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A Court of Thorns and Roses
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Prix : EUR 8,01

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Stunning and imaginative rendering of Beauty and the Beast, 22 mai 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : A Court of Thorns and Roses (Format Kindle)
Epic, brilliant!

I did not think I could love that heroine as much as Celaena but I did. Feyre is a mere human but fights with all her strenght to survive and care for her family. She made an oath to her dying mother and she'll protect her family at all costs. Illiterate, she'll learn to hunt by observing other hunters. She'll also master swimming and many othe survival skills with sheer willpower.

It's a stunning and imaginative rendering of "Beauty and the Beast" tale, one I relished reading till the last page. Better than the brother Grimm's tale. It was also cruel and the torture she had to go through was sometimes unbearable and I had to take deep breaths and stop my reading.

I loved it till the last drop of fairy magic and I can't wait to read the other books of the series.

The Traveling Man (Traveling Series #1) (The Traveling series) (English Edition)
The Traveling Man (Traveling Series #1) (The Traveling series) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,35

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Simply gorgeous., 18 mai 2015
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Simply beautiful.

It deserves much more than 5 stars.

I read “The End” and my finger was already pressing “BUY” as I now had to read “The Traveling Woman”. Buying the second book was like breathing: essential.

This book is simply gorgeous and reminded me of these other stories I loved like “The Sweetgum Tree”, “The Mason List” and “Running Barefoot”. All are wonderful stories with writing so good you taste and feel what the characters experience.
I love when authors have that magic wand and make me feel every sensory experience the characters live. I love when they can make us see the world through children’s eyes, with all the wonder, magic, awe and expectations. That’s what this book did or me.

I tasted the sweetness of cotton candy, I sucked out the coconut’s milk as it dribbled down my chin, I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, the gentle breeze in the air. I was excited to see the dust swirling as it announced the much awaited arrival of the carnival in my little town. And I could not contain my excitement as I was going to see the magic of the fair, the sole highlight of my year. I wanted to cradle Mr Albert, that little monkey, in my arms and caress the pony’s snout. I cheered for the cowboys incredible acrobatics.

It’s a story of childhood friends becoming lovers. Aimee and Kestrel love was beautiful. It was complicated but so worth it.
It made me think about prejudice and misconception. I must admit I’ll never see the carnies the same way. Aimee was a lovely character, she was courageous and dared fight for her dream. She never shared her parent’s beliefs of “trailer trash”, “thieves”… she saw the magic of the fair, the kinship and “her” Kestrel.
Kestrel was complicated, proud, savage like a wild animal, never to be contained. He loved fiercely but could not say it. His pride and resentment made him make some bad moves but Aimee set him straight, telling him he did wrong. She would help him, admire him and cover for his “flaw” all along, patiently and lovingly.

They are worlds apart but together, they make sense. Together, they are beautiful.

This book was highly recommended some months ago by a very good friend on Goodreads and once again, she was spot on! I’m happy I waited so long to read it though as I don’t have to wait for book 2. I’m lucky as I can read right away the conclusion of one of the most gorgeous stories I’ve ever read. I hope many readers will buy this book as it definitely should be on a shelf “books you wish more people knew about”. It’s a gem.

End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days Series Book 3) (English Edition)
End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days Series Book 3) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,58

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A hundred stars and a must read. Recommended for all (non) fantasy fans!, 15 mai 2015
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It was a whirlwind of battles, run- for- your- life moments, hard choices, loyalties and betrayals all happening in a world in shambles where craziness could be the new normal.
I really have no idea how Mrs Ee did to create such apocalyptic world, The Pit included, with so many strong and incredible characters. Her imagination seems limitless.

I’m still groggy from my read. Happy to know the end but sad this was the end of this incredible journey.

End of Days begins where World After left us: Penryn found Paige and Raffe. They escaped the angels and are flying to regroup, Paige carried by her pet locusts on Beliel’s body and Penryn in Raffe’s arms. Their mission: find a doctor to sew Raffe’s wings back and help Paige to get better. She still moves with pain and refuses to eat, slowly dying from hunger.
The grand plan is to help Raffe regain control over angels and take them away, killing Uriel in the process.
But, Penryn and Raffe will have to fight fierce hellions, battle with demons and angels, defeat humongous locusts leader, go to Hell…. and many other things, all within the span of a few days.

