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Publié le 16 nov. 11 18:31:27 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 17 déc. 11 23:21:33 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 17 nov. 11 08:09:09 GMT+01:00
most of the french I see reading read either classics (literatuer) or romans (mysteries)

Publié le 17 nov. 11 18:26:51 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hello everyone - will join the club as soon as I get mine for Xmas - have been waiting impatiently for the French version to come along as same problem as already mentioned i.e. no English bank account so can't use a UK one - I was worried that there would be a much smaller number of books available than the international version (or English version) Those who have been using the French one can they let us know if all the books available for the UK kindle (I mean recent /bestsellers etc not a rare title from years back) are available at about the same price for the French kindle and at the same time ?
Would love to have good- reads book lists as I tend to spend ages trawling through amazon uk looking for something to read in bed! Have just read State of Wonder (not under 3¤ sorry!) by Anne Patchett which I really enjoyed .
I'm in Auvergne by the way

Publié le 17 nov. 11 21:08:38 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 17 nov. 11 21:12:32 GMT+01:00
Hi Caro, I am sure you will be very happy with your kindle for Christmas. I can reassure you that all the titles available in the UK can be sourced through Amazon.fr and of course the important bit, paid for with our french bank cards. As to price comparison I am just resigned to having to think in Euros as I am not sure if conversion is good or bad. I have just downloaded Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton 5.49Euros which I think is a very good price. I really enjoyed her 1st novel Sisters and that is 5.99Euros. Started Early - Took the Dog by Kate Atkinson is also a very good novel - that was 6.71.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 17 nov. 11 21:11:24 GMT+01:00
Yes Burgundy St., New Orleans counts - lol

Publié le 17 nov. 11 21:50:58 GMT+01:00
I have a feeling that all the amazon books reside in one place and it's just our accesses that are configured differently depending on our locations - however, I could be wrong on this, but it does make sense as a business model

Publié le 21 nov. 11 16:31:01 GMT+01:00

Yes I think that is how it works

En réponse à un message antérieur du 21 nov. 11 21:40:03 GMT+01:00
sue dit:
I have a Kindle, works great for English books in France. If you get a Kindle, get one with a keyboard.

Publié le 22 nov. 11 09:43:49 GMT+01:00
I just went to the amazon.de site and saw that they offer the keyboard there for 159 euros - wonder why amazon.fr doesn't?

has anyone bought the small kindle - does it actually connect to the internet in any useful manner? I went at looked at one at the Virgin store, but they didn't have it connected via wifi, so I couldn't tell

Publié le 23 nov. 11 17:00:45 GMT+01:00
Hi CBR, do you mean the basic Kindle? If so, yes the wi-fi downloading is excellent, but it's not for browsing

Publié le 23 nov. 11 17:16:09 GMT+01:00
but it says: WebKit-Based Browser
Kindle features an experimental web browser based on WebKit to provide a better web browsing experience. Now it's easier than ever to find the information you're looking for right from your Kindle. Experimental web browsing is free.

and my K2 will look up stuff on wikipedia (it's under experimental on the menu) using a browser - unfortunately the demo version in the Virgin store wasn't hooked up to wifi, so it was impossible to test that functionality

Publié le 25 nov. 11 17:13:28 GMT+01:00
I'm re-reading Gulliver's Travels: Retold from the Jonathan Swift original (Classic StartsTM). It's free.

Publié le 26 nov. 11 01:03:05 GMT+01:00
ooo, I saw on the kindle in Virgin that it does have wikipedia search & google search under the search menu, but it wasn't hooked up to wifi so I couldn't tell if it worked or not

Publié le 26 nov. 11 17:18:28 GMT+01:00
yep, the experimental browser goes to google, wikipedia and who knows where else

it's incredibly clunky, though

Publié le 9 déc. 11 19:13:23 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 10 déc. 11 04:03:41 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 11 déc. 11 14:44:15 GMT+01:00
Finished Gulliver, now reading The Unbearable Bassington again

Publié le 13 déc. 11 08:01:39 GMT+01:00
yes the browser is not really for "heavy duty"

Publié le 14 déc. 11 07:25:21 GMT+01:00
Jerry dit:
For your holidays, how about an armchair visit to Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, and Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay? For less than 3 Euros The Ambivalent Corpse (Crime and Pun Is Meant) is available as a Kindle E-book from Amazon. This fast paced and entertaining mystery book has garnered four 4-star reviews thus far on Amazon.

If Uruguay doesn't satisfy all of those travel urges, then you can also visit Salta in Northwest Argentina for my earlier South American mystery novel The Empanada Affair now available as a 0.93 Euro Kindle E-book on Amazon. This is the first book in this series.

Publié le 17 déc. 11 09:20:18 GMT+01:00
For today only amazon france have Julia Child's My life in France for ,99 cents.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 17 déc. 11 21:04:54 GMT+01:00
I really enjoyed "julia child - my life in France"

Publié le 17 déc. 11 21:09:07 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 17 déc. 11 21:09:44 GMT+01:00
The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 1 Boule de Suif and Other Stories Good evening. Sorry to intrude, but have just found your excellent new forum. I wish you well in general and in creating a small island of resources for English readers :) Hopefully I have inserted a link to the free works of Guy de Maupassant. You have all probably heard of him, but he was a revelation to me. Tales of French and Parisian gentlefolk around the Napoleonic era. I believe his complete works are available as free downloads - or a collected works for about 3 euro.

Not wishing to outstay my welcome, I bid you adieu and a safe and enjoyable holiday :) CW.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 18 déc. 11 08:30:35 GMT+01:00
Hello Britgirl, I saw the movie with Meryl Streep and found her portrayal of Julie Child "strange".

Publié le 18 déc. 11 08:37:57 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 18 déc. 11 08:39:55 GMT+01:00
Bien venue CW, I like the plays of Guy de Maupassant which as you have probably seen are often on France 3. Have not read any of his books yet so thank you for the info re downloads. So many books to read and so little time. Hope you and everyone else who reads this forum has a good Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Publié le 18 déc. 11 09:18:18 GMT+01:00
Just downloaded CW's recommendation The Works of Guy de Maupassant Vol 1 and was pleasantly surprised to see it is in English, which is a bonus. I do read French but it is a slower process.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 18 déc. 11 20:48:26 GMT+01:00
@Mme AE: I am afraid my French is about as good as my cooking skills so yes I would only dare point to English versions of books :)

I am not sure if it of interest to your readers, but there is a simple process to add the current catalogue of Project Gutenberg onto your kindle. (PG was set up to digitise out of copyright books. It currently has around 33,000 books listed. Most are simple Optical Scans of books so can be fair/poor in formatting and presentation)

If you want to use Gutenberg (one day I will spell it right) a lot, the easiest thing is to go to the experimental web browser on the Kindle and type in:


(It needs the capital letters as per the above link)

Hit the enter key (when connected via wifi or 3g) and a book called Magic Catalogue will appear on your home page.

It lists every book they currently have. Use the 5-way button to navigate to any of the book titles and click. Voila, you have that book on your Kindle.

1 - These are all out of copyright (Europe) books;
2 - They are not held as Amazon books so do not become part of your archive. If you delete them they are deleted.
3 - There is no charge from Gutenburg or from Amazon. Even if the book format is not a desirable quality it may allow you to sample the work enough to decide whether to buy a better quality ebook version.

If this information is already available on the forum please accept my apologies for repetition.

(Usual error is Error404 - This happens if you do not use the Capital "M" and capital "C" in the link noted above.) Very best wishes, CW.
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