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Seven Minutes
Seven Minutes
Prix : EUR 2,68

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Would you read a mysterious book you found on your doorstep? Will does and it changes his life., 23 mars 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Seven Minutes (Format Kindle)
Will has recently been made redundant so he’s taking care of the farm and family while his wife commutes abroad to work for the mother she’s never got on with. There’s not much demand for history of art graduates and job hunting isn’t going well. So when Will finds an untitled book on his doorstep, he’s more than happy to let it distract it from what he should be doing. It’s a mysterious manuscript, presenting him with snippets from the lives of various people – Angelica, Sabina, the inappropriately named Clemence (he’s a boy), Helen, Louise and Mangikas – at key moments in their lives. These are their most powerful memories. They give Will fascinating insights into these memorable characters, but gradually he begins to see that their lives are connected to each other.
But what has all this got to do with him? Why has this book ended up on his doorstep? Did his wife, Sarah, write it? The mysteries in his life only deepen when he’s invited to what has to be the most bizarre interview he – and possibly anyone else – has ever had. And increasingly he finds himself drawn ever more deeply into the pages of the book. It’s almost as though a web is closing around him.
This is a fantastically imaginative novel from debut author Jessica Stritch. She has taken this idea of us each having our seven minutes of crucial memories, which is intriguing itself, and turned it into a fast paced, absorbing, highly original story. Every aspect of her writing is sharp and honed, but her strength undeniably lies in her creation of characters. She gives us people from not only different walks of life, but also of different nationalities and at various ages. Whether interacting with others, or wrestling with their own beliefs, they are persuasive and empathetic. Given the diversity of the people we meet in the book, the settings vary from sunny Greek beaches to a car race track to boarding school to wartime Germany, to give a few examples. Like Will, the reader can’t help but be drawn into their lives. There’s an unexpected but welcome twist as the novel reaches its climax making this a rewarding and very polished piece of fiction indeed.

The Last Gypsy Princess
The Last Gypsy Princess
Prix : EUR 5,25

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A unique, riveting read, 22 janvier 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Last Gypsy Princess (Format Kindle)
This talented author has followed up his stunning debut novel, Mexizona, with another incredible piece of fiction. The Last Gypsy Princess, the first in a trilogy you’ll be delighted to hear, is a fast-paced thriller set in the Roma community. Zee Ziko is the feisty, resourceful heroine. Her grandfather is a very powerful figure in the Chicago kumpania. However, he has never spent much time with Zee and certainly never readied her for the responsibility of leading the Kumpani, a role which he now plans for her following the death of the leader of the rival Martinov family. He feels guilty as Zee suddenly finds herself facing very real threats to her life, but luckily he has a very sharp, resourceful granddaughter.
As well as keeping us riveted to the pages, the book introduces us to Roma culture and beliefs. Curses and spells carry as much power as guns amongst the community. Dutiful obedience is expected by the senior members of the Kumpania. This norm is to test Zee almost to breaking point.
You can see why this book is going to be transferred to the big screen. It’s full of action, is original, has a fascinating cast of charismatic characters, both good and bad, and keeps us guessing all the way through. There’s romance, violence, tension, celebration, hope and despair, but above all a unique and empathetic heroine who carries this amazing story along.
It’s a brilliant read.

Gusti Sac bandoulière Travail Besace Marron Cuir véritable Collège Fac Ecole Université Loisir Sacoche Business Femme Homme M21
Gusti Sac bandoulière Travail Besace Marron Cuir véritable Collège Fac Ecole Université Loisir Sacoche Business Femme Homme M21
Proposé par Gusti Cuir
Prix : EUR 78,95

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Ma fille est ravi, 8 janvier 2014
J'ai acheté ce sac pour ma fille de 19 ans. Elle est ravi. C'est pratique et beau, tres bonne qualité.

Paulyanna International Rent-boy
Paulyanna International Rent-boy
Prix : EUR 5,26

