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Your Brain Is God (Classic Reprint) (Anglais) Broché – 29 juin 2012

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Broché, 29 juin 2012
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Your Brainb God by Timothy Leary ISBN: 1-57951 052 3C opyright 1988 by Timothy Leary Copyright 2001 by Futique Trust Published by RONIN Pub Ushing, I nc. POB ox 522 Berkeley, CA 94701 www. roninpub. com All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the Futique Trust or Ronin Publishing, except for inclusion of brief quotes in a review. Editor: Beverly Potter Cover art: Stevee Postman Cover design: Judy July, Generic Typography Printer: Bertelsmann Printed in the United States of America Distributed by Publishers Group West Library of Congress Card Number -2001118555 Material in the book previously published in Changing M? Mind A mong Others by Timothy Leary.
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About the Publisher

Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.

Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text. Read books online for free at www.forgottenbooks.org

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Four months after my being fired from Harvard University the Association of Lutherans Psychologists. Lire la première page
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HASH(0x8f9f1780) étoiles sur 5 Philosophy through confrontation with oneself... 1 janvier 2005
Par Takis Tz. - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
As substance induced psychedelia became almost a sweeping religion in the 60s certain great minds emerged that tried to conceptualise the goings on of that era and form them into new philosophies made of an amalgam of Eastern teachings, ancient western cosmotheories and modern realisations.

Among the many in that effort was T.Leary. Most of his books are known to the lay public as nothing more than acid-promotion but the truth is that they are excellent philosophical endeavours of the trippiest kind.

"Your brain is god" is a primary example of that. Allthough a mere 100 pages it summarises emphatically the vision those 60s luminaries had for ourselves. To realise that we are, or can be, gods. A much misunderstood concept to be sure, but one that has enormous merit in it not in an anthropocentric sense but more from a "know thyself" point of view.

Knowing thyself is of course no simple matter (if it were we wouldnt be on the verge of self-extinction). There have been many approaches and many philosophies over the eons that have tried to accomplish just that with various degrees of success. Leary came to that "field" through the confrontation with one's one brain that certain substances can provoke. His realisations might not sound like new discoveries to those few that are well philosophy-broken but his style and his way of formulating his beliefs are almost inimitable.

There's more to be taken from this book of Leary's than from many other bulky tomes that well known philosophers have written. Because, make no mistake here, he was unquestionably a philosopher and a darn good one. Leary has a way of condensing things in a modern 20th century type of way that will intrigue even the more focus-challenged out there.

My favorite quote from this book, is one that you can write a whole new book about in itself:
"...the smarter you become the smarter your world becomes".

A great "lil" book for those that are never content with the number of doors opened in their minds.

One objection that some might have is the later chapters of the book when Leary is basically giving out methodology on the use of acid. This is the time he comes from and this is the path he used. This though, does in no way mean that he promotes it as an absolute path. Life isnt one street. It would anyway be totally hypocritical of him to omit those chapters when he was known as the acid-guru. You should simply concentrate on taking out what's valuable for you, whatever that might be. And there's a lot of that here.
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HASH(0x8f9f17d4) étoiles sur 5 A mind-opening read. 28 septembre 2009
Par Anthony Tran - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
To understand "Your Brain is God" it is helpful to know a little about the author. Timothy Leary was a controversial figure of his time. He was a part of the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research Project to study the effects and uses of powerful brain-change chemicals on humans. LSD was the tool. He was expelled from Harvard. He later was convicted of possession of marijuana and facing 20 years for less than an ounce of marijuana. It seems a stiff penalty for the crime, but then he was once labeled the most dangerous man in America. He was "dangerous" not for anything he did but for his "spreading his ideas" that may have had some influence on the counterculture movement of the 1960's and 1970's. His most famous phrase was " turn on, tune in, drop out".

"Your Brain is God" is his summa theology. Prior to 1966, LSD was legal for scientific research. But it was generally not widely accepted in the scientific community to embrace with such mind changing chemicals. Brain-activating drugs expose people to powerful mind-blowing experiences that shatter conventional ideas about reality. Leary stated that "the brain has replaced the genitals as the forbidden organ that must not be touch or turned on by the owners." After decided that the scientific approach was not the prudent way due to the strong taboo against brain-change, his group decided to turn back to the East, turn to religion as the basis for continuing the experimentation. After all, there is freedom of Religion in the 1st Amendment. LSD is his protected sacrament. LSD was later declared illegal even in religious settings.

