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English speakers living in France and using Amazon.fr

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En réponse à un message antérieur du 5 mars 12 20:28:16 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Thanks Anne will go for it!

Publié le 5 mars 12 20:50:36 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 5 mars 12 20:52:01 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee at under 1¤ sounds like a nice romantic read if anyone is interested5 (0.73C TO BE PRECISE)

Publié le 7 mars 12 06:50:22 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 7 mars 12 06:51:46 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Hi Anne, I missed out on "her roman holiday" as I was away for a few days and did not get chance to look at Amazon, thanks for letting me know though.
I have just finished reading 2012: The crystal skull" by Manda Scott. A very good book: Mayan apocalyptic astronomical documents chillingly predict that the world will end on December 21, 2012, unless 13 crystal skulls are reunited. Cedric Owen, a 16th-century scholar and physician whose family has safeguarded one of the skulls from time unknown, struggles to unlock the jewel's secrets and arrange for its safety. Nearly five centuries later, newlyweds Stella Cody and Kit O'Connor unlock Owen's cipher and track the skull to its hiding place, only to find themselves caught up in a global struggle between the keepers of the skulls and those who are determined to destroy them and bring about the end of the world. Stella and Kit's race to prevent the apocalypse turns into a life-threatening, heart-pounding battle between good and evil.

Publié le 7 mars 12 19:06:59 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Reckless byAndrew Gross ¤2.18 is good value
"A Fast-Paced, Entertaining Thriller!" 4 stars on Amazon.com (paperback edtion) -

Publié le 9 mars 12 12:09:34 GMT+01:00
Today's special offer looks really good The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - mind you anything with dogs in the story has me hooked from the start.

Publié le 10 mars 12 09:28:49 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Chevy Stevens : Still Missing 2¤33 (4 stars on GoodReads : 6000 + ratings) good price and looks good!

Publié le 10 mars 12 09:30:24 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par l'auteur le 10 mars 12 09:30:33 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 12 mars 12 11:14:21 GMT+01:00
Freebie for dog lovers Finally Home-Lessons on Life from a Free-Spirited Dog

En réponse à un message antérieur du 12 mars 12 11:24:38 GMT+01:00
Thanks Anne. I'll give it a try. I have Golden Retriever named Buddy (same as the book), so very topical for me.
And a happy ending according to the blurb. Don't like unhappy endings....I tend to blub....

En réponse à un message antérieur du 12 mars 12 11:57:31 GMT+01:00
Thank you Anne. It sounds a good read and I've "bought" it. I haven't found much that's appealed to me in the daily offers recently and I was beginning to miss my fix. Not that I haven't got plenty of books on my Kindle waiting to be read! I'm enjoying the Poisonwood Bible, thought I needed a break from Bad Science and 60 million Frenchmen.
A disadvantage with the Kindle though is that it's not easy to flip back a few pages and check on something you've read a while back. Do others find that too or is there some way I haven't found to do that? It would also be nice to have page numbers, perhaps that's possible too and I've been too lazy to read through the user guide!

Publié le 12 mars 12 12:18:25 GMT+01:00
Andrew, what a coincidence you having the same dog with the same name, I hope you enjoy the book. I lost my much loved White German Shepherd (Berger Blanc) 18 months ago and have been a dog lover all my life, so these are my favourite kind of stories.
Esther, I have been reading No time for a Siesta by June Wolfe about a family who relocated to mainland Spain, bought a farm and have rescued dogs, horses, cats,-. very enjoyable - it was a freebie but now is just under 3 Euros. I keep saying I must not download any more books but cannot resist. I also have on the go at the moment Camilla Lackberg The Hidden Child

Publié le 12 mars 12 12:19:40 GMT+01:00
Hi Esther,

"A disadvantage with the Kindle though is that it's not easy to flip back a few pages and check on something you've read a while back. Do others find that too or is there some way I haven't found to do that?"
I personally use the "go to" feature (accessible through the contextual menu button when you're on an eBook): it allows you to go directly to the "location" or page of your choice.

"It would also be nice to have page numbers, perhaps that's possible too and I've been too lazy to read through the user guide!"
On top of my head (I don't have the Kindle at hand right now), when you push the contextual menu button you can see the location and/or page number. Not sure though if we can get a permanent display of this info - I've also been too lazy to read the user's guide! ;-))

Publié le 12 mars 12 12:36:32 GMT+01:00
I think page numbers aren't available on all books if I remember rightly from reading on the amazon.com kindle users forum

Publié le 12 mars 12 12:57:05 GMT+01:00
You're right CBRetriever - but in all cases "locations" are available indeed. Not as good as page numbers, but definitely better than nothing.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 12 mars 12 15:08:10 GMT+01:00
Thank you all. I think I shall have to have a closer look at the user guide - I completely zapped the contextual menu button!
Anne, your No Time for a Siesta sounds interesting, that's the kind of book I like too. I belong to a dog club here in the Dordogne and one of my friends has two berger blancs - they are indeed lovely dogs. I've always owned German Shepherds but have now acquired a cute cocker anglais - never thought I would be converted to smaller dogs but I am!
Isn't it wonderful to be able to have a number of books on the go without the encumbrance of hard copies!

