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English speakers living in France and using Amazon.fr

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Publié le 19 déc. 11 13:30:01 GMT+01:00
Thanks for that info CW - I did have a look at the Gutenberg site and found it interesting for a future exploration. I also had a quick look at WH Smith's Kobo site in the hope I will become technologically clever enough to combine it all at some time in the future. Best wishes for the festive season.

Publié le 24 déc. 11 13:51:29 GMT+01:00
I would like to recommend Birthright

What if the next stage of evolution was caused by the oversight of man and what if that oversight was a simple medical mistake?

Raine Donnelly is born three months premature by emergency surgery after his critically injured mother is admitted to the hospital, having been the victim of a drunk driver though her early expectant state is not discovered until after a series of x-rays are performed to assess the nature and extent of her injuries.

Now as an adult, Raine knows about none of this and lives a quiet, functional and strictly routine life in Colorado though his life begins to spiral hopelessly out of control as he begins to have blackouts and believes he's hallucinating. He also starts to have the most dastardly effect on electrical equipment as for whatever reason, machines malfunction or short out completely when he gets anywhere near them while he's upset or confused.

His doctor thinks he may have a brain tumor and insists on further testing though that may prove somewhat difficult when a nameless and faceless someone keeps trying to put bullet holes in him and when he meets the wife and children about whom he has no memory, his life becomes even more complicated, partially because his wife is furious at him because she's thought him dead for three years.

Now, drawing on all his courage and what little understanding he can piece together with the help of his wife, Raine must unravel the mystery of his past and discover and accept who and what he is without getting he and his family killed.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 29 déc. 11 20:48:48 GMT+01:00
Hello. I never saw the movie but the book was very entertaining. I think j child certainly had a lot of drive...it also gives an interesting insight into France in the years after ww2.
To come back to the post, I recommend A Portrait of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde) and The Turn of the Screw (Henry James)- both free!

En réponse à un message antérieur du 30 déc. 11 20:39:44 GMT+01:00
How great, I am french and years ago spent a year in boarding school, and was quite often at the college library and discoverd Oscar Wilde and Henry James, how nice they are free

Publié le 30 déc. 11 21:15:48 GMT+01:00

** Fin de la Promotion de vacances Année **

Téléchargez votre exemplaire gratuit de la The God Complex, un ensemble nouveau thriller à Prague
qui prend le lecteur dans un manège à sensation DaVinci-style à travers la médecine chinoise.

Lorsque: Décembre 30 - 31
Où: The God Complex

(Google Translate)


** Holiday End of Year Promotion **

Download your free copy of The God Complex, a new thriller set in Prague
that takes readers on a DaVinci-style thrill ride through Chinese medicine.

When: December 30 - 31st
Where: The God Complex


Malheureusement, je ne parle pas français. Cependant, je peux vous assurer que mon anglais est bien meilleur que mon français :o)

Publié le 31 déc. 11 10:49:37 GMT+01:00
Today the special ebook offer for kindle is Remains of the Day 0,99 I saw the film with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson which was excellent and will look forward to the book. Hope everyone had a lovely Chrismas and I wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Publié le 1 janv. 12 16:04:40 GMT+01:00
Of course you don't need a kindle to download eBooks. I live in Brazil and buying a kindle would be too costly so I downloaded the app form a book page for Kindle to computer. It's not the same, but it is free.

Amnesia of the Heart FREE ONE DAY ONLY 01/01/2012
Paranormal- Romance-Thriller

If you miss this offer,Where There's a Will, Theres a War (Short story) is FREE all the time

Publié le 2 janv. 12 10:03:41 GMT+01:00
You are right of course Declan, I have the Kobo app on my laptop although I do prefer the lightness and "user friendliness" of my kindle, but as you say if the price or geography is a deterrent then thank goodness for books on ordinateurs.

Publié le 4 janv. 12 10:11:16 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 4 janv. 12 10:17:57 GMT+01:00
Twenty Tiny Tales by Willie Wit ,freebie, has good reviews on uk site. I find it easier to research on uk site then back to fr site, enter in search box title or author then one can download book on french kindle - viola
Ooops just went to buy it and it is in fact Euro 0,89 here forgot about the taxes!!

En réponse à un message antérieur du 4 janv. 12 11:19:42 GMT+01:00
No, you don't - and I have already tried their customer service which is as good and helpful as on amazon.com. No, I don't work for them!

Publié le 4 janv. 12 14:15:58 GMT+01:00
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
Dee and Michael Reese have been married for two years. They have a loving, passionate marriage, are raising a beautiful toddler, are actively involved in their church and are successfully managing two businesses.

But their perfect life is unraveling at the seams.

Can Dee's marriage survive the ultimate betrayal? And will Michael pay for this betrayal with his life?

Thank you.

Chicki Brown

En réponse à un message antérieur du 4 janv. 12 14:32:39 GMT+01:00
Not a problem : because i did a transfer from amazon.fr to amazon.com and all archived books stay in my account

Publié le 4 janv. 12 21:44:30 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par l'auteur le 5 janv. 12 12:24:15 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 5 janv. 12 06:14:44 GMT+01:00
I think we got the point in your first message already, Josh.