"Your Brain Is God", is a do it yourself, style of theology. But this new religion "was to be no kneeling down, no dogmas, no holy men, no followers no church, no public worship and no financial offering." Scientific Paganism is the concept his new religion named The League for Spiritual Discovery. God is defined in terms of the technologies involved in creating the universe and the eight stages of evolution-called the Eight Crafts of God. This self determining theology was rooted in the premise that: "Control your own brain, be your own Divinity, make your own world, live out your own highest vision."

So why was mind expanding chemicals considered so dangerous, while mind numbing medications like Prozac and Valium prescribed on a daily basis? Starting in kindergarten, whenever a kid is deemed curious or energetic, Ritalin is prescribed to fix that. Society, in general, and government has always impose conformity to status quo. From the moment you are born, you are expected to follow a preset of pattern considered acceptable to social norms. You go to schools for a number of years, you get and hold a job, you collect Social Security and then you die. Leary was very astute when he said "many a Newton and Einstein has lived and died in dumb cultures that could not provide the vulnerable brain with the levels of symbol complexity required(p.30). Our current education system succeeded in creating a class of unthinking automatons capable of holding a job and be good obedient government subjects but nothing more. This book makes me wonder since LSD is nontoxic and non addictive, why was so much negative propaganda surround the chemical. Does it really fry your brain or does it, according to Leary, activate brain illumination? What have I missed?

The book really got me thinking about human consciousness, the amazing capabilities of the brain, what are the truths. Not too long ago, the truth is that the Earth is the center of the universe. What are the truths now? How are they going to change in the future? The book is an amazing read, I had to read it twice to really get the finer points. A must read for anyone who like to stop and smell the roses once in a while. The actual book, however, is poorly made. Ronin Publishing, Inc. did a poor job editing this book. There are many misspelled words. The pages started to come apart the moment you open the book. I now have to have a rubber band to hold all the pages together. If you are one of those fortunate one with a Kindle, get the Kindle version.
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HASH(0x8f9f1ab0) étoiles sur 5 Liberation is The Freedom from Mental Conceptual Redundancy 28 septembre 2004
Par R. Schwartz - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
A new science, with new practitioners - the psychedelic guides, having the profound opportunity and evolutionary significance of literally transforming humanity, changing the consciousness of social, cultural, environmental, linguistic and neurological patterns that inhibit humanity towards higher levels of awareness and being are briefly stated in this book. This was, and still is, revolutionary towards the beneficial growth of human development. What a sad document of fearful conditioned man to have rejected the science in this book, reverting back to simplistic, fundamental and dangerously limited snapshots of reality, each believing their "truths" as absolutes.

Apparently, there is a short time period as an infant only for many species, or both infant and early childhood for humans, which then ends shortly, permanently imprinting the human's social and cultural frame of mind through linguistics for the remainder of their lives. Experiments with birds and the immediate introduction towards a human, or even a ping-pong ball, causes the bird to search for this parental ideal the remainder of their lives. As humans we are subject to the attempt to the ideals that were first exposed to us in early childhood, attempting to get as close to that model for the remainder of our lives. Anotherwards we all take a still snapshot on reality, forever freezing our interpretation on what otherwise is a moving transient reality.

With psychedelics, there is an opening again as in infancy and early childhood where a person can perceive the moving essence of reality outside our snapshot of imprinted mindset, our still schematic, and see the moving, multifaceted reality in its many different levels, through more than one of the chakras, where one then reimprints their minds with new perceptions of reality and refocuses on previous chessboard structures, thus re-entry into society with much broader and wider perceptive capabilities with significant healing properties that are extremely beneficial.

I am moved by Leary's Galilean venture into the neurological areas of subjective experience, experiential awareness to cellular memories, DNA communication of evolutionary and primordial psychological areas. To venture beyond the grasp of conditioned minds, outside the held structures into a transient moving reality, areas of non-communicative being. It is here Leary introduces a few of the psychedelic prayers of a previous book, moving symbols in language for the lysergitized conscious.

On page 48: "It is crucial philosophic importance to understand that neurology, genetics, and quantum physics are all - in their separate narrow vectors into the future - coming to understand that evolving human intelligence is apparently designed to shape the universe, to navigate the process of evolution, and to fabricate the structure of personal reality. All modern sciences accept that pay respect to the subjectivity of the experience."

