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Heir of Fire
Heir of Fire
Prix : EUR 6,05

5.0 étoiles sur 5 My only problem is the next one can't come soon enough!, 8 décembre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Heir of Fire (Format Kindle)
10 stars! Epic, brilliant, dark, thrilling... this is the third installment and it gets better and better. Lots of new characters and I loved them all, even the "bad" ones (Manon). My only problem is the next one can't come soon enough!

Big question now: who will reign with Celaena? So many worthy male characters, my heart is torn.

The Law of Moses (English Edition)
The Law of Moses (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,98

5.0 étoiles sur 5 10 million awed stars, 29 novembre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Law of Moses (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
" The first few words of every story are always the hardest to write "

This is how the prologue begins and it reflects my state of mind, trying to write this review. I’m no writer, I don’t have the gift to find the right word to express my feelings. How do I explain the beauty of this book? I’m once more in awe of Amy’s work.
She wrote in the book :”Edgar Allan Poe said many beautiful things and many disturbing things but they often go together.” And that’s what that story is, as well as glorious and beautiful but terrible, like Moses pictures. I absolutely fell in love with this book but it made me hurt and cry, cry, cry…
It’s a story of love, acceptance of oneself and strangers, of forgiving and healing.
So have tissues ready, lots and lots of tissues and plunge in Gloria and Moses’s story.

Moses was born of a “crack whore”, abandoned in a laundry basket at a Laundromat. His mother was found dead soon after. Called a crack baby, he’s been passed around, going from family member to other siblings his whole life. The cracked kid, the weird kid, he had no easy life and many difficulties. His only constant was his grandmother, Gi.
Moses has a curse and being rejected constantly, he has laws:”Thou shall paint. Thou shall leave and never look back. Thou shall not love.” “I wanted nothing more than paint and run. Because those were the only two things that made my life bearable.”
Now living with his grandmother for his last school year, he meets Georgia.

Beautiful, sunny Georgia, she is full of life, laughter and love. She’ll be drawn to Moses right away, maybe because he is broken. She does not see his difference as something ugly but as something beautiful. Through Moses’s cracks come brilliance and wonder.

My heart bled for Moses, all cracked up but I did not like what he did to Georgia in the first part. He hurt her. He did not want to but he did it anyway. Georgia gave him everything she had: her heart, her soul… She was strong, optimist, believed in Moses and his capacity to love. She always came back to him. But Moses was like a wounded animal. He did not know how to be a friend, he did not want to feel or love because it was more difficult to leave. ” “I need you” felt like “I love you” and it scared me. It felt like breaking one of my laws.”
And he was lost, overwhelmed by his curse. He did not own his existence. He was just a vessel without any real power at first. And one terrible day, Moses crushed Georgia.
” Why did you not stay away from me? I told you so many times to go away. But you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t let me be. And I hurt you. Do you know that I have lost every person I love? Every one.”
He had so many things coming, he did not want Georgia to be burdened by it.
”I wasn’t going to let that touch you. I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I was trying to save you.”

In the second part of the book, Moses will make an unexpected friend. Both will embark on a journey to find some peace and serenity. Moses will have to tame his curse, to transform it into a gift to others.
Georgia will be hit by some terrible drama. She suffered so much, I cried buckets.
”I was always amazed that my tears kept coming. Day after day. There was a limitless supply. My grief was a deep, underground spring constantly bubbling up and spilling over…”

Part two is about explanations, making amends, forgiveness and healing. I won’t say more about the story to let you discover this wonderful book.
And I did love “Running Barefoot” meets “The Laws of Moses”!

What I deeply love about Amy’s books is the warm feelings you’re left with. I’m always feeling happy, joyful like I’ve been touched by some kind of grace. So once more, thank you Amy, you wrote another wonderful story.

