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Mr. J. A. Mcgregor (UK)

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 CHIMAIRA � Chimaira, 31 août 2005
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Chimaira (CD)
A self titled metallic tribute to the gods of hard rock themselves, with Chimaira displaying clearly that they are on top of there game.
The album is very typically Chimaira, a distinctive brand of new wave American rock which admittedly is not so new now, after all it hit our shores some two years ago. However Chimaira still manage to produce tracks that are true to the new metal vain that is very quickly becoming a traditional sound, but still produce sounds that are crisp and inactive.
The new album kicks off with the newest release from these titans of metal 'Nothing remains' which has to said is so Chimiara a deaf man would know from whence it had spawned. This does not mean the track is 'samey' far from it, but Chimiara are so distinctive in both sound and performance that everyone recognises, which in today's highly competitive market can only be a good thing.
There some very interesting tracks with the album which clearly show the influences from which the band draws inspiration. Everything from Slayer to Metallica can be heard influencing the sounds and emotions of this album, no copying or ripping off just a demonstration that the band don't just listen to their own music.
The real jewel in crown however has to be track 4 "Salvation" a superbly dark and heavy track that is an original and creative as "Pure Hatred", you can hear the passion and commitment in Hunter's voice as it cuts through the extremely heavy and deeply melodic riffs and slamming drums.
In short if you like metal and you like it in your face, hard and fast then go out and get this album, if it's your first taste of Chimaira then buy the Special Edition that includes a bonus disk which features a sample of all their past works of greatness.

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