"To understand that your are designed to be God-the-Universe-Creator, you must first grasp the implication of the Heisenberg principle of determinacy - abjectly, cravenly, primitively called indeterminacy. Heisenberg's wonderful, liberating discovery states that the scientist determines the nature of experiment. Modern quantum physics is currently producing scenarios involving multiple realities, indeed, infinite universe, determined by the attitudes and mental structures and measurements of the observer. Prominent and distinguished physicists have actually suggested that the universe which we measure with our instruments is a production of our thought."

On pages 66-67: "Liberation is the nervous system devoid of mental conceptual redundancy. The mind in its conditioned state, limited to words and ego games, is continuously in thought-formation activity. The nervous system in a state of quiescence, alert, awake but not active, is comparable to what Buddhists call the highest state of dhyana or deep meditation. The conscious recognition of the Clear Light induces an ecstatic condition of consciousness such as saints and mystics of the West have called illumination."

On page 86: "The "turned on" person realizes that every action is a reflection of where s/he is at. The "turned on" person knows his world is created by his consciousness-existing only because s/he has arranged his sensory and neural cameras to shoot these particular scenes. His movements, dress, grooming, room, house, the neighborhood in which s/he lives, are exact external replicas of his state of consciousness. If the outside environment doesn't harmonize with his state of mind, s/he knows that s/he must move gracefully to get in tune.

This book touches on the ego-loss, preparing for a session, the use of the Tibetan book of the dead and the non-religious symbols of Taoism, LSD as a Sacrament and our dropping out of the chessboard games, turning on to our neurological divnity, and tuning into our divinity, making our environment, our place of dwelling, our clothes, our walk, our talk - our psyche divine, flowing and "beautiful."
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HASH(0x8f9f1fd8) étoiles sur 5 The Truth Shall Set You Free! 19 février 2012
Par Moises Halifax - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
The awakened one, you see, is not a sleeper, like you and me, he's not a teacher; let alone a preacher; neither a prophet nor looking to profit. He isn't a snake, or an obvious fake; he is awake!

One day, Timothy Leary, realised through judicious use of the Brama O Mamma Matrix, that in every human being there slumber faculties in which he or she can attain the higher yoga awareness; the realisation that God resides not in the clouds; but behind your eyelids. This sounded good to Tim and, dare I say it, it should sound good to you too! Why, didn't you know that the God behind your eyelids makes you yourself God almighty? Yes, you! And, all you need to do is to switch those faculties on, and off you go!

Erwin Schrodinger, the father of quantum physics, believed, no, he knew this; and this is why he would finish his lectures by declaring to the local Church congregation, "Hence I am God Almighty", and he ended up winning the Nobel prize (though not for thinking that he was God, I am happy to say). We cannot all be Professor Schrödinger, that is, we cannot all remember who we are. So rather than being a fast track to enlightenment, the Brahma O Mamma Matrix is really a fast track to remembrance; which is the same thing!

What is it that needs remembering? How about the fact that this life you are living now is not merely an isolated piece of the universe, but in a certain sense your awareness is the whole of the ocean of the universe poured into your tiny little skull! It is only that, the way an ant can never know the forest but only the leaf, this whole cannot be surveyed in a single glance that you believe yourself to be an isolated blip on the canvas. In reality the almighty awareness is looking out of your eye-sockets; the awareness was there before Adam and will be there when the body rots; yes, you! You cannot remember this because your monkey brain can no way cope with the cosmic consciousness, just like an Amiga 500 computer would struggle to play a low resolution web page; but when you fall asleep and have one of those intensely weird dreams; this is your consciousness re-connecting with the higher reservoir of awareness and just because you can't remember, it doesn't mean that it is untrue. So what, you can't remember that you are the God, others have remembered for us, others like Nisargadatta Maharaj, the Neo of India and, of course, the Buddha. So why, don't you know, that you are what is inside your head, therefore if God is inside your head, then you are that, or you are God. Come on, say it, 'I am that! I am that, or translated into Sanskrit, 'Tat Tvam Asi'.

Why can't we remember then! The Buddha supplies a clue, you see, in some traditions of Buddhism, Nirvana and Samsara are the same thing. In English this just means that you and I are in the God-head, right now! The only reason that we cannot see this is that a thick blanket has been placed over our eyes. This blanket syndrome is called 'avidya'. Avidya blankets are thicker on some people than on others, enlightenment is when the curtain is lifted, and you can see what is being the great veil, just like Dorothy saw behind in the Wizard of Oz's curtain. Thick people then, are in avidya and so this is why that bloke you know down the road is a bit thick; because he is blinded by the veil of ignorance.