The success of this series depends largely on its extraordinary characters and I loved all of them:

-Penryn’s crazy mother is badass! ” It’s like the world has become so crazy that it makes sense to her now.” She plays a major role in this book as she becomes an asset to the Resistance. I found her uncaring in the first book but I could not have been more wrong. For all her craziness, she fights like a lioness to protect her kids. Under the madness, she has brilliant ideas and is cunning, ready to take the world to save her daughters. Respect!

-Paige crushed my heart. She is like a little Gandhi and would rather die than hurt people, even to ensure her survival. She fought for her pet locusts, attacked to protect Penryn and followed her sister everywhere, no questions asked. She was rejected by many, frightened by her scars but she never stopped loving people. Poor child.

-Beliel, I’m so sad for him. And I never thought I would feel pity or sympathy for all he did in the other books. When I read all that happened to him, that he really was ”alone and unwanted” I wanted him to have a chance at a better life, to have his own HEA… Truly Mrs Ee, I would not have believed it two days ago.

-The twins, Dum and Dee for all their antics are extraordinary assets in this battle to save humanity. They find everything you could think of and always have a trick in their hats. Their banter helped alleviate some of the gravity and they did help the leaders to maintain some order and contain desperate people as they ”give the masses what they want.” This is the roman emperors’s old receipt to calm and sedate people: distract them from the main problems with “panem et circenses”.

-Penryn, the seventeen year old girl who fights for her family and battle with abominations. She is like a modern Joan of Arc: unassuming but a hero nonetheless. Penryn has a warrior heart and has learned to wield an angel sword. To wield an angel sword, you must be deemed worthy by said sword as they have some memories and a life of their own. Needless to say the sword was not happy to be named Pooky Bear by Penryn…
In this book, Penryn had to make hard choices again: protect her family or protect humanity? Trust Raffe even if he is the enemy? Follow Raffe or go back to the Resistance and risk never seeing him again? Feed Paige with what she needs or not?...
She was simply incredible, I have no other words to describe what she did, what she went through.

-Raffe, torn between his conviction and his heart between his duty and his desire to protect and care for Penryn. He is a badass archangel, hot, loyal with an iron will and a great moral compass. Always exposing himself to protect those he cares for. I cursed his self-control when things got heated with Penryn (yes, we have some hot scenes between the lovebirds, but always suited for teens). Noooo, he stopped! Damn virtuous archangel!

Until the end, I prayed an apocalyptic end would be averted. I thought I would get a bitter-sweet end at best. I had no idea how Mrs Ee would lead us there as there were so many unexpected twists and turns in that story. That’s another thing I loved in this series, I never guessed what would happen.

To make it short: this story is INCREDIBLE! Fast paced, with the right mix of romance and action, written by someone gifted with a vivid imagination.

Would I recommend it? YES, to absolutely every fantasy fan and to every non fantasy fan. It would be an incredible first reading of the genre but it could also ruin you for any other fantasy book.

Promise Me Once (English Edition)
Promise Me Once (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,66

5.0 étoiles sur 5 What would you do is war came? Whou would you become?, 10 mai 2015
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Promise Me Once (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
She did it again: weave a dark modern tale of a not so unbelievable future world with strong characters and romance as background.

I loved all of Paige Weaver's books and ” Promise Me Once” earned its place on my “best” shelf alongside “Promise Me Darkness”,” Promise Me Light” and “Sweet Destruction”.

Each and every time, I fall in her story from the very first word and that’s what I’m looking for: forgetting my world, my worries, my chores, everything and live other's lives for a few hours.

Her characters could be your neighbor, the girl next door but they are put under tremendous pressure and have to adapt, to become stronger, to become heroes.

Cat has experienced a dramatic accident. It has left her bruised, ridden by guilt and grief. Her coping mechanism is to use boys to forget. She does not deserve to experience love again while others are dead because of her.
Daughter of an oil tycoon, she acts like a spoiled brat and seduces men with her flawless beauty. She plays the b**** to avoid feelings, one hook up and she leaves. But inside, she cries.

Cash is THE cowboy. Hardworking, honest, polite and panty dropping hot (with hat and all). Even if he knows she is high maintenance and they are world apart, he’ll fall for Cat, hard. But he won’t be a puppet in her hands as he is strong and down to earth. He’ll take her for the ride of her life (pun intended) and he won’t be able to forget her. But neither will Cat forget Cash, even if she leaves, scared of her feelings.