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A modern, entertaining, upbeat memoir, 28 septembre 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Paulyanna International Rent-boy (Format Kindle)
It couldn’t be better timed that Paulyanna: International Rent-boy by Paul Douglas Lovell has been published exactly 100 years after Pollyanna (by Eleanor H Porter) first hit the literary scene. And yes, Paulyanna, coined by one of Paul’s friends, is a clever adaptation of Pollyanna. Paul is Pollyannaish through and through. And that’s a real word – Pollyannaish. It’s in the dictionary. (Check if you don’t believe me!) It means someone who’s incorrigibly optimistic and upbeat. And that’s what Paul is.
Paulyanna follows Paul through early adulthood as he begins to make his way in the world. Emerging from an underprivileged childhood in the Midlands, Paul heads to London to take up his first job as a kitchen porter. He’s delighted to be in the city, where he’s free to be himself – to be independent and to express his sexuality. From portering he moves on to barwork and later a responsible job in the music TV industry, but increasingly he comes to rely on his alternative career as a rent boy to support him.
A character himself, with his strength of personality, slightly unconventional interpretation of the Catholic faith and strong belief in karma, Paul encounters some equally fascinating people along the way. Some are good, generous and sympathetic, others less so. Others, such as his friend Richard whom he calls his ‘partner in crime’, are a bit of both. He travels to Spain, Holland and America and his amazing eye for detail really comes into play here in his depictions of the appearance and atmosphere of the places he visits.
Drugs, streetlife, friends succumbing to Aids, loneliness – there’s a tough, gritty element to the book but the overall impression is of hope and cheerfulness. The Pollyanna in Paul won’t be beaten. As you read the book you’re rooting for things to turn out well for Paul who doesn’t ask for much – a settled loving life with a husband and a dog – so when the dark, handsome Michael turns up, you’re holding your breath. Will he be the one to cement Paul’s happiness?
The book is so well written. Paul’s style is easy to read, ranging from the poetic to the pithy. He’s a great companion through the pages of the book. This is a thoroughly modern, entertaining memoir that I recommend to everyone.

How to Become Pro: Tips for Amateur Football Players
How to Become Pro: Tips for Amateur Football Players
Prix : EUR 1,49

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Concise and valuable, 11 juillet 2013
Achat authentifié par Amazon(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : How to Become Pro: Tips for Amateur Football Players (Format Kindle)
This short ebook contains some very good and concentrated advice to pro football wannabes. Rico Reese draws on his significant experience to outline some easy steps any amateur football player can take to improve their game. It's inspiring and encouragaing.

Une mamie de rêve
Une mamie de rêve
par Stephanie Dagg
Edition : Broché
Prix : EUR 5,42

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Joli petit livre !, 18 mai 2013
Achat authentifié par Amazon(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Une mamie de rêve (Broché)
Cette histoire est très amusante. Anna dessine une très drôle de mamie qui s'échappe du dessin et deviens réelle. Elle crée tant de problèmes pour Anna !
Les images sont hyper belles, plein de l'énergie et du couleur.

Mexizona: An American Dream
Mexizona: An American Dream
Prix : EUR 5,25

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Moving, powerful dramatic fiction, 20 février 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Mexizona: An American Dream (Format Kindle)
Diego, a Nicaraguan teenager, is determined to get into the United States to find a job so he can send money back to his mother to buy medicines for her TB. He has everything organized and arrives with Maria, his pretend wife, at the border, but she has a panic attack. At the last moment Diego has to escape back to the Mexican side of the border, his plans in ruins. He resorts to paying two Coyotes to smuggle him into the US. But things go horribly wrong. Two vigilante teenagers shoot at them and Maria is hit. Water hasn’t been left at the prearranged drop-point so the Coyotes flee, leaving Diego and the others at the mercy of the desert. Most give themselves up to save their lives but Diego won’t renege on his dream.
Once in the US he finds work and makes friends, and bumps into Hannah. Hannah is the Sheriff’s daughter. He’s facing re-election and with his policy of sending all illegal immigrants back home, has been popular in Arizona. However, he faces tough opposition this time. So he brings his pretty daughter in to help his ailing campaign. Hannah has been well trained and begins by trotting out her father’s lines, until meeting Diego changes all that. Life becomes very complicated and very dangerous for Hannah and Diego from there on.
Mexizona is an incredibly impressive debut novel. Author Alan Larson tackles two thorny political issues - illegal immigration and political corruption - and even throws in a good dose of teenage hormones too. The result is a gritty, modern almost-Romeo-and-Juliet story with plenty of political commentary on the way.
Alan Larson's characters are all believable and fascinating, even the unlikeable ones. His eye for detail is unfailingly keen and he creates authentic, atmospheric settings. His dialogue is punchy and to the point. The whole adventure moves swiftly, gaining momentum as it moves towards its unexpected ending.
This is very thoughtful novel for young adults, but it will appeal to older readers too. With the younger audience in mind, Alan Larson has written the book with reference to the Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid scales to help ensure this book is suitable for that readership. That’s just another indication of the conscientiousness with which the author has tackled this creative, moving, powerful project.
It’s a must read and this is certainly an author to look out for.
The book is well presented and formatted and has striking cover artwork.