Publié le 5 janv. 12 07:06:21 GMT+01:00
MystereK dit:
Hi Josh Randall, beware ! there is a new bounty hunter in town and he doesn't like spammers.

Publié le 5 janv. 12 12:25:46 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par l'auteur le 9 janv. 12 11:54:16 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 6 janv. 12 06:14:33 GMT+01:00
Jerry dit:
Do we have any mystery lovers on this site? If yes then I invite you to try a new mystery novel set in exotic Uruguay and the surrounding countries. The dismembered body of a young woman is discovered in Montevideo, Uruguay. Who did he brutal murder, and why? The Ambivalent Corpse (Crime and Pun Is Meant) is now available with all of the answers on Amazon Kindle. This fast paced mystery has plenty of action, atmosphere, and sense of place. The book has garnered multiple four 4-star reviews on Amazon.

Publié le 12 janv. 12 21:04:51 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Just thought I would pop in and say hello. I am English and live in Burgundy. I got my Kindle as a christmas present (from Amazon.fr). I think it is the best thing since the wheel! Every day I browse Amazon.fr for kindle books, sadly I have to admit to only buying books in English! I am impressed with the amount of books that I have managed to find for free or for around ¤0.99. I read all kinds of books, I am a complete book addict. I love the fact that when my eyes get tired, I can adjust the font size and carry on reading. Also love being able to hold the Kindle in one hand, turn the page and don't have to put the wineglass down! I look forward to discussing books etc with everyone.

Publié le 13 janv. 12 08:45:51 GMT+01:00
Hello Julie, did you see yesterday's offer of the day The Other Boleyn Girl for E0.99? I read this a couple of years ago and it is a really enjoyable book. Yes I love my kindle also for the same reasons you put here!! I have just read Crow Lake by Mary Lawson and also highly recommend her book The Other Side of the Bridge. Richard and Judy also have there list for 2012 out and ALL of them look good, however I will wait till the prices come down a little!!

En réponse à un message antérieur du 13 janv. 12 12:15:20 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hi Julie
I'm English and in Auvergne and received my kindle for Xmas too ! Can't put it down and have been filling it up with books at 0.99 - most of the ones on offer for one day only and am enjoying them immensely. I did wonder if they might be "duds" as they're so cheap but I've been agreeably surprised do far but I do read the reviews of the book form first even so as I'm set to spending 30¤ a month otherwise! I didn't get the Boleyn book as I read quite a lot of bad reviews over historical inexactitude and and bad writing even though many seemed to love it but at the moment I"'m reading Dark Fire sequel to Dissolution (a one day 0.99 which I loved - had to get the next one so I suppose it's a good way of introducing customers to a series to make them buy the next volumes! Certainly works for me!!)Ohter books I've really enjoyed on my K so far / Poisonwood Bible - fantastic,Last Chance Saloon,Return of Captain John Emmet-(loved that)- the Dress. Amnow off to see what today's special is! Have fun with your kindle!

Publié le 13 janv. 12 16:40:04 GMT+01:00
I'm in Paris and I read Sci Fi/Fantasy and mysteries, but I'm still shopping on amazon.com

The Other Boleyn Girl isn't that bad - I enjoyed it and I saw where the BBC is thinking about making a historical soap out of all her historical books

Publié le 15 janv. 12 02:05:19 GMT+01:00
Survival Instinct (The dark side of dating) FREE 14/15 Feb.

Serial killer thriller.

Publié le 21 janv. 12 07:34:50 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Hi everyone
I have read the Other Boleyn Girl, Last Chance Saloon, Crow Lake and have downloaded The Dress. At the moment I am reading The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, its about Mary Queen of Scots. I am really enjoyng it. I do like historical novels. I have to say that due to the 0.99 offers, I have been reading books by authors that normally I would not have chosen. So thanks Amazon for these offers and long may they continue!
Going off subject, has anyone brought the kindle cover with light? I am thinking of getting one, I do like to read in bed, but having a light on keeps my partner awake. At the moment my kindle is kept in a cut down jiffy bag which is then placed inside a washglove! Well it was a cheap option. Happy reading everyone.

Publié le 21 janv. 12 09:30:47 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 21 janv. 12 20:53:51 GMT+01:00
I received it yesterday. Makes less light than a classical overhead reading lamp for being so close to the kindle top (and the angle is perfect to avoid reflexions, which was my biggest fear). A bit heavier than my former cover, but the gum at the corners is very protective. Power shuts either when you close the lamp/cover or when you put your kindle on stand-by (so I suppose it turns off if you fall asleep)

I wish amazon offered a less expensive version, because the leather thingy is of no importance to me; I bought it anyway, as a birthday treat.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 22 janv. 12 09:44:07 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
I find the price very expensive, I would like to buy one but the price does put me off. Still, my birthday is coming up so maybe I will do the same as you and treat myself!
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