shows her getting exactly that. The first 30 minutes is all setup that mostly features Linda sinking her chops into meaty domestic drama. In Chained Heat she went from naive submissiveness to enlightened determination. Here she begins self-assured and assertive and winds up the instigator and inspiration of a rebellious faction in the cell block. Her performance here is miles better than in Chained Heat. Though imprisoned in the WIP genre this is an impressive attempt to resurrect her career and escape typecasting. Too bad it didn't work.

This film is a serious and grim portrayal of Iron Curtain prisons. Sylvia Kristel is the trustee of the block and leader of the lesbian gang. Members have face tattoos, and rule with an iron fist. When events turn tragic, the `good' prisoners become defiant. Meanwhile, Linda's fiancée [a dead ringer for Saturday Night Fever era John Travolta] never relents in his attempts to find her.

The DVD:

The presentation exhibits more grain than Chained Heat, but is another very nice anamorphic widescreen effort. The conclusion is very dark, but that is obviously by design, and the viewer participates in the chaos of combat. A Linda Blair rape scene has been cut.

Jungle Warriors: A fashion designer takes his models on a shoot in an exotic local despite warnings to the contrary.

Not really a WIP film, this plays like a television movie of the week for the most part. The headliners walk through their parts, and it's a blessing when Marjoe Gortner (Star Crash)gets killed. His gory death is where the film starts to pick up steam, but it still flounders around quite a bit. In the conclusion to Red Heat you can't see who gets killed; here you can but you just don't care [we're supposed to root for the women by default]. There is enough over-the-top graphic violence to make the whole thing worth watching one time. My favorite scene plays like a match between Hercules Hernandez versus Gorilla Monsoon with lots of broken chairs and tables, even the old breakaway glass bottle.

The DVD:

Widescreen anamorphic with heavy grain, this one appears to actually be uncut.

Extras - Chained Heat gets two interview segments with Stella Stevens and Sybil Danning. Both fondly remember the production and have interesting tidbits to share. Both are quite charming and it's pleasant to visit with them. The trailers for the three features are provided, along with Mr. Skin promo spots.

Chained Heat is essential viewing, and Red Heat is a good prison drama, just not as much fun. Jungle Warriors is okay, but it certainly is grand to see the Panik House logo one more time.

Review written by Carroll Jenkins of 10,000 Bullets Web Site.
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HASH(0x96ba45a0) étoiles sur 5 Vestron Video VHS vs. Panik House vs. VSC DVD Releases 25 août 2012
Par Mr Doug Gordon - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Having seen the '80s Vestron Video VHS release of "Chained Heat" countless times over the years, I was happy to see this Drive-In Cult Classic finally released on DVD. I'll give the 'cons' first, then followed by the 'pros' of the Panik House release of this movie. First off, the manufacturing of the discs is questionable. The 2 DVDs, Disc 1 containing "Chained Heat" and Disc 2 containing "Red Heat" and "Jungle Warriors" that I received, had bubbling of the clear plastic around the center hole of each disc, this indicates sloppy replicating to me. For the picture quality, this movie always had a dark & grimey atmosphere to it...also, boom mics showing in some scenes-as per the Vestron Video release. In this Panik House and the VSC release, the boom mics are gone, but the illumination is a lot brighter on the Panik House release, causing the colours to look washed-out. The VSC DVD release exceeds in picture quality for the illumination brightness and it looks more natural. The colour quality is vibrant and clear, even though the VSC release is the 88 min cable TV edited version. This is kinda funny to me, I've haven't seen this movie aired on commercial, specialty or on Pay TV movie channels in the past. Now for the 'pros'; Panik House has utilized the original artwork for all 3 movies offered on the cover and on the discs, which is a nice touch. All movies are presented in widescreen. They are also offering the 98 min version of "Chained Heat", which was originally released in Europe and is a first for DVD audiences in North America...this point is an area of grey for me. The additional 2 mins don't add anything to story of "Chained Heat", it just drives home the fact that this prison is a hell-hole, which we all know from the opening scene of this film. The extended attack scene in "Chained Heat" crossed the line from being a funny & campy "sleazeploitation" flick to a raunchy borderline porno. For my personal taste, I would have been happy to see the 96 min US version, which is what I'm accustomed to viewing. There is no commentary from Linda Blair on the Panik House release, but this is an added feature on the VSC DVD set. This point indicates to me indicates that Linda Blair doesn't endorse the unedited version and gives an added value and endorsement to the VSC release, which is the first initial release of this movie on DVD. On a final note, the sound is good on the Panik House disc, compared to the Vestron VHS version, but is not as detailed as on the VSC DVD release. On the Vestron VHS version, the sound fluctuated throughout the movie. It was OK in HI-FI mode, but on a mono VCR, the sound was really bad. Both the Panik House and VSC versions have leveled out the audio, so this is a vast improvement for each DVD version. In conclusion, I've decided to go with the VSC release of this disc. Even though the brutal violence & graphic attack scenes are edited out, they have still kept the action aspect of this film intact. On an added note, "Red Heat" in this Panik House set is 4 minutes longer in duration than the VSC release. Not sure about "Jungle Warriors"-tried watching this movie, which I haven't heard of before, but couldn't get past the horrible singing at the beginning. The only good thing I could see about "Jungle Warriors" is that movie trailer is humourous. It's up to you. If watching/owning movies that are unedited or you have seen the unedited European version throughout the years, then the Panik House release would be a good choice. If you don't prefer to watch movies where you're constantly bombarded with non-stop violence, then I'd keep well away from the Panik House release.
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HASH(0x96ba4900) étoiles sur 5 red heat with linda blair 12 février 2012
Par disappointed - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
the movie was cut, that is , scenes were deleted that were in the original version
,, and that's a reacurring theme with movies originally were distributed on Video Tape now distributed on disk / DVD.

A cut up version sucks. :(
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