I have introduced necessary jargon in here and specialists will be angry that I am mixing my jargon like an inexperienced kid mixes his drinks. So ' Tat Tvam Asi is from the Hindu Adviata tradition and 'avidya' and 'thick blankets' are obviously from the Buddhist tradition. However, Adviata and Mahayana are to my mind very similar, because both founders probably arm wrestled each other in person, they lived in the same time is what I mean and we are not dogmatic ideologues and so we can use both concepts of emptiness, God Almighty and blankets, and even though mixing is an unwise move, it is still fun. Therefore, so the ideologues do not get so mad, I have coined the term Brahma O Mamma Matrix, to avoid the foot stamping.

So this Brahma O Mamma Matrix is my wording for the ancient doctrine of Tat-Tvam-Asi, or as I call it, the Brahma O Mamma Matrix. What is 'that'? God! Lunacy? Maybe. I'm sure that to Western ears, you being God Almighty sounds like lunacy, but to the holy men of the East, and a few ancient Greeks, we are all God Almighty. If you cannot accept your spark of divinity, then tell me; is this not a better way of seeing yourself? What other way is there, now that the God above, who hung the stars like lamps in heaven, is dead? You being God Almighty sure beats the sh't out of the Douglas Adams' rubbish universe and you being The Almighty is a far more sophisticated an idea than the other guy being God Almighty, the man, the boss, the God out there in the material world. Before all that, you stand. It is only that they have told you are otherwise, that your life capsizes and then life becomes a problem. By radically accepting, you can think that you are God Almighty, just for a minute, rather than the other guy thinking you are not. The other guy feeds off your fears and your desires, so don't (overly) desire and don't fear, observe your surroundings; the guy is not in the room with you now. Your body is always present, your mind is not. Your mind is somewhere else. Take back your mind!

Jesus said "behold, the Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke, 17-21).

You are God Almighty and you being that is not a confession of lunacy; we mean something before lunacy. This book is not about lunacy; thank God, instead, like Timothy Leary and many others, it will break open your head, to reach the God inside; an optimistic viewpoint if there ever was one.

People may ask, why is this God Almighty silliness a more sophisticated idea than the other God almighty silliness? The reason being is simple; the Abrahamic view of God falls into puerile monotheism very easily. There is an old man in the sky, apparently, who, to use Milton's term, guides the flight of every atom and the fall of every leaf. A child of nine can knock that one over; someone go fetch a child of nine! This is silly, not only is this idea a pathetic weaker sister to Richard Dawkins' version of how things operate, but the idea of a personal God, handing out laws like candy, infantilises the individual, making us all docile, to bleed away the heart and to hollow out head; leaving a sheep in the place of God. The majority of our brothers and sisters follow this silliness and this silly idea is the ammunition that is fattening Richard Dawkins' already fat bank account. Let us fatten our skinny bank accounts instead!

The other idea of God, the Brama O Mamma Matrix idea, is less easy to knock over because it puts you back in the cockpit of life, where life is no longer a problem, and it is by far the more sophisticated of the contenders to ontology. You being God Almighty is especially good at breaking the shackles of reductionist science and the cult of technology; indeed, Eastern wisdom guided Erwin Schrodinger and Albert Einstein, out of reductionist materialism and all right thinking people go for this clever idea. No wonder Erwin Schrodinger would finish his lectures by declaring his divinity to that bemused Christian audience! This is the doctrine of 'tan tvam asi, or 'I am that', lunacy, maybe, but in the East, we are all God Almighty.

Before we go on, I would like to insert a quick caveat, concerning my use of an ancient Vedic Indian word. Timothy Leary was once accused of elitism because Tat Tvam Asi originated in elitist India, however, he was not promoting a new cult of elitism, because the all in one doctrine can be uploaded into our modern cybernetic language to mean that all sentient beings are plugged into the Brahma O Mamma Matrix, and so we are all the God-Head, all of the time; just like we are all connected to the internet, all of the time. Sure, there are millions online with different intellects and different personalities, but this doesn't exclude the truth that we are all God Almighty. Now, historically, the priest caste was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the many, to claim that only they themselves had access to the truth and, in later Vedic history, the Brahmin caste anointed themselves as lords of the clouds. It is harder to trick the many today; though they are still trying!

