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The Anatomy of Desire (English Edition)
The Anatomy of Desire (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Highly recommended !, 17 mars 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Anatomy of Desire (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
- this novel was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review -

Katherine Forrester - who married for convenience, not for love - is absolutely unable to perform a wife's duty : have sex with her husband, it throws her into a complete panic. Since she might end up in an asylum under the pretence of hysteria, she has no other choice but to consult a doctor to cure her. She's an educated woman, she has read about the subject and knows exactly what to expect : be sexually stimulated by a stranger. For many wives of this century, having sex with their husband was "simply a case of lying back and thinking of England." For her step mother, it was "a necessary evil ; an act to be endured at her husband's behest. I am sure many women, both of her generation and mine, believe exactly the same thing."

Katherine's husband, who has been at first a kind and understanding man, relies more and more on alcohol and, plague of the moment, on laudanum. He has an affair with one of their maids and wants to force himself on another young maid and his wife. Kate's handsome doctor, David, takes her under his protection and spares her the asylum. But will their growing love be able to blossom ? Will they forgo society's rejection and live together ? In such a machist society, how will they be able to live according to their hopes ?

I read a review of this book on A voracious reader's blog and it caughty my attention : I have read a lot of non-fiction on this fascinating subject and the personality of Marie Bonaparte. Did you know that the word "hysteria" comes from "uterus" ?

As to the characters, I loved Kat, her intelligence, her thirst of knowledge, how she came from simply accepting her life to discovering that it could be so much more, how she hungered for it. She woke up to a new world and went for it. David was at first too good to be true, almost, yet something about his past made him more human, could make him relate to Edward, Katherine's husband, the drug addict. The evil men, Dr Moreston and the lawyer, made me think of characters from an Anne Perry novel - rich stuck-up sexists.

Reading this, I could very well understand how it felt to be trapped in a loveless marriage with a man becoming so different from the one you'd wed, leaving you little choice between rape and the lunatic asylum. I loved Kate's attitude toward her cook and maids, a solidarity between women that felt good and right. The story kept me on my toes until the end, wondering what would happen to Kate and David, the cook, Frances, such lively characters.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to read this story and loved it, the subject, the humanity, the discovery of one woman's feminity and the love between Katherine and David. It's such a very good book, read it, highly recommended !

Blood-Bonded by Force (The Community Series Book 3) (English Edition)
Blood-Bonded by Force (The Community Series Book 3) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,68

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A great instalment in an exciting series !, 6 mars 2015
This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Another awesome instalment in the Community series ! A series that should be best read in order, even if I guess the author gives enough explanations to read it as a standalone – but you’d be missing on a kick-ass story. Be aware, there is violence and clean language is out of the question – fortunately, because it didn’t bother me and gives the book an intense feel. This world is rich in details that give it life and depth. So rich that in fact, I’d written a 5 pages review before I took pity on you and made it shorter.

Let me introduce you to the heroes and heroins : the story focuses mainly on two couples, Thomal and Pandra, Nyko and Faith.
- Nyko : Jacken and Shon’s brother, the gentle ogre as he calls himself. Falling in love with a wee little ballet dancer puts him in a very awkward situation !
- Faith : One of the Teague identical twins, two ballet dancers caught up in the world they never suspected might exist.
- Thomal : The Varcolacs’ pretty boy, all good looks but a warrior nonetheless, who finds himself unwillingly mated to Pandra, an enemy. This situation leads him to ponder existential questions.
- Least but not last, Pandra : An Om-Rau, half fey, daughter of Raymond Parthen, a cold blooded bastard you can only hate. She certainly is no weakling and lives to exasperate her father. The scene at the start shows accurately what kind of surroundings Pandra grew up in – a cold cruel father for whom feelings are weaknesses and the quest for power is all that matters.

This is a dark world we’re diving into, but it’s as gripping as the first two instalments, you just can’t put it down. There is humor, too, for example : a vampire’s mate who fears needles ! So fangs… I’d like to give you more details, but I’d be deflowering the book and it would be a pity.
The Community series has everything you could desire : strong characters, most specifically strong heroins, a world about to undergo a massive change due to magic, humor, action, mystery, mythology, a serial killer, wall-breaking childbirth, evil, despicable villains, bad guys who may be not so bad (Murke ?…), vampires and on top of that, a small-town community feeling, where everybody knows everyone and loves to play pranks. Yet, the icing on the cake was Pandra to me : I’ve never seen such a villain turning into an almost good girl. Truth be told, we had caught a glimpse of her good side before, but it was mainly to daunt her father. She was so very lonely, I loved the vulnerability she’s not even aware she has, very well hidden under her defiant attitude, and how she evolved along the book. She’s one of my very favorite heroins this year so far, because even once she’s “good”, she doesn’t become a goody two shoes.
Do yourself a favor and read that series !

