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Your Power to Create (Anglais) Lecteur digital à contenu audio pré-chargé – 1 septembre 2009

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Lecteur digital à contenu audio pré-chargé, 1 septembre 2009
EUR 42,81
EUR 42,81

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If you can get past her ranting and raving and yelling 4 mars 2007
Par Shezarose - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
First of all I too have followed Myss for years but she is so self-righteous and condescending that it makes it VERY difficult to listen to her. One more CD of her ranting and rageing at her audience. She always sounds so angry and sarcastic.

I find it very sad that Myss who has an incredible understanding and depth and is amazing when it comes to teaching the Truths of the Universe feels she has to abuse people verbally in order to teach. I must say she lost me on this one as I was so distracted with her continuous yelling that I coundn't hear what she was teaching.

I have given this alot of thought and have come to the conclusion that she is actually yelling at herself in hopes SHE will GET what she is teaching under the guise of teaching others. I hope she gets it soon so she can eventually put out an audio that is respectful of her audience and stop projecting her anger and rage onto them.

Some people say she is taking off the gloves, and refer to her rousing ways... I say "the emperor has no clothes on." They can call it whatever they want but verbal abuse is verbal abuse.

I have found that I do much better with reading her books. I have friends who refuse to listen to her tapes or read her books anymore. This audio almost put me in their camp but I have decided to stay with her books however, after hearing so many of her audios I can sometimes still hear her condescention, shaming and sarcasm but not to the same degree.

I believe in Truth wherever I find it and so I brace myself whenever I listen to a Myss tape and try albeit not easy to ignore her persona and be open to the Truth that comes through her. I must admit it was more difficult this time then usual. This is one CD set I could have lived without and one other thing, in addition to the verbal abuse most of what she talked about is on many of her other audios. So for you Myss supporters and those of you who just discovered her ... know that if you can get past her sarcastic and condescending delivery she teaches great truths, and shares her understandings and excellent insights.
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Moving Your Cosmic Compass 11 janvier 2007
Par Janet Boyer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
"The reason people sabotage is because they don't want their life to change. They don't want to work so hard. You want the power to create IF it doesn't cost anything. You want a god to change everything around you, but you don't have to change a thing. That's why the `power to create' doesn't work for them: they're undisciplined. They can't follow the guidance to walk 20 minutes a day, but they'll try to heal a major illness." - From CD 2

The idea that we can create anything we want is hugely popular in Self Help and New Age circles. The Law of Attraction is discussed on talk shows like Larry King Live and The Ellen Degeneres Show, while DVD's like What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret fly off the shelves at the same speedy rate as the Abraham/Hicks material.

In her new CD series Your Power to Create, medical intuitive Caroline Myss says that although the notion that we could create anything permeates our culture right now, it hasn't always been the case. So when was the idea that we can create anything we want first downloaded in human consciousness? According to Myss, it was when Oppenheimer and his gang first split the atom. We were gleeful and proud that we found another way to destroy life. However, since the pendulum swings towards balance, the thirst for death was met with a passion for life. A gush of light from on high rained down on humanity with China invading Tibet in 1959, resulting in the exile of the Dalai Lama, and in 1962 during Vatican II. The East came to the West, and the West entered the East.

This 2 CD series covers the five stages of creation--from Revolution to Revelation--as well as the chakra correlation for the last several decades. For example, 7th Chakra guidance came through in the 1960's, which moved to the 6th Chakra, blowing the back door off the unconscious (drug culture, Jung, dream analysis, music, etc.) and starting a revolution. Myss says that if we discovered the Self in the 70's (therapy, introspection, victim consciousness, etc.) then we cashed in on it in the 80's--a time where healing centers became spas. Instead of evolving into *mystical* narcissism in the 90's, we remain stuck in the 80's earth-based narcissism enamored with vanity and "stuff" that ceases to be of service to other. In fact, Myss says that when she sees people suffering, it's precisely because they can't "get out of the 80's.

Although the world is degenerating rapidly, notes Myss, the good news is that beginning of the new millennium is the "decade of mysticism" where we need to cooperate with God, tenaciously follow the soul's guidance, and become fearless "mystics without monasteries".

Some of the fascinating wisdom shared in Your Power to Create includes:

* How to work with the alchemical principle of creation and why the power to perceive and respond to Guidance is crucial

* What shifts our personal compass and why we avoid it

* The definition of Mystical Narcissism and how it differs from Earth Narcissism

* How to fly under the radar and create a "Mystical Shield" for creation

* The role of mental discipline, fearlessness, and self respect

* Magnetizing a soul mate and what needs to be released when trying to create in terms of relationships

* Money and the fear of being humiliated--and why the New Age currently lacks a "financial backbone"

* Why clarity about what is required for you to be happy--and putting language to what you want--matters, and which archetype shows up as soon as you do

* How intuitive irritants like "I need to clean out my closet" can actually be profound, important Guidance

As always, Myss delivers her practical wisdom with forcefulness and humor. Her outrageous sassiness in Your Power to Create is downright hilarious at times, especially when she rips on vain New Agers who report exotic past lives (you know, the ones that either took place in Atlantis or among the pyramids)--wondering why no one seems to die in the suburbs. She delivers some real zingers--"Healing is not a crime scene. You don't figure out who caused the disease, solve the crime, and then get healed"--that reveal profound, usable insights. If you're wanting to know how to work *with* the alchemical principle of creation rather than against it, Your Power to Create gives you the tools you need--but it's ultimately up to you to apply them with awareness and diligence.

