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English speakers living in France and using Amazon.fr

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Publié le 2 nov. 11 08:43:42 GMT+01:00
Thanks Chicki,

I repeat, we need to kickstart the French (English) KIndle community, for that, what better than good, amusing, *cheap* books.

This is what I originally wrote
" I'd like to start a thread here for well-written and amusing English books under 3 euros. "

Publié le 2 nov. 11 18:59:25 GMT+01:00
willie wit dit:
Aloha folks !
I have a fun `smallstories` blog - short, sharp, and surprising.


The contents of which can be found in my blook Twenty Tiny Tales A sale in France may well catapult me to the top of the short stories charts... hehe.
I also have a very popular kindle blog filled with useful add ons that can improve your kindle use greatly - heading for it`s 10,000th hit tonight !




Publié le 4 nov. 11 13:47:24 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 17 déc. 11 23:20:51 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 4 nov. 11 14:02:50 GMT+01:00
Hi Rocky, - a mild reproach, you did already mention Luke Banderloft and the McFarven Pirates - there I've plugged it again! What I find strange is how little activity there is over here. I guess it's early days but you would have thought there would be 1) more general French kindle action 2) more English in France action. There are a lot of retired Brits for example over here, one assumes with time on their hands, ideal for kindling...!

Publié le 4 nov. 11 17:22:07 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 17 déc. 11 23:20:54 GMT+01:00]

En réponse à un message antérieur du 4 nov. 11 19:37:47 GMT+01:00
Book Worm dit:
You are probably right Rocky... They must be shipping the new 'froggy' Kindle in hundreds (I wish them), they should put a mention of the 'discussion' in the package.
Meanwhile, its up to us to do the job :)

Publié le 5 nov. 11 01:13:25 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 17 déc. 11 23:21:01 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 6 nov. 11 17:39:57 GMT+01:00
Book Worm dit:
have we been heard ???
99 English books at .99¤ offer open for two weeks on Amazon !

Publié le 6 nov. 11 20:01:43 GMT+01:00
they sent out emails to every single amazon.fr customer, so I think you have

I just wouldn't expect a huge increase in sales from France as most of the french I know prefer to read in french

En réponse à un message antérieur du 7 nov. 11 15:44:52 GMT+01:00
I have just transferred from .com to .fr. There does'nt seem to be any problems. Its just your account that is moved, your books remain with you. Hope that helps.

Publié le 7 nov. 11 18:53:06 GMT+01:00
merci beaucoup

Publié le 7 nov. 11 20:28:19 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 8 nov. 11 08:33:24 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 7 nov. 11 23:53:24 GMT+01:00
T. Bosse dit:
An American in Paris - hey, a good title for a book? Here is one English book that might fit your interest at a good price too. See what you think.

The Unveiling of the Trinity

Publié le 8 nov. 11 07:38:41 GMT+01:00
I wonder if it's possible to have one thread, just one, for english speakers that does not contain promotions?


En réponse à un message antérieur du 8 nov. 11 15:17:36 GMT+01:00
Book Worm dit:
Good move Atal, 'promoters, please open your own thread...
It is disagreable to have all discussions poluted by self promotion.
per se we don't mind being informed of your works but not out of context.

Publié le 9 nov. 11 07:49:28 GMT+01:00
I completely agree. Tout a fait d'accord

Publié le 11 nov. 11 09:51:10 GMT+01:00
History of Tom Jones, a Foundling is such great entertainment, a real evocation of 18th century life, quite long and you have to get used to the language - but it's free. I saw it recommended over on amazon.co.uk the other day - I'm still reading it and really enjoying it.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 11 nov. 11 10:18:28 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par l'auteur le 5 janv. 12 11:01:47 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 11 nov. 11 11:22:18 GMT+01:00
Book Worm dit:
Hello Anne,
sorry for intruding,
I am an Australian/Swiss living in Burgundy too and just bought the Kindle...
Plenty of ressources for Kindle around outside Amazon, I have started a thread 'ressources for kindle' elsewhere on the forum, several sites like the Gutenberg project, propose free books in English ans on this forum several English authors propose their books at attractive prices !

Publié le 11 nov. 11 12:39:23 GMT+01:00
You are not intruding at all Book Worm, and thank you for the gutenberg information, I will look on there too. I don't know if you do the same, but I go to look for things, get distracted, off at another tangent, this kindle ebook world is amazing. I will go to look at your thread now and, hopefully if I don't get distracted to somewhere else, will explore your sites with their free books. By the way saw a thread about offers of free books by well known authors, but it seems to be time limited then it goes up to normal price. Will try to explore that also and report back here - oh so much to do and so little time!!!

Publié le 11 nov. 11 12:45:35 GMT+01:00
Hi Anne and Bookworm, I agree. There are so many resources, once you have the little device in your hand! I have been telling my friends too, I have to say I'm not getting a commission! It does seem that if 2011 was the year of the e-book explosion in US and UK, it could well be the same in France in 2012

Publié le 11 nov. 11 19:06:36 GMT+01:00
I haven't seen any on the metro or the trains yet - I'll know it's arrived when I see the first one

however, I am starting to get the occasional question about mine, especially since I have a "skin" on it

Publié le 12 nov. 11 10:05:37 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 12 nov. 11 10:06:14 GMT+01:00
whew, think I may have figured out how to change my "name"

oOOo, and it's retroactive too

En réponse à un message antérieur du 12 nov. 11 12:14:03 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par l'auteur le 5 janv. 12 11:02:18 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 12 nov. 11 13:11:14 GMT+01:00
I'm waiting to see one on my daily commute (lots of people reading, but no kindles so far), then I'll know it's "arrived"

I did have a nice chat with a gentleman in a radiologist's waiting office about mine - he seemed pretty interested as did the women who was obviously listening to our conversation (and likely laughing at my french)
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