A Reason To Kill (Reason Series Book 2) (English Edition)
A Reason To Kill (Reason Series Book 2) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,68

5.0 étoiles sur 5 I had a blast reading this one, it had me laugh out loud so many times my man thought I had seizures., 25 novembre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : A Reason To Kill (Reason Series Book 2) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
I read some great reviews about this story so, why not? And now I can say, if you want a funny read with a zest of mystery, a bunch of colorful sidekicks and hot lumberjacks, go for it!
I had a blast reading this one, it had me laugh out loud so many times my man thought I had seizures.
Imagine: Alaska, its mountains, crystal clear lakes, blue skies, forests, its grizzlies and hot hunky men.
A team of biologists comes in the small local town to complete a five years study on grizzlies. Mia, city girl, desk biologist and vertically challenged literally falls from the plane and is expected to lead this team. She’s never been on the field, never camped in the wilds and longs to come back to her city and well ordained life.
Only problem, Max, King of the town will set his eyes on her and will do everything to keep her.

Meet Mia through Max’s eyes: <b><i>”Cute –ass tees, clumsy feet, with the heart of an angel and a passion for her work that spills over everything she does.”</b></i>
Mia is attracted to Max right away. He is <b><i> “Big, well over six feet and two hundred and thirty pounds of pure brawn. </b></i> He has dark, slightly curly hairs, green eyes and a massive body. He swings axes on targets, climbs trees and rescues damsels in distress. What’s not to love right? And as Mia so wisely said :<b><i> He is Thor in flannel!</b></i> (yes, I really did like this one too). And on his bad deceiving days he regresses to Loki’s status.
If Mia falls for Max, he can’t stop thinking about her either, even if he knows right away she’ll be a pain in his ass. It seems “ the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. After a drunken night at the local bar and a smoking hot karaoke, he is hooked line and sinker.
Now, all he’ll have to do is:
-convince Mia she is the one;
-protect her from a killer lurking in the shadows,
-save her beloved bears from being hunted;
-chain her to his bed to avoid any disaster she is always (even involuntarily) running into;
-run his company (it became more a hobby since Mia’s arrival);
-keep eyes on his mischievous mother.
As you can see, Max had his hands full and life “has never been boring since Mia’s arrival”.

I loved so many things in this book, in no particular order:
-Mia’s cartoon tees (with Care Bears on her bust or Scooby Doo and the gang);
-Mia’s thoughts of Max :<b><i>”Ten kids? Of course, he has potent written all over him. I’ll be knocked up every time I have a viable egg.”</b></i> or <b><i>” Wet Max + Naked Max = Turned On Mia”</b></i>;
-the secondary characters or more accurately the sidekicks. This small town had many colorful people. You have Maxine (Max’s mother) and Martha, both widowed old ladies running their own business: they sell sex toys door-to-door and organize great parties for the local ladies with means cock-o-late on sticks. Oh, and strip poker nights too (much to Max’s dismay). Lucy, Mia’s intern, always up for some crazy Girls night and Jesse, Mia’s outrageous aunt. I loved the “Girl Power” (and even more the “Mature Ladies Power”) in this book;
-all these sexy hunk in flannel shirts and ripped body (I must plan a travel in Alaska);
-the banter through and through (Mia, Max, Maxine and Jess are all very opinionated).

So, all in all, 5 enthusiastic stars.

One Night: Denied
One Night: Denied
Prix : EUR 4,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 This is the Jodi Ellen Malpas I like. And now, I can say I love Miller., 12 novembre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : One Night: Denied (Format Kindle)
4,5 stars.

In my review of "One night", I said I didn't love Miller at all, too cold, standoffish… except at the end of the book. And I also concluded with: " This book felt like a warm up and now the author finally has found her (brilliant) pace.
So, I'm now a happy hopeful reader and will wait again for book 2 in the series. Please Mrs Malpas, dive right in and keep going were you've left us: on our toes. I've great expectations for the next one."

Well, I was right. This is the Jodi Ellen Malpas I like. And now, I can say I love Miller. His facade is cracked and he is all imperfect, flawed, savage, possessive, intense ... everything I love in my heroes. He fights like a madman to keep Olivia but he sometimes regress to his cold and distant shelf, trying to protect her and send Olivia on her merry way. When it does happen, I still want to bash his head! No more self-doubt and roller coaster. But at the same time, it’s what’s keeping us on our toes.
We learn more about his past (but it's like pulling out teeth), what made him the man he is now but, some mystery is left uncovered. Who are "they"? We can only make an educated guess but we still don't have any certainties.
Those who didn’t like Miller should really read this book.