Janet Boyer, author of The Back in Time Tarot Book: Picture the Past, Experience the Cards, Understand the Present (coming Fall 2008 from Hampton Roads Publishing)
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Conflicted! 8 septembre 2007
Par Meredith Jordan - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I suspect I am one of many Myss fans who experiences an essential conflict every time I listen to one of her CDs. To my dismay, I find this conflict more prominent in this new CD than in her earlier CDs. I deeply respect her brilliance and her intelligent-inquiry approach to many issues where present day spiritual teachers infantalize both the student and the teaching itself. Myss treats her listeners/readers as if we are also intelligent persons capable of grasping complex constructs. For this, I thank her for how she has helped my own and others' spiritual growth.

However, someone needs to take this brilliant woman by the hand and lead her to her own mirror. Much of her presentation is shrill, shaming, and lacking in compassion. She whines at others for whining! None of us can be perfect, and surely she deserves our compassion for her imperfections. At the same time, her work would have so much more power to impact those who are open to her teachings if she toned down the anger with which she presents, or at least honested up about why she's so shrill and angry at
those who don't yet see the world as she does.
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Revolting Narcissistic Sad Little Person 21 avril 2007
Par Dorothy L. Baumer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I made the huge mistake of wasting my time and money on this CD set. She has absolutely no clue regarding the 'law of attraction' and her judgmental, 'you are pathetic and I'm wonderful' attitude was enough to make ask for my money back. I thought of destroying the CD's because like watching a slasher film I don't think they're good for anyone but I simply don't want her receiving any royalties for the garbage she's handing out as truth. If you are interested in something uplifting and something that will teach you about "Your Power To Create" please look elsewhere.
22 internautes sur 25 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Truth Without Compassion is Brutality 24 octobre 2007
Par Growth is Optional - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I usually don't give written reviews since I believe that we all react to things according to where we are in life. However after listening to Your Power to Create, I find myself packing it up in it's neat little box for a refund.

The title for my review has been my mantra for the past several years and I found myself repeating it as I was listening to Ms. Myss' attempt to educate. I agree that there may be times, and there may be people whom will need a strong talking down to, but to put out a 2 1/2 hour cd of attacks and berating to the general public, and one that is paying for her materials, is not only arrogant but hypocritical!

Arrogant, because she speaks as if she were the final word on matters of Spirit and Personal Growth. She comes across as if only she (and maybe Deepak, whome she refers to on a first name basis) have attained that level of growth and spiritual maturity that makes her the quintessential leader for the "stupid" people. In listening to this particular CD set I didn't feel as if she were speaking to an equal, a partner in this spiritual sharing and growth. I didn't feel as if she respected my intelligence nor the possibility that I may reach the same conclusions she already has. I didn't feel this was an act of service from her 7th chakra, to quote her Invisible Acts of Power. I didn't feel loving guidance coming from this cd. Hell, I didn't even feel knowledge coming from this cd set- I only felt this was a 2 1/2 hour scolding! She seems to have forgotten she was just a teeny, tiny speck on a teeny, tiny planet in this huge universe. Who is she to stand judgement on other teeny, tiny specks that are in the same teeny, tiny planet she lives on? (quoting this CD)

Hypocritical, because in this scolding she defends her right to profit off these teachings. Now, I don't begrudge her income; however, I find it amusing to hear how she calls people stupid for needing rituals and candles and new age belief systems while her website is chuck full of those very same items for sale for the very same purposes she judges so vehemently. What she teaches IS a new age belief system. And they are not cheap, either! I would also point out that in her teachings she critisizes people for allowing themselves to be abused and yet her discourse is nothing but abusive.

I would offer that being vulnerable takes more back bone (quote from this CD) than being so agressive with your message. Caroline Myss, grow yourself a back bone!

This cd was playing in my living room where my whole family listened and I must say that I was not the only one to feel the negativity coming from Caroline's Your Power to Create. My companion has been ranting for the past hour on how negative this cd was, what a waste of time and money it was, and how this woman must be in a dire need for a vacation from her patients, her touring and her life. He felt the cd was not empowering nor educational but rather insulting and demeaning, particularly since we don't purchase these types of books/cds as a jump on the bandwagon, but to actually listen to them and process the information. He says he could have had more spiritual growth and empowerment from an AA meeting and a cup of coffee and suggests that maybe Ms. Myss should visit a 12 step group- CODA is a good one to start with.

I doubt Caroline looks at these reviews, but if she should, I hope she learns that although we cannot please everyone, there may be a grain of truth in what is being said: the attitude Caroline Myss demonstrated in this cd was revolting. The message was lost in the struggle to ignore her angry ranting.

I wish her growth- just not on my dime.
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