Soon the war we read about in “Promise Me Light” hit their lives. It’s chaos in the US and survival of the fittest. It was really hard to read about their loss, their fight, the atrocities of war. I cried for Cat, her family and friends.

I did not think I would be able to like Cat and Cash as much as I liked Ryder and Maddie but I did.
I unexpectedly loved Cat. I was the first surprised as I usually don’t like heroine using and abusing men as coping mechanism. The b**** and spoiled brats are not my type of heroine and most of the time I want to slap them. Maybe tear their perfect dress and mess with their shiny hair too…
Her guilt is what redeemed Cat in my eyes as well as her vulnerability hidden behind her act. She could not forget Cash and could not/ would not crush him. I wanted them to find each other again and above all else, I wanted Cat to let her walls drop.
Put to the test, she became stronger, fighting like a lioness to protect her friends and family. Gone was the queen bee.

I loved Cash: hot, well mannered, domineering, protective, lethal…I could go on and on. Mmmmh these grey eyes!

I loved the side characters, particularly Cat’s brothers. Nathan is strong and loyal and Tate was young but determined and protective of his sister.

And above all else, I loved that this story was believable if frightening. Who does not want to have a little thrill and imagine “what if...”? That’s what this book did: make me fear, make me wonder and make me hope for an HEA.

My only complaint: it ends on a cliffhanger and now I have to wait for book 2.

DEBT (English Edition)
DEBT (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,87

5.0 étoiles sur 5 An amazing dark read with all the right ingredients., 2 mai 2015
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Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : DEBT (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
One of my friends recommended this book and she was right, I loved it!

It has all that I'm looking for in a dark read:

-Revenge and retribution.
Tax and Jude have been driven by hate and revenge for years now. They made their own justice as the system has let them down. No justice for trailer trash. Everyone has been paid off by the powerful and wealthy. So they took the matter in their hands and now, it's Mia's turn to pay her debt;

- Violent and brutal sex.
Mia’s always had a dark fantasy to be raped by some powerful stranger. She’ll act on it using a special escort agency, deeply rooted in the shadows of the web. She’ll get the brutal and degrading sex she’s paid for, subdued by her aggressor’s savage masculinity. But she’ll soon realize her fake rapist was not the escort and she’ll be overcome by fear. How reckless of her! How could she do something so out of her comfort zone?

-Obsession and fascination.
Mia knows she’s really been assaulted but she can’t stop thinking about that man. Even when Tax and Mia began their twisted game, Mia being blackmailed into having degrading sex, she’ll still need Tax and crave him. She craves the danger, the power play. The decision is out of her hands and she can’t be blamed for their dirty f*** right?
Tax has been obsessed with Mia for a long time now. All he’s done with his sister these last year was to find her and make her pay. He thought about her all the time and dreamt of crushing her. But once he’s got a taste, he’s addicted. Now, he can’t stand to kill her but he can’t let her go either. She is his. He is lying to himself, telling he will play with her, enjoy her body, take all she has and leave an empty shell once he tells her the truth. But deep inside, he knows he wants to keep her. He just has to find a way to keep her and still fulfill the promise he made to Jude.

- Plot with many twists and turns.
Slowly, the past is uncovered. What happened to Tax and Jude: a horrific night of torture. I nearly could not read about that night and all the atrocities.
One by one,” they” will be destroyed, justice served…

Mia is such a caring and loving woman she’ll see the real Tax, the good guy under the killer. She will be his redemption and help him to restore part of his old self. She’ll fall for him and he will love her again. Trying to do “the right thing” but hurting her each time in the process.

-Strong characters
Of course, Tax is a strong man. He trained himself into being a powerful and skilled killer. But Mia was even stronger. She dared to be open to others, even at the risk of being hurt in the process. She did not want to be an uncaring person and so, she chose to love. When Tax is using her, she chooses to go with him and she baits him every step, daring him to care, to feel. She is determined and always gets everything she wants. With all his “big, bad and scary” attitude, he gives in every time she begs.

- Drama and tears
I cried for what happened that night, for Tax, for Jude, for the unfairness of their life. And the end, what happened to Mia, what could have been but was ripped from them… I just wanted to hurl my Kindle against the wall and shout: that’s so NOT FAIR! I got a bittersweet end and I would have liked to have a second epilogue, just to know all was well and they still got the future that was ripped from their hand. I’m just such a big sucker for happy end .

Now, I’ve a bookhangover.