Dead Radiance
Dead Radiance
Prix : EUR 0,89

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Viking legend meets paranormal, 28 décembre 2012
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Dead Radiance (Format Kindle)
Dead Radiance (A Valkyrie Novel) by T G Ayer is definitely different YA paranormal. Brynhildr Halbrook is an orphan, currently being foster-mothered by Mrs Custer in Craven. Bryn isn’t particularly happy. She’s not the same as other kids and doesn’t socialise a great deal or make many friends. And on top of that she now discovers she has a gift she hates - she can tell when people are going to die, and there isn’t a thing she can do about it.
She considers herself a head case.
Then the mysterious and attractive Aidan turns up in Mrs Custer’s foster care too. He seems very interested in Bryn but she tries to keep her distance. However, after another death that she foresaw, that of her own foster brother Brody, she confides in Aidan. But then he disappears, however, he leaves some clues behind so Bryn is able to work out exactly who - or what - she is. It’s a shocking realisation, and even more so when she learns that her father was responsible.
Bryn is eventually retrieved by Fen and taken to Asgard, home of the Valkyries. She has a mission in mind - to bring Brody back. It’s not going to be easy, especially not with an assortment of untrustworthy gods and a whole new mythical culture to deal with.
This book is a fascinating mixture of legend and modern paranormal. Bryn is an interesting character and makes for a very likeable and courageous heroine. The novel is well written with exciting action, but also reflection and emotion. There’s plenty of raw grief. A very enjoyable read and there’s more to come in the series.
Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy by the author in return for my honest opinion.

Prix : EUR 3,09

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Thoughtful and respectful, 27 décembre 2012
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Circles (Format Kindle)
Circles by Ruby Standing Deer provides a moving insight into the Native American culture of the past. A young boy with special powers - visions - is our hero. He is Feather Floating In Water who lives with his mother Makes Baskets and his dead father’s parents, his grandparents Bright Sun Flower and Hawk Soaring. His grandmother helps him to understand why he has these puzzling dreams and how he must be prepared to endure them for the good of his tribe. She teaches him about the sacred circle in life - how everything needs something else in order to live. Feather needs his people, and they need him.
Family relationships are beautifully depicted, as is tribal life with its fun and frustrations. The deep respect for nature that Native Americans harbour comes strongly to the fore in this wonderful story, where White Paws the wolf plays a large role. He is one of the companions that helps Feather fulfil his potential as a worthy spiritual leader for his tribe. The Fish People have to leave the hidden place where they have lived for many years, and it’s Feather that gives them the courage to do so.
We see Feather develop from a talkative youngster - he’s often told “Too many words spill out of your mouth at once” - to an intelligent, thoughtful young man now known as Shining Light. He helps his people and others deal with the threat posed by the Europeans who are entering their territory and leads them to a new land, through plenty of danger and challenges.
This book is deceptively simple. Life seems calm and safe, but there is always underlying danger, from a hidden snake to a lurking enemy. It is thoughtfully written and it makes the reader think and reflect on the moral simplicity of the Native Amercians’ lives and perhaps wish that our own lives were so straightforward and based on such mutual respect.
Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book from the author in return for my honest opinion.

Dancing Naked in Dixie
Dancing Naked in Dixie
Prix : EUR 2,68

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Classy, sassy story, 25 juin 2012
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Dancing Naked in Dixie (Format Kindle)
Here is another wonderful book from author Lauren Clark. She made a brilliant debut with Stay Tuned which, if you haven't, then you really should read.

The heroine of this book is Julia Sullivan, a travel writer for a magazine, and let's just say she hasn't been as on the ball with her articles as she should have been. But she has also had to deal with her mother's death and that has taken its toll. It's also fair to say she has got used to swanning around to exotic locations and eventually turning in a few less than inspiring columns about them. All that suddenly changes when a new editor takes over ' Julia's father, David. Julia hasn't had a good relationship with him recently so probably the last things she needs is an ultimatum from him to pull her socks up or lose her job. And no more predictable, popular places to visit. Julia's next assignment is to Eufaula in Alabama. Julia is frankly horrified.

So Julia finds herself in Eufaula where her initial contact is Shug Jordan, who has a typical sweet Southern Belle on his arm. But appearances can be deceptive. Not only does Eufaula, home of sweet tea and the annual pilgrimage, begin to surprise Julia with its complexity and its generally friendly and caring attitude, but she learns not to judge people too quickly either. There's more than meets the eye to all the people she comes across. She also discovers something rather shocking.

Never predictable, always entertaining, this is a classy, sassy story that's sure to have a very wide appeal. I love it!

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