Even if the story is told from Olivia’s point of view she was like a secondary character to me. Yes, she has sass but she is hurled through Miller’s world and bounces from one revelation to another revelation. She tries to be strong for Miller, to be his light but he does not make it easy, giving very little information. She is fragile, from her past, with her flaws and deeply insecure when confronted with Miller’s clients. Olivia is typically the sweet girl alpha males are fighting for. And we witness those fights between Miller, Gregory and William.
I guess she’ll get more backbone in the last installment.
And I loved “cool as cucumber” Nan! She is a strong and fierce Lady with a mean streak.
I’m now waiting for the end of the story to be revealed …

King of Me (The King Trilogy, Book 3)
King of Me (The King Trilogy, Book 3)
Prix : EUR 3,87

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Mission accomplished, I'm head over heels with King!, 4 novembre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : King of Me (The King Trilogy, Book 3) (Format Kindle)
Last book of the King trilogy and it’s been a hell of a ride!
I’ve never read Mimi’s other books (but will do now) but this serie kept me on my toes all along.
My head was spinning, I never knew if I read about a dream or about Mia’s real life. It was so confusing but so effective. Engrossed in my read, I followed Mia and King in their quest for the Artifact.
The writing is truly unique and incredibly ingenious.
I love when characters come in all shades of grey. King is complex, sometimes pure evil and other times, righteous sovereign. Usually, many authors stop when the hero is about to make something unforgivable to the heroine. You know, it’s as if they awaken right before doing the deed but not Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. It’s no hold barred, you get what you paid for. It was brutal, cruel and yet, I would not say it’s a dark book either.
In the Author’s note, Mimi says : <b> “With each and every book I write for you, my goal is always to surprise…To do this sometimes I create characters who may leave you feeling conflicted…. But one of my biggest thrills is getting a reader to change their mind about a character they hate as the real pieces fall into place. </b>
Well, mission accomplished Mrs Pamfiloff!

Empathy (English Edition)
Empathy (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,68

5.0 étoiles sur 5 What just happened?????, 27 octobre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Empathy (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
What just happened????

93% in the book and I don't know if I feel disgusted, fascinated, wowed or all of these.

I didn't like Ryan, at all and he proves me right. I'm convinced I have it all figured out by now. Melody's been played by them all along and then... WHAM, BANG! My world turns upside down!

I totally did not see it coming and I love when an author can surprise and mind trick me right through the end.

It still remains a really dark and shocking read, with evil minds and hints of many harsh scenes. But it's also diabolical.
So many times I wanted to stop reading, bile in my mouth for the way Melody is manipulated. But then, I would have missed the grand finish.

Well done!

The Wright Brother (English Edition)
The Wright Brother (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Sweet, sad, nostalgic, sometimes hot and felt like hot chocolate on a rainy day., 26 octobre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Wright Brother (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
4 to 4,5 stars.

If you like romance with a beautiful but different hero, this could be for you. I truly enjoyed my read. It had the right balance of love, angst, friendship and real life.

Julian is strong and fragile in his unwavering love for Elisa. He is hot but he also is the "handicapped" kid. He touched me deeply as I have a soft spot for flawed heroes.
What I did love was his determination to have a normal life. He never let his difference get in his way. He had a goal in life and worked hard to attain it.

Elisa is fierce when it comes to Julian. She hates when other kids mock him. She is brave and would risk her life to protect Julian. But she also is frightened by her feelings and does not want to face them at first. She runs, turns her back on him.

I like when characters are in shades of grey and come with flaws, like everybody does.

This story is not without bumps in the road, this is real life but it never came as too overwhelming to me. Their love was touching and it evolved from the innocence of childhood to adulthood. With some stories, I sometimes have to put the book aside just to breathe.

This was not the case and I was happy with it because it was what I needed to read at that time.

So this story was sweet, sad, nostalgic, sometimes hot and felt like hot chocolate on a rainy day.

Left Drowning (English Edition)
Left Drowning (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,68

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Jessica Park is a brilliant, gifted author. Even better than Flat-Out Love!, 20 octobre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Left Drowning (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
10 brilliant stars!!!!

I can't believe I waited so long to read it! It stood for ages on my kindle, I even pre-ordered it but forgot about that story.
It's so beautiful, sad and joyous at the same time and all the characters are wonderful. It's just incredible.
I've got a book hangover right now. Maybe I must buy Flat out Celeste?

