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nts so what's the problem?

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Message initial: 24 déc. 12 14:30:16 GMT+01:00
Why can't I have one Kindle registered with Amazon.com (for English literature etc.) and one Kindle registered with Amazon.fr (for French books, magazines etc.). I have bought 2 Kindles using 2 different bank accounts and with 2 separate passwords. However, Amazon.fr will not let me buy anything unless I register my 2 Kindles with them - they also only use my U.S. password. I thought this was a globally commercial world so what's the problem?

Publié le 24 déc. 12 15:42:36 GMT+01:00
Its not global as different taxes and legal rights will apply according to the country you live in.

Publié le 24 déc. 12 16:03:27 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 24 déc. 12 16:03:49 GMT+01:00
actually it's possible to have two different kindles registered to two different sites - I have one registered to amazon.fr (I can do this because I live in France) and my others are registered to amazon.com. I use a US credit card and my husband's email for amazon.com and a french carte bleu and my email for the other.

of course that means, that only the one kindle can download books and subscriptions from http://amazon.fr, but that's OK as I'm not in France permanently and I just get free books on it

En réponse à un message antérieur du 24 déc. 12 16:38:44 GMT+01:00
I realise that, but I have been using Amazon.com from France for the past 3 years to get Kindle books with no problem. As I am a French resident with French nationality & French bank account, there shouldn't be any problems buying stuff from Amazon.fr. with my new Kindle. The problem is not so much with the books, however, but with other apps., and subscribing to magazines etc. I can't use Amazon.com for this but thought Amazon.fr could not raise any objection taking out subs. to French magazines, etc..

En réponse à un message antérieur du 24 déc. 12 16:44:44 GMT+01:00
Which proves my point, it should be possible. However, I don't have a US credit card but have been using my French card with no problems from Amazon.com for the past 3 years - perhaps I should have created another identity as you are apparently using your husband's email (and possibly his card?).

En réponse à un message antérieur du 24 déc. 12 17:22:11 GMT+01:00
they're our cards, but yes, there are basically two separate accounts and I use the french credentials to shop on amazon.de and amazon.co.uk, but not for ebooks, obviously

for amazon.com I'm using a US credit card (it's on a shared account), his email and a password (same as for my account) - this is the original account from early 2000

for http://amazon.fr, I'm using my email, a BNP Paribas Visa Carte Bleu and the same password and I set this one up when we moved to France

when I register a kindle, it gets registered using the email/password duo of a specific store

En réponse à un message antérieur du 24 déc. 12 19:52:22 GMT+01:00
Thanks a lot for your comments. I'll see what I can do.

Publié le 17 juin 14 19:15:09 GMT+02:00
pve dit:
My wife has just bought a huddl in the uk. We are resident in France. She wants to use amazon.co.uk for english speaking films and books, but keeps getting redirected to http://amazon.fr. Anything she can do please?

Publié le 17 juin 14 21:23:34 GMT+02:00
A couple of years ago I was given a £6 gift voucher through Amazon UK. When I tried to buy a book from them, to be sent to my Kindle in France, they said this was not allowed. The only way I could use my gift voucher would be to order something for delivery to a UK address. Amazon has therefore profited by £6 which I have never spent as asking a friend or family member to send anything by post from UK would have cost more than the voucher. So much for Europe!!
However, I live in France but have no difficulty receiving books in English ordered via Amazon.fr's whispernet onto both my Kindle Fire and Kindle electronic book. Am not sure what a huddl is though....

Publié le 31 oct. 14 20:55:46 GMT+01:00
Please help! I've been given a Kindle 7th generation, and yes, I've found that I can only order e-books through Amazon.fr. However, I can't seem to register this Kindle, and therefore can't download books yet, although my commands have been confirmed to my e-mail address. (The complicated directions in French don't help either!!) Isn't there a simple solution?
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