The argument for the Brahmin monopoly was that there was a downside to the God behind your eyelids business (Tat Tvam Asi); this is the fact that only the smartest can peel away the cobwebs of this world to grasp what is meant. It was argued that that the philosophical lightness of tat Tat Tvam Asi won't float to the surface with the majority of the world. The communication of ideas, the Brahmin's argued, requires a similitude of thought and language: the lightness of Tat Tvam Asi can only be held in the head of the sophisticate, as the discourse of a philosopher would vibrate without effect on the ear of the peasant. It is true that the Upanishads are full of beautiful parables that argue at the miniscule nature of the human intellect, when compared with an infinite mind. Even the intellect of the genius can only comprehend a mere drop from the ocean. Better then, that the majority are fed the man in the sky version of God or to slavishly follow leaders; as historically, they have always done so and always will. Let them have monotheism, if you like.

Monotheism is Tat Tvam Asi for the masses, they argue, because it requires faith rather over thinking and a preference for entropy over living. What is monotheism? With the crackling of whips, the gnashing of teeth and the laying on of hands, monotheism is the automatic for the people version of spiritualism; yes, and sadly, it is the messy business of civilisation that this is the case and the messiness is the reason why the lightness of Tat-Tvam-Asi will never float above the flotsam of humanity. This was the old argument and this was the script and I think you would agree that it was a very gloomy script. This pessimism has little place in our time because, like I motioned just above, the Brahma O Mamma Matrix I within all of us and so we should be optimistic about being God.

Here is another reason to be optimistic, and it doesn't involve lunacy or mental gymnastics, like standing on your head for a dozen years. We said above that the kingdom is within, or that we are all connected to the Brahma O Mamma Matrix. This means that we don't need to seek purpose outside of ourselves. This is a good start and this goodness can be our standing ground, for now. Now when you turn off the lights at night and slumber in the kingdom, rather than in the electric box of scientific ontology, you can feel better for being in the world.

You see, the philosopher of science, Robert Anton Wilson, said that we only really have two choices when we get out of bed in the morning. We can choose to be pessimists or we can choose to be optimists; there is no third way. It truly is that simple, it really is, but most people don't get it because thay are so bogged down in their life situation, they become what they experience; a dark cloud replaces the sunshine for these people, and they end up believing that the storm is reality and the cleverer ones even become nihilistic in character. Lost souls always choose pessimism and the more rational choose nihilism, all of the time. Wilson, on the other hand, chose babbling optimism, all of the time and so shall I. Optimism is the best way of seeing the world because we do have a choice, which is the point, isn't it?

So this is why I am choosing optimism and I would rather write about being God Almighty than the trendier, and easier, moaning about materialism and science and the darkening of colour that these ontologies cause in our lives, and, to add to this moaning, also the way intelligent people choose a nihilists picture, instead recognising the God inside; you get the picture, I hope. I am not belittling the nihilists because, well if we are honest, most people see the world as a machinery of hell, with little purpose but to war, die and to ruin even that!

I once suffered from insomnia for years and this twilight state of mind revealed the monstrous nature of everything and thus laid the emotional and philosophical foundation for my exquisite rambling on the God inside; and so would you, if you couldn't sleep.

Most insomniacs never get past the hurdle and so they become nihilists. They say that the monstrosity of existence is a reflection of something deeper. They say it is truer to the human condition to write about the black. To clap about optimism, like a clapping seal, or getting all wet and hot over science, like a silly schoolgirl, is not the way to live. SO nihilism is a useful tool to see behind the curtain of idiocy This is true. However, rather than inviting nihilism, the strangest of strange guests at our door, we can hitch a ride of the Brahma O Mamma Matrix instead.

The optimistic world view will never deliver on the promise, so say the nihilists. The darkening of colour that optimism causes in our lives only adds to our despair. Work for that mortgage and you work on your mausoleum. Intelligent people choose optimism instead of recognising the fragile foundation inside.

I too once saw the world as a machinery of hell, and the person, limited in time and space, a gasp of pain between birth and death; can never be happy in hell. Our world is a big cruel mistress with a whip; the conditions of her arising make happiness impossible. Life is fragile and insecure, with little purpose but to be born, gasp and die. But what of salvation?

The shattered God still dwells in the ruins; but He is a ghost who is never to be taken seriously again because no one believes in him anymore, like Father Christmas, a skeleton of stones amongst the ruins of the world. History confirms the evil, so say those who preach the Cogito Ergo Glum philosophy, and science argues that we are all empty space anyway, or biological robots and, to paraphrase Marc Antony, optimists have neither the wit, nor the words, or action, nor utterance, nor the power of speech, to stir men's blood. Choose nihilism, she is full of meaning. Life has no meaning. Wow!