Menage Material [La Belle sans la Bete Menages] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Menage Material [La Belle sans la Bete Menages] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Prix : EUR 3,96

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Hugely enjoyable, 17 décembre 2014
The book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review, I reviewed it for [...]
It's funny, I started this year reading Serena Akeroyd's serials, now I'm finishing it with one of her novels. I have grown to love her "raunchy love stories", as she calls them !

This one is not only a hot erotic ménage story, it's also a story of mending, of evolving. It starts when Devvy, an American botanist, suspect her CEO husband of cheating on her. What she doesn't expect is that his lover is a man, a famous scientist she's had a crush on ever since she was a young girl, and that both of them want her in their life. However, there are bumpts on the road, including a devious blackmailer and a dreadful secret from the past.

What I loved :

- The background setting : that she's a botanist (a career I would have loved), that Bastien owns a company who manufactures natural, ethic, organic, non-tested on animals cosmetics (like the ones I use every day). Not only do I appreciate that, I appreciate the originality as well.

- Devvy : She's far from being a stupid heroin, yet her self esteem has been damaged by her mother. She evolves through the story and gains a new assurance.

- Bastien : He might look like the strong one, owning a world renowned company, but though an attractive man, he's 45 and feels responsible for his two lovers. He suffers from the fact that Alex has never wanted to live with him, but has accepted it, even if he never really understood why.

- Alex : He is a complicated and very touching character, I'm so fond of him. He carries a heavy burden from the past that keeps plaguing his life. He's agoraphobic, can be awfully charming, but has his quirks. It's him who initiated the idea of a menage and sent Bastien to win Devvy because he couldn't go out. It's great to see his evolution through the novel, see him fight his demons - and see Devvy fight for him.

- And wait until you discover Alex's mother ! I can't say I loved her, who would, but she's unlike anyone I ever read about ! Chilly and downright creepy.

What I didn't love :

- Eeerr, nothing.

To sum it up, I hugely enjoyed this novel, characters, setting, plot, hotness and sexiness, the story sucked me in and I couldn't drop it until I reached the end !

Quotes :

"You damn well were if you think I'm going to sleep with both of you at the same time."
"There will be very little sleeping", he murmured silkily."

Lydc Milly Floral Satchel, Sac bandoulière femme - Rouge-V.7
Lydc Milly Floral Satchel, Sac bandoulière femme - Rouge-V.7
Prix : EUR 20,94

4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Sac bandoulière, 4 mars 2014
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Lydc Milly Floral Satchel, Sac bandoulière femmes (Luggage)
Il est beau, il est en plastique résistant aux pluies, pas décousu nulle part, plusieurs pochettes - ce qui est très bien. Juste un bémol - la pochette de derrière est un poil trop petit pour y placer mon titre de transport et celle de l'intérieur contient à peine mon porte-monnaie et mon portefeuille. Sinon, il y a largement de la place à l'intérieur ! Je suis très satisfaite :)

10 recettes gourmandes sans oeufs ni lait (Cuisinez végétalien)
10 recettes gourmandes sans oeufs ni lait (Cuisinez végétalien)
Prix : EUR 1,01

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Un livre simple et pratique, 13 décembre 2013
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : 10 recettes gourmandes sans oeufs ni lait (Cuisinez végétalien) (Format Kindle)
Les livres de cuisine végétalienne ne sont pas légion, celui-ci propose des recettes faciles à réaliser, de celles qui sont appréciées par toute la famille. Un petit livre sans prétention mais qui sera très souvent utilisé !

Magic at Work (English Edition)
Magic at Work (English Edition)

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Thoroughly enjoyable !, 18 septembre 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Magic at Work (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
The cover wasn't really great, it was a kindle freebie, so I didn't place much hope at first in this book. Boy was I wrong ! It was delightful !
Come on, who can't empathize with Lexi at the start, reading smut at work because the job is boring ? And then getting hooked and wanting more ?
The story was original, it was funny, Ric was endearing and I liked him more than Lexi who was too protective of herself for my liking, even if she has reasons to be. Their attraction was hot and I liked the idea of a book in a book. And the book in the book was hot !
At some moments, it reminded me of Buffy the vampire slayer, of Willow and Tara, "Kitten", "I never had anything so good in my mouth" (not speaking about sex but...) and so on.
Well, I finished it and I want more !!