The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) (English Edition)
The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,87

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A roller coaster of emotions with a dream guy and a stubborn girl. Drew might be my new book boyfriend., 17 octobre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
Call me a sheep but as that cheap book seemed to have so much success in such a short time, I followed the masses and God am I happy I did it!
You certainly know the blurb by now, so I’ll focus on all the emotions I experienced in the hope to convince you to read it.
First, I wanted to kick Anna’s butt. Open your eyes girl, this man is crazy about you! Stop manhandling his poor heart please.
I really ached to pat Drew’s (muscled) shoulder and tell him “Hang on tight buddy, you’ll win the girl. You’re so perfect she has to fall for you.”
Some cold showers were certainly needed to. Hell, the hook up scene was really, really hot!
Laughter was never far either. I loved their sassy banter. Drew is hot and witty! And Anna is THE feisty redheads. Take a seat, buy popcorn and just enjoy the show.

Cherry on top, the author knows how to write a story evolving with her characters.
You begin with crazy attraction and “catch me if you can” game. Then, you get Drew’s growing feelings and Anna’s fear of rejection. She really can’t avoid keeping Drew at arm’s length as she waits for him to open his eyes and realize she is a mistake.
First drama: you experience their pain and sorrow. A lone tear on your cheek and tightness in the throat.
You push your tissues aside as everything seems getting better because Anna had an epiphany but no. Wham, bang! The author pulls a rabbit out of her hat! Here comes real life drama. The kind that hurts in the bones, shake one’s world and puts your love to test.

A roller coaster of emotions with a dream guy and a stubborn girl. Drew might be my new book boyfriend.
Should you read this book? Definitely yes. It’s not expensive so don’t be shy, just do it and enjoy!

Marked. Part I: The missing Link (English Edition)
Marked. Part I: The missing Link (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 0,89

5.0 étoiles sur 5 4.5 stars. WOW, I really enjoyed this book!, 10 octobre 2014
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Marked. Part I: The missing Link (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
It’s hot, intense, full of action. The chemistry between Lily and Jay is obvious. And I loved how Lily became a strong woman.

Cute and tiny Lily just went back to her mom’s house as she’s left an abusive relationship.
She does not know who she is anymore. She’s been controlled by her boyfriend for the last two years and he turned her into a Stepford Wife. Now freed from his fists, she is lost and struggles to find her real self again.

Now meet Jay: tall, imposing, muscles bulging and sinister look on a scarred face. He is a frightening sight when Lily knocks at his door. But with the fear also come fascination and butterflies in her belly. Because scary as he is, the man is a sexy beast. Yum!

Problem: Jay will do everything to keep Lily at bay because he knows he is bad news for a sweet innocent girl like her. But after Jay saves Lily from rape, she sticks to him like glue. He’s become her safe haven. As Jay was insanely attracted to Lily, it really is a lost battle.
Jay is a loner with no real friends. He has always avoided to let people in, obsessed with revenge, but Lily barrels through his defenses. Faced with Lily’s distress, his walls crumble down. Now the only way for Lily to have some sleep is in Jay’s bed and arms.

It was so sweet to witness Lily taming the gruff alpha male! I loved reading about how he tentatively put his arms around her in his bed to protect her and just feel. Jay has a touching side to him even if he has a lot of mood swings too. All the little things he did to take care of her and let her in, baby step after baby step. It was so cute. Sigh…
And once they really connected, Holy Mary, they did it hard and steamy, pun intended! They could never have enough of each other.

Much to my delight, Jay also teaches Lily to defend herself. She already is impressive with a gun but when she fights back Lily is a real firecracker. Comforted by Jay’s protectiveness and faith in her Lily comes to life again.
The action kicks in the last 30% of the book and you get scenes worth of Matrix. It’s raining bullets and bad guys.
I nearly forgot: a special mention to Lily’s best friends, they are just too much.

As it ends on a cliffhanger, be ready to buy the second book.
And to think I nearly missed this book… Amazon did not sell it in my country but JM Sevilla moved Heaven and Earth for me to get it. Thank you Mrs Sevilla and well done!

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