This is why I try to respect the position of these realists and I cannot get through to them anyway, and if I did try, my efforts would get me tainted with the Oprah Winfrey brush; a canvas populated by charlatans and seers. Herman Hesse, the mystically inclined novelist, said that the average person "prefers comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to the deathly inner consuming fire." In other words, the average person prefers pre-packaged TV dinner spiritualism, from the shelves of the spiritual supermarket. The safe, decaffeinated, spiritual supermarket is a feeding ground for the theatricalities of the guru machine; this is bad. The guru machine is even worse than organised religion because, at least religion produced fancy architecture and J S Bach.

I will now quote a charlatan, who Leary admired but this doesn't mean Leary was one too (I think). But before I do that, I would like to make clear that when I criticise science, it is science as ontology that is meant. Scientific ontology is the idea that science is an all-encompassing behemoth, with its priests and popes, working towards the Omega point that will explain the meaning of life, in a few years from now. This is a fantasy. I am in no way criticising the scientific method. The scientific method is sound, obviously, and criticising that would be lunacy; rather, I am criticising scientific materialism; there is a huge difference. Simply put, what most people think of when they hear the word science, it the meaning of life bit, rather than a fancy tool for moving matter around. We can choose to think either version, because we can, you know, we have that choice. So back to the charlatan I mentioned above.

There is a grain of truth in the chicanery of the seers, otherwise, how do con artists prosper? All you need is a straight face and balls of steal. You wouldn't succeed if you adopt honesty and there is one particular seer, who may have been a charlatan but who also had a huge intellect and I like huge intellects. Genius' reach parts others cannot, you see. I have in mind the radical mystical drug addict, Aleister Crowley. Crowley once said that "We place no reliance on virgin or pigeon. Our method is science, our aim is religion." What could he mean? Well Crowley knew that science was a method, rather than ontology and so he thought that, one day, the method world open the gates to the occult world. Now fast forward 100 years or so and, to cut a long story short, chemistry, rather than quantum physics or genetic theory, has opened a slit into another place and so the escape from nihilism is a membrane away. Hurrah! Aleister Crowley wrote those lines decades ago, about science leading to the religion. Crowley was an occultist and would probably have used that word 'ocultism', if it rhymed in his poem. I prefer the word religion because the word means reverence or wonderment, rather than the Lord of the Rings trappings of `occult', with its images of pointy nosed gremlins and black wizards. The word occult is scary too.

The Brama O Mama Matrix is shielded away by from those without ears to hear and, as I shall explain below, the deaf are lost in the aisles of the spiritual supermarket and they will not be open to the good news; they are Oprah's children, rather than free spirits, and Oprahism, being Oprah Winfrey's cash cow, is also Tat Tvam Asi for the masses, we will leave them to one side for now. What I shall write about is the truer, more sparkler antidote to our spiritually broken lives; an antidote that doesn't involve self-help fads or a shrinking bank balance. The feeling of immediate awareness is more important than reading books and believing experts and so I shall begin from here; rather than over there. Over there is abstraction and unconformable rumour. Starting from here means we'll explore the God within, a true experience, by the way, it only needs to be articulated first. Luckily for us, it has been articulated and this is why I write!

Before we proceed however, I will like to make one thing clear. Timothy Leary avoids the type of academic back-woodsman ship that demands only cautionary and balanced statements, every statement backed by a footnote. Instead, he gives a free-wheeling vent to his opinions and judgements, and so shall I. I have chosen this style because Tim showed me this style, in his style, and I suppose that the baton has been passed from generation to generation, throughout the ages. This is for my sanity, and hopefully, yours too and so I make no apologies for many passages being in the style of a polemic, because the polemic is a form of therapy, my therapy, and the higher therapy is something we should all aspire to. This sort of therapy, I hope, will benefit the reader and reach the parts Simon Cowell and Oprah cannot reach. This is why I picked up this old Indo-European idea of `Tat Tvam Asi, not just because it sounds good, but, as I mentioned above, most mystics came to this idea independently of each other, throughout history, and chemistry now allows a verification of this ancient Vedic philosophy. Not only does Tat-Tvam-Asi come with less baggage, it is full of meaning, God and science have little meaning. The word God shuts down the mind, meaning cannot do this; meaning opens the mind, to the spiritual.