Art & Soul (English Edition)
Art & Soul (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 It makes your soul weep and sing., 24 avril 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Art & Soul (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
5 poignant stars.

I’d like you to excuse me as this review will be a long one. I‘ve so many things to say about this book I can’t reduce it to a few sentences. I’m not gifted enough to do it and still give you all this book’s wonder and magic.
So if you’re looking for some short summary, look the other way because I’m afraid you’re in for a long read.

This book was an unending well of emotions. The waterworks was going at full blast and I finished my read with a red nose and a huge smile. Yes, I’m sad but it’s the good kind of sad, the one that makes you feel alive after an incredible read, filled to the brim with so many thoughts and memories you want to shout: READ IT!
It’s the kind of story that makes you feel every little thing the characters experienced: loneliness, despair, fear, joy, sadness, hope, love…
The writing is incredibly deep and beautiful it makes your soul weep and sing.

Aria is sixteen, soon to be seventeen. She’s living in a loving family with a big brother and two little sisters. Her dad’s a plumber and her mom’s a pediatrician. She is artsy, a painter, knows all about Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock… But for all her half shaved head, red hair and bright colors she’s been quite invisible at school. Aside her reddish orange haired with a slight OCD of a best friend, Simon, no one knows her name. But after The Mistake, everything change.
When a boy told her she was “cute”, her, the odd girl, she fell for him and, as in Taylor Swift song “gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind”.

Now, she is pregnant, terrified and alone.
Her pregnancy hits her parents like a bombshell and her family is falling apart as her mom and dad are fighting for the first time in their life. Her dad don’t speak to her anymore or just to scold her, her brother does not know her at school either and her mom tries to take care of everything and everyone, pushed to her limit.

From the girl no one knew existed, Aria is now the school “wh***”, bullied, mocked, rejected and insulted. She was so isolated and lost my heart broke each time I read about it.
Her only support, aside Simon, came from a new boy: Levi.

Levi is one of my favorite male characters in all the books I’ve read so far. He is the like of Kyland and Archer (Mia Sheridan), so pure and beautiful inside out.
He is “apart”, an oddity, an oxymoron would tell you this words wizard and violin player. Oxymoron, a word that ” in the end means nothing as both parts of an oxymoron kind of cancel each other.”
Levi’s been raised by his mom in Alabama, in the middle of the woods. His mom is unstable and he’s moved in with his father to rekindle their connection and try to be close again.

Levi truly sees the real Aria when no one does. When he first saw her while feeding the deer in the forest and at her first school day, all I thought about was Birdy’s song “Little Ghost” :
”Little Ghost unlike most you don’t miss a thing, you see the truth.
I walk the halls invisibly,
I climb the walls no one sees me,
No one but you.”

I could go on and on about Levi.
Levi, the charming odd boy everyone loves, even the teachers: ”Where are you from, boy with the violin? “ “Alabama, teacher with the impressive mustache.”

Levi, the professional at air guitar and lip syncing.

Levi, with the bright smile but so sad inside. ”Aria’s eyes were sad, the same way Mom’s always were. The same way mine would be if I didn’t hide it so well. I’d become great at smiles. I hid behind them to make sure no one ever realized how shi*** my life was.”

Levi, everything he does is to help someone, shouldering his mom’s, his dad’s, Aria’s burden. But he is so tired inside I was aching for him. ”I was tired of everything, of faking that I was happy at school. I was tired of worrying about if Mom was going to hurt herself because I left her. I was tired of wondering if I would wake up one day and Dad wouldn’t be here anymore. I was tired of my nightmare of a life, and I just wanted to wake up from it all.”

Levi, who wants so bad to be close to his dad he sits in the foyer each night while his dad’s in the living room watching comedies and he laughs alongside him. How sad is that?

Levi and Aria found each other in their loneliness: ”It’s all right, you can be sad with me.”

Aria had such hard choices to make, she had to grow up fast, she had to realize to love someone is sometimes letting him go away to give him a better future.

God, I was a sobbing mess!

But I’ve also been extremely happy to witness the incredible friendship with Simon, the huge strength demonstrated by Aria and Awkward Abigail, both fighting their own battle. I was lucky to read about absolute love and selflessness as Aria decided to make her gift.

Now, I’m sad the journey with these exceptional characters is over. I want to keep them and cherish them a little longer.

I’ve never read a story by this author before but she is now on my favorite list.