Publié le 12 mars 12 17:35:03 GMT+01:00
Concerning flipping back a few pages to check on something (as is often the case in detective stories for instance), remember you can "search" for any word or expression in the whole book.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 12 mars 12 18:32:06 GMT+01:00
Oh gosh, I didn't know that either! Thanks.

Publié le 13 mars 12 09:43:43 GMT+01:00
Freebies for those of you who would like some amusement Dear Air 2000 and for the golfers amongst us who would like some amusement Captain's Day Actually a few of his books are on freebie today so if you link on one you will see the rest. I take no blame for injury resulting from laughing helplessly.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 13 mars 12 09:47:50 GMT+01:00
This message is for all Americans or English speakers using Kindle in France...I am an American living in France and I am wondering whether to get the French Kindle or the American Kindle, is there a difference???...because I dont read French...and I want access to more American not British books...? Also what is the best Kindle to get?

Also re: best books I would highly recommend anything by Douglas Ken nnedy especially his latest book called the "Moment" which is unputdownable.

I dont really understand how Kindle works with the differences between G3 and wifi, etc etc...???

Thanks for you help.

E. Iversen

Publié le 13 mars 12 10:49:26 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 13 mars 12 10:52:08 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
This could interest fans of tv series Cold Case seems like an interesting debut of a series and the price is right!http://www.amazon.fr/Dry-Bones-Files-Series-ebook/dp/B003WQBE5O/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text
price 0.73¤

Publié le 13 mars 12 11:01:39 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 13 mars 12 11:04:43 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
A Parrot in My Soup (English Edition)

looked fun to read and is cheap : 0.89¤ don't know this author Andy Frazier but he has good reviews on Goodreads for all his books!
Thanks Anne for your suggestions have just one-clicked a few! Didn't know that author but I could do with a few funny reads now!
P.S. I still can't manage to get my suggestions in "live" blue writing for you to follow directly could a kind soul explain "links for dummies" for me?

2 minutes later : seems like it worked for once!

En réponse à un message antérieur du 13 mars 12 11:03:16 GMT+01:00
you can set the basic kindle (sold both on amazon.fr and amazon.com) to use english as its interface language. There are two other possibilities that you can get from amazon.com:


Currently, the kindle touch with wifi is sold internationally except for France, the UK, Spain, Germany, etc (all the countries with kindle stores), so that's not an option. However I've seen a rumor that they will be available in April (have no idea whether or not this is true). People who have bought one and taken it to the UK have found that it's coded to only go to the US kindle store, so the one that may be offered here may just access the amazon.fr site. I'm hoping that if they offer one, it's the one with 3G as I've found the 3G useful. Another option is to get a friend to ship one to you.

I would not recommend the kindle fire as it's not really functional here and amazon will not ship one to France, anyway.

I use both amazon.com and amzon.fr to shop from (one kindle registered to each) and see almost exactly the same books on both sites - the almost exactly is because of a time delay between when they show up on amazon.com and when they show up on http://amazon.fr. The amazon.com kindle is set to France as its country.

If you are fluent in french and have a french credit card/carte bleu and I would recommend amazon.fr as the prices are in euros - however, if you plan on keeping your american credit card and not getting a french one, go with amazon.com and ignore the messages suggesting you can switch to http://amazon.fr.

Publié le 13 mars 12 11:04:11 GMT+01:00
btw, in case you can't figure it out, I'm american too :)

Publié le 13 mars 12 12:17:43 GMT+01:00
Anne - as a golfer, thank you for the recommendation. (a good thing that you keep recommending freebies!!)
Are you a golfer - where do you play?

En réponse à un message antérieur du 13 mars 12 12:25:01 GMT+01:00
Edythe - just to add to CBR's comments:
The choice of Kindle models on Amazon Fr is limited. You may wish to purchase the hardware via UK or USA for more choice.
For purchasing books, stick with Amazon USA or UK for a wider choice of English language. For this you will need your Amazon account to be registered with Amazon USA or UK.
If your Amazon account is registered to a French bank account credit card, you can purchase just about anything (real books, Kindle hardware etc) from any other Amazon. However purchase of Kindle e-books would be limited to Amazon Fr. Crazy, but....
The choice of English e-books on Amazon FR is ok, but sometimes limited and/or delays in issue (compared to UK & USA).
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