Timothy Leary's ideas will make you feel better about being here; they really will. Special relativity won't do this to you and neither will Barak Obama. This is the higher happiness, not in a Prozac way, but in a concrete way. People mix up happiness with euphoria, but euphoria is canned happiness; concrete happiness is the real happiness because it lays foundations that stick like cement. Once the teaching sticks, it sticks forever, you see. Prozac won't get you there and neither will book buying or watching the Discovery Channel; only experience will get you to the place; experience, you already know, is the opposite to reading or believing in experts or leaders. Have you ever met an expert or have you ever been made happy by reading a book, but happiness that sticks? Even science, the mete-theory of our age, the theory that they promised would have us living in luxury condos on the Moon by the year 2000, fails to light the way and touch the human condition, because it is not a direct experience. Science as God isn't therapeutic because it will never creat purpose in your life; it will drain purpose instead. Most people read popular scienctific magazines just to kill boredom, I know I did! Genes and atoms and quasar this and Higgs particles that; these ideas leave little room for questions like; what is life all about? Look at it this way, in ignoring the inner God, scientific ontology is offering a death wish, but in high definition, this is worse than you being God Almighty.

What I mean is, we can ponder God, LSD, and string theory and neutrinos and ghosts, without ever witnessing or experiencing these things. Who's ever seen a quark or a tensor equation of the third degree or a self transforming machine elf? I certainly haven't. Equations are not our experience and this is why we quickly forget that what we have been told, because all we ever know is our own experience. These questions pre-date narcissism anyway and, as I shall explain below, smarter people have trodden this path. I only stumbled upon this path by ignoring the never-ending chatter of tongues and swords and the crackling of flames bellowing out of the organs of mass culture. Instead, I took the advice of Socrates and accepted that I knew nothing; this is when the real wisdom begins.

Moises Pittounikos, author of DMT Spirit: A requiem to Terence McKenna, ayahuasca and the afterlife.
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HASH(0x96d5300c) étoiles sur 5 A Rorschach Test using Literature and the Images of the Mind for the Institutionalized Being 12 août 2009
Par D.R.Thomas - Publié sur Amazon.com
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"I had awakened from a long ontological sleep...[E]very subsequent brain-opening has awed me with philosophic-scientific revelations as convincing as the first experience" (Page 8). This is Leary's reference to his first trial of a psychoactive substance which he described as "brain-activation-illumination" (Page 8). I do not think I could have explained it better myself. I will not say that these substances are the empiricism of ontology/spirituality, but they should be included in your repertoire. The first time I experienced an entheogen I quite literally was "awakened from a long ontological sleep". These substances allow one to vet the contents of its own mind and experience this essence through the personal datum that is stored in its brain from a very unique perspective that cannot be experienced any other way, there is nothing that one can do in life to replicate this. For anyone who may contend with this idea I simply give the caveat that Terrence McKenna ardently expressed as directions for the use of these substances, "Turn off the radio. Turn off the television. Sit in a dark room. Sit down. Shut up. Pay attention." Do not defile these experiences by taking them for social recreation. Through this admonition you will find a revelatory experience, not just about life in general, but even more so about you, the entity that is harnessed in that vessel that you call a body. There are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of plants/mushrooms that can kill us, there are millions of plants that revitalize and nourish the body, but there are only a very infinitesimal fraction of plant and mushroom life that we can ingest that induces these ecstatic states; in the words of Terrence McKenna, "What do you make of this?" If nothing, so be it, if something, bring back your perspective of your sojourn in these realms. It seems to me, and is self evident, especially with the nature of endogenous DMT, that our somatic cells tailored our chemistry and parts of our physiology to the chemicals in these plants/mushrooms, or, on the hand of contention, one could be reserved to say that it is a "fluke" of nature-the mystic in me just will not ascribe that these are inadvertent syntheses of accord. (***I realize that Leary is an advocate for the use of LSD, but I am weary of anything that man synthesizes for ingestion, even if it is considered relatively benign. I would rather stay the course that our indigenous tribes have bequeathed to us through hundreds/thousands of years of use with all natural substances; this definitely deserves a seal of organic approval, but that is just me.)