Your Room or Mine?: HarperImpulse Contemporary Fiction (A Novella) (Do Not Disturb, Book 1)
Your Room or Mine?: HarperImpulse Contemporary Fiction (A Novella) (Do Not Disturb, Book 1)
Prix : EUR 1,51

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Wonderful week-end read, 18 septembre 2013
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
And now, for something completely different... No doom and gloom here ! But short review still because I lack time, sorry.
I read this book thanks to Cupcake's book cupboard review. Thank you so much !
When I reached half the book and noticed my kindle battery was 32% only (damn lowlife battery), I knew I was going to be in withdrawal until I could have it reloaded and be able to continue ! Fortunately, I had time to finish.
I loved both main characters, even if they both had big issues, I liked Izzy's talks with her girlfriends and there was a hot scene when the summer storm happens ! I liked the fun and her to-do list and the fact that she was the first woman that gave Oliver a taste of his own medicine. I also like that she's a gardener - I loooove gardening.
This was absolutely the book I needed to read during my saturday, I was hooked up and couldn't put it down :D I'll be sure to catch the next one !

Biting Bad: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel
Biting Bad: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel
Prix : EUR 7,49

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Go read that series ! NOW !, 18 septembre 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Biting Bad: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel (Format Kindle)
I'm sorry the review will be very short, but I have little time.
So : fast-paced, full of humor, good set of characters I enjoyed reading about again. I even shed a few tears around 80% of the book and believe me, if I say I cried AND still like the book, it means it's really good !
Boy, do I love that series... Go read it !

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, Book 1): A Love At First Sight Romantic Suspense Series (English Edition)
Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, Book 1): A Love At First Sight Romantic Suspense Series (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,15

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Entertaining, 18 septembre 2013
The cons :
This book didn't get 5 stars because of the heroin. She's a good girl, but she can be really stupid and I don't know why Dominic fell so fast for her. Yes, I know insta-love exists, I experienced it, but still... he should have made up his mind later ! She had an asshole boyfriend and she took him back 4 times ! (even if he'd been sleeping on the sofa for 2 years). And yes, the shop is her dream, she says it so many times that we get it ! At one moment, in the book, she explains the whys and hows and I have to say she's touching... And then, she does it again. Well... She's a good girl anyway.
At one point in the book, Ben calls her "Princess", says she has a "fine arse" (she's his boss's girlfriend) and asks her to be a good girl - if I were in her place, I would have slapped him. Or tried to. Just saying. And the girls in the kitchen while the men talk ? Sexist !
I was wondering why she would act like that : she had loving parents, a loving brother, so Brett was enough to turn her into that ? I find it hard to understand. The abused women I've known always had creepy childhoods or a problem at the start. I mean, she even tries to escape her protectors while gangs are after her ! She could have used some more braincells. The way her mouth talks for her is sometimes unnerving, but sometimes funny also.
And there were a few editing mistakes.
And I felt there was unnecessary plot sometimes, in order to lengthen the book ?
Oh, and the "cough-which-could-have-been-a-laugh", I didn't count how many times I saw this written, but it was not sexy or anything, just got me thinking the guy was asthmatic.

The pros :
It was a highly entertaining read anyway. And I definitely want a Dominic of my own ! The guy is sex on legs and he's really patient ! I really loved him, the secondary characters were very good, while I tolerated Gen who was sometimes funny and easy-going, sometimes TSTL. Anyway, she progresses in the book, gets better, fortunately. I didn't take too many notes either but I got quotes !
(I may have written more cons than pros, but really, it's a very entertaining read, don't miss out on your fun !)

Prix : EUR 5,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Can't wait for the next !, 18 septembre 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Origin (Format Kindle)
The old banter and smartass annoying Daemon are back for our pleasure ! Reading this book, I found again what I felt during the first instalment, so I guess the former was simply a transition.
There's lots of action, humor, surprises, love, new ideas, there's material enough to make this series last a long time and a final fight worth a movie filled with special effects !
Funnily, there was this brief episode when Daemon meets Hunter from Obsession. And we read some more about Luc.
Yes, there is a cliffhanger at the end, not one that has you biting your nails off and cursing the author, but enough tension to make you want to know what will happen next !
Really, it's a great book, and I really love that series. Don't miss out on your fun, go buy it and READ ! NOW !

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