Thank you Brittainy Cherry, for writing such wonderful story and thank you, Meredith Walters, for recommending it on your Facebook feed.

REDEMPTION (DEVIANT Book 2) (English Edition)
REDEMPTION (DEVIANT Book 2) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 0,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Wonderful sequel to a dark book., 6 avril 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : REDEMPTION (DEVIANT Book 2) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
4,5 to 5 gleeful stars!

I’ve read Deviant and I loved it. It was one of the best book discoveries from the past months. When the author offered me an ARC of Redemption in exchange for an honest review, I could not contain my excitement.

This book is moving (have tissues at hand), frustrating (What, she wants to move on and find someone else? That can’t be!), funny (thanks to Dean and Jimmy’s banter and Jeremy’s outspoken personality), hot and many other things.

Jaimie wrote she was worried going into this second book. There was initially no sequel planned but Deviant gathered so many fan’s reactions and expectations she decided to write a second book. No matter what, she could never “bring that dark, mysterious element to book two that was in book one”.

And of course Dean can’t be the avenging and domineering male from Deviant. He has to earn Tyler’s forgiveness and has some serious groveling to make. I won’t lie: I missed his intense alpha male personality and their kinky games in the beginning of the book. Where was my dark, intimidating mobster? Where did he go???? To be honest, I felt cheated. But, this was not Jaimie’s last word…

The story begins four years after Tyler’s escape. She has a son, Jeremy and left for the US to become a kindergarten teacher. She tries to move on and has a lover for four years. Evan is a heart surgeon and is a really great guy. He loves Tyler, named Jessica now, and has proposed many times. But Tyler is not ready to fall in love with someone else and probably will never be. If I was happy to see Tyler is still Dean’s (sorry, I’m a romantic through and through) I was also sad for Evan and can only wish he’ll have his HEA someday.

Tyler misses Dean and their rough love games as he awoke her darker tendencies.
” I wanted to love Evan so badly. I wanted to give him everything because he deserved everything. He was way too good for me. In some ways, I think that was the problem.”

When her son Jeremy becomes sick, Tyler is desperate and calls her parents.
Dean can’t exist without Tyler and has searched for her for four years. Plagued by the guilt of Jeremy’s death, he is adrift. He can’t breathe without his Rosey. He is determined to make amends and win her back, at all costs and when Tyler contacts her parents directly, he doesn’t miss the opportunity and trail them to find his woman.

After so many years, things have changed. Tyler is a mother now and has to protect her son. Dean’s reappearance ignites strong and contrary feelings in Tyler. Her heart is yearning for Dean, even after everything he did. She longs for her childhood friend and dark lover. But she also knows Dean is dangerous and could put Jeremy’s life at risk. And she won’t allow it. Jeremy must remain her secret.

Tyler hides Jeremy, runs and Dean chases her as he won’t lose her ever again.

Desperate to win her back, Dean has to make her realize she is his world. If he wants to build something with Tyler, he has to be completely honest with her and confess his responsibility in Jeremy’s death. Tyler is devastated by the news. She hurts so badly and it kills Dean to see her so broken and miserable. To witness the pain he caused his Rosey.
” I felt a sudden sob leave his lips. Dean was crying and it was the most gut-wrenching sound I had ever heard. Not once had I seen or heard him cry, and the thought of it tore me up inside. He came to break me and he did, but it seemed his own action had broken him, too. And the sick part about it? I wanted to heal him. I wanted so desperately to take his pain away.”

I was disappointed in the beginning to see a new Dean, a mellower version of him but he soon made up for it. You can’t turn a lion into a domesticated cat I guess and I got my kinky mobster back with an added bonus (Yay!). Hot sex scenes, destruction of sinks included and some serious mob action by the end of the story. 80% in the book and I could not put it down as a horrible event happened and I just had to know everyone would be alright once again. I truly thought I would have a “Raw”(Bella Jewel) frustrating ending. Pfew, disaster averted.

So this book is not about revenge, it’s not a dark story. It’s about redemption and is a truly good story to read. I just had to get my bearings and find my Dean’s back.

Wonderful added bonus: the side characters are all interesting and well developed. They all play their part to make that story into a great one. Jimmy, Dean’s “help” is a paradox. The handsome giant can kill and torture men without remorse but would never hurt a child or a woman. He was Big Uncle Jimmy to Tyler’s son.
And don’t start me on Tyler’s son, Jeremy. Beautiful, protective of his mom he is a little rascal and has a big mouth. The nearly four years is an incredible kid and made me smile or laugh more than once. The best example: he sees a pregnant Lady, points at her belly and says “I know what you did!”.