The only aversion I have to the book is the title itself. Your brain is not God, the Mind is God, and the brain is just an instrument that taps into that source. As Jiddu Krishnamurti conveys so passionately, there is One Mind, no individual. Now, my personal perception of the Mind, is that it is the totality of all the energy that is exerted in the Universe and the cells have tapped into it utilizing the most advanced technology in the Universe, the human body and its brain, and in harmony with this essence it does not exist without human thought to convey that idea into Physical Reality, in other words we create the essence, so we are the essence, and it does not exist without us. The Universe is Anthropocentric; call this hubris or egoism, but none of this matters if we are all dead and there remain not even vestiges of man, unless there are other sentient beings out there to learn from, divulge our own understanding of ontology and/or to hand the baton of vetting the Universe to ensure the continuity of this endeavor. In summary, the 50 trillion cells that we are invented a way to tap into this essence and calibrate that energy into six and half billion specific subjective points on Earth, and in consummation with the datum that the brain stores there is the illusion of individuality. With the reference to this essence that most call God/Gods, we are the creatures that have the most graphic relationship with it and also culture it during our life time; therefore, we sculpt it and mold it until our death, and, by my interpretation at the moment, upon the death of our body our energy/spirit is transferred into that essence to sway it even more vividly. Unfortunately, the Masses of the population are just drones of the Institutionalization that we had had to erect to maintain Progress, which is a necessary evil, and really never achieve anything worth value to Society and the Universe except labor. They go to and fro mechanically adhering to the Program that has been constructed and never truly realize their individual Divinity and their potential to sculpt human culture and in turn the essence that we tap into.

Aside from the essence and harmony of the Mind and the Brain, I do concur with Leary that we are the Gods, each human being occupies a very specific and unique void in the space-time continuum that will never be experienced again; this is the ONLY thing that is impossible in this Universe. The power of conglomerating our efforts through civilization is that we have the time to create advanced technology, and this technology is that which renders to us our OBVIOUS divinity. One individual is capable of creating the most novel invention of advanced technology, they just need the time, and time is given to them by the Social Machine. Also, the only competition we have for gods, are our ancient myths, these challenge us and we feel subordinated by them, so externally we feel that we are inferior to something that our mind projects, this is why we continue to endeavor to Create even more; essentially, there really is no competition for the human race, we are divine intelligence, the culmination of the Imagination of the Universe, we just make stupid and atrocious decisions at times. The "God vs. Devil" perennial myth is evident in our actions, and that equates to "Good vs. Evil", with the omission of one letter (the "o" in God) and the addition of another (the "d" in Devil). In the words of Leary himself, "Geneticist [are to accomplish] the routine tasks of divinity - create life, improve life, attain immortality (Page 41). Organisms equipped with nervous systems capable of attaining higher altitudes, velocities, and communication systems, eventually allow lifepods to blow off the planet, like seed blossoms, and thus disseminate Gaia around the galaxy (Page 44). [H]uman intelligence is [obviously] designed to shape the Universe, to navigate the process of evolution, and fabricate the structure of personal reality (Page 48). Recombinant engineering allows humans to create new life forms, to correct malfunctioning genes, to clone, to effect DNA repair, to understand and manage the genetic signals which cause aging and death (Page 46)."

Thank God Totalitarian Christian Fundamentalism did not poison the minds of our Founding Fathers, had they been, they would have never realized and granted us the freedom of Religion, Speech and Press. This book, along with Leary's audio, video and other literature is a testament to the power and importance of free speech, while the subject of utilizing "drugs", I prefer entheogens (at least for the naturally occurring substances), is a very taboo subject, even more emphatically when it is coming from an individual who has a level of reverence for the possibilities and potentialities through utilizing these substances with interlaced espousal of reTHINKING/reEVALUATING the whole establishment and "order" of the Social Machine along with all of its facets, Political-Economic-Religious-Education.

The depth of this book, at least as I experienced it, and the execution of reading is a test to sobriety without a substance, intoxication will ensue! While some may satire this as a metaphor as Mindless Beguile of intoxication, my intentions are to say that the book definitely caused me to think beyond the current measure of my inferior conception of reality. Out of this very short 106 page book I have recorded twenty five pages of notes, quotes and subsequent thoughts. Had I not been born prior to the death of Leary I would have to indeed identify the belief that I was a reincarnation of him, just simply due to how parallel and abundant our thoughts are identical from my intuitive feelings prior to coming into knowledge of Leary and his work. Out of the mentors (Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ron Paul and Aubrey de Grey...at current) I have decided to take highest level of resonance with from various facets our Societies, both present and past, Leary is at the top of the list.
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