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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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Can't imagine any more plaudits that could possibly be heaped upon the always excellent Dick Hill. He has been named both a Golden Voice and a Voice of the Century by AudioFile magazine, and is a three time winner of the Audie Award. It goes without saying that he's in great demand not only by audio book publishers, but also by discerning listeners who look for his name on an audio edition.

With experience as a stage actor and writer Hill has been the voice of Jack Reacher from the beginning with his narration of the 1997 Killing Floor. There's no other way to say it - he is the voice of Reacher, totally inhabiting this character's persona. And, that's not an easy task considering the scrapes Reacher gets into.

WORTH DYING FOR takes us deep into Nebraska (although Reacher is headed for Virginia to meet Susan). Nonetheless, as luck, fate, and the fellow from whom he hitched a ride would have it he's dropped off in a small corn country town with one motel.

Things take an immediate turn for not any better when he runs into a drunk doctor in the motel bar. He agrees to drive the M.D. to a home to treat a woman's broken nose. When Reacher finds out how her nose suffered such a calamity, of course, he decides to teach her husband a lesson.

Gallant but not a very good idea because this puts Reacher up against some mean, powerful men, the Duncans, who run the town and its cowed citizenry. As it turns out the Duncans also have some folks to fear, and there is the decades old case of a missing child.

Virginia and Susan will just have to wait - if Reacher gets out of Nebraska alive.

- Gail Cooke
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le 29 octobre 2011
This reader does not know if Lee Child is a popular writer in France. He annoyed some readers by ending his masterpiece "61 Hours" with `to be continued'. In this sequel, nothing about this adventure is mentioned, except for Jack Reacher (JR)'s severe muscle stress and pain in arms and shoulders from his narrow escape from a deep WW II underground storage facility in South Dakota at the very beginning.
Thumbing his way to Virginia, JR overnights in a motel in a remote Nebraska county long terrorized by the Duncan family who run a transport company. For decades they have monopolized moving crops to market, charging crippling fees. In the first 100 pages, JR dispatches three of their 10 ex-American football player enforcers and bodyguards to hospital and lengthy rehabilitation. But why is so much muscle needed for a seasonal job? The Duncans are bleeding the county's farmers white, but surely they must have another line of business, source of income? How else can they afford year-round protection?
The Duncans soon prove to be part of a long supply chain involved in the import and trade in forbidden items or controlled substances into the USA, moved further south by other criminal gangs. What the substance is, is for readers to find out. But a delayed shipment's arrival from Canada attracts three pairs of out of state criminal gang enforcers to rural Nebraska. They are Italian, Arab and Iranian.
JR is at his best in this book, outpunching and outsmarting his direct opponents, relying on logic, induction, deduction, probability and combat experience. He also slowly solves the disappearance, 25 years earlier, of the adopted 8-year old daughter of the woman who cooks him a solid breakfast when he is forced to go on the run in flat, cold, thinly-populated Nebraska. Fabulous piece of writing, every word and sentence in the right place.
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le 15 mars 2012
He was on his way to meet Susan, somewhere in Virginia, but we shall never see her in the story. His name is Reacher, a heroic character, some lonesome road man trotter, with as main moral qualities his courage, a sense of responsibility, human understanding. His physical qualities : his strength,and his talent in fighting. His intellectual qualities : fast and logical reasoning. He'll give proof of these qualities in a lost place in Nebraska, on his way, where he meets with a bunch of mean characters, a family sticking together and terrorizing the county people all around. Step by step, search after search, fight after fight, he will discover the tragedy of a mother, whose little daughter disappeared mysteriously about 30 years ago. (A mystery the reader is lead to discover). Reacher's leitmotiv is "human nature", and indeed, he stands for a very humane figure in the narration, yet with superhuman features!
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le 26 février 2013
Now and again (usually when I run out of new sci-fi to read) I take a break and dive into the occasional thriller. I’ve read a few Jack Reacher stories and mostly enjoyed all of them but the second in the series (Die Trying) always stood way above the others. That was until I read this one. Reacher is his usual self doing his usual righting-wrongs thing in his usual even-handedly violent way but the narrative is in no way trite or overly formulaic. Yes, it’s shallow easy reading and not even slightly cerebral or thought provoking, but the break-neck pace and gripping plot makes for an almost un-put-down-able read; brilliant stuff.
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le 15 mai 2012
Toujours le même Jack Reacher. On se lasse de ses prouesses. Quoiqu'il arrive on sait "qu'il s'en tirera". Psychologie réduite à sa plus simple expression. Les méchants sont gros et incultes, et viennent de tous les pays du monde. Reacher est le seul intelligent. Les armes sont décrites avec plus de détail.
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le 25 octobre 2014
Couldn't put this book down. A really good read. Jack Reacher is at his very best. As addictive as ever.
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