So a big thank you Jaimie for the opportunity, I had a great time!

Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)
Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 1,81

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Not for the faint of heart!, 26 mars 2015
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
Ok, much more to my taste! Not better written or anything really because she did a good job with the first one but I need feelings in dark books. If I want to put through harsh stories, I have to get warm and protective feelings from the male heros, even if twisted.

But, I still had a hard time reading it as their games-who-are-no-longer-games are so twisted. She is self destructived, determined to see the bad happen. She does not want to believe him, does not want to believe he cares. Because if she did, she would fall apart, give him the upper hand and he could destroy her once more. But love is being vulnerable. It's all about giving power to the other.

I'm taking a break as this story is so overhwelming. I'm gonna read something lighter.

But congratulations, Stylo Fantome did an impressive job.

REBEL: New Adult Romance Novel (The Rebel Series Book 1) (English Edition)
REBEL: New Adult Romance Novel (The Rebel Series Book 1) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,05

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Easy and entertaining read., 23 mars 2015
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
3,75 stars.

What I liked:

-Rebel! Hot, muscled, strong silent type. Yumm;

-Taegan's tenacity. For a rich spoiled girl, she did not complain and fought to survive. You've got to admire her for it;

-the mystery surrouding her father's death. We'll have to wait for book 2 to know if the witchy stepmother will bite the dust though;

-the colorful and stereotyped characters: owner of a pawn shop with gold tooth? Multilingual manager of a laundromat (fluent in Spanish and Russian, really?),...

-the really hot sex scenes. I've read more explicit sex scenes on erotic novels (don't be fooled, it was still graphic) but I felt really hot nonetheless (cold shower here I come!).

What I did not like so much:

-Taegan verbal diarrhea. It was a little too much. And for a college girl, she did not seem so smart with said diarrhea;

-The banter between Taegan and her friend Quin. I usually love a good banter but it seemed so... extreme or too much inside joke at time.

But it was still an easy and entertaining read, not my usual 5 stars Elle Casey though. I'll let you judge it.

par Jaimie Roberts
Edition : Broché
Prix : EUR 12,52

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Book you wish more people knew about. Five hot stars!, 21 mars 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Deviant (Broché)
I got this book because it was on a “kindle deal” and I did not expect really much of it. It was not especially well known and did not have many reviews. Ok, the guy on the cover had a real nice six pack I could drool on.
But now I must say it’s one of the best deals I’ve got so far! My head is reeling as it was so good. So now, I’ll work my a** off to advertise this book because it deserves to be read and praised. This is a story to put on the shelf “Books You Wish More people Knew About”.

Fans of “Consequences” by Aleatha Romig, “Raw” by Bella Jewel and “Blood and Roses series” by Callie Hart will really love it.

Dean, Ian and Tyler are three childhood friends. Back and forth the story goes, between childhood memories of Tyler and the present events.

Tyler is a journalist, curvy in the right places and nearing thirty. Ian, her childhood friend has always been there for her. They once drunkenly joked they’ll get married together if always single at thirty. Tyler’s parents encouraged her to seek more than friendship with Ian, their golden boy while they were wary of Dean.
But Tyler’s heart has always belonged to Dean, since that first day he punched a boy who was tormenting her. It was love at first sight. Tyler, six years, felt “all funny in her belly” at the sight of the beautiful blue eyed boy. With her heated cheeks, he called her Rosey and the nickname stuck.

Through Tyler’s memories, we see Dean, two years older being her friend and protector. He waited for Tyler to turn sixteen before their first kiss. He knew he would have a hard time stopping at kissing and wanted to do things properly.
But they did not get the chance to go further as Dean had to disappear with the promise to come back for her. He never did.

Now a woman, Tyler has never forgotten Dean. She’s always wondering where he is, if he is married, has kids… There is always this connection she felt to him that never faded.

For three years now, Tyler has a stalker. He is coming in her house and is messing with her toilet paper, her car... He never destroys anything and she strangely never felt threatened. She never reported her stranger or talked with her friends or family. She began leaving him notes and cookies. As inconspicuous as he seems, her stranger has dark motives. He is out for revenge, patiently building the scene.

Never revealing his face, always hidden by a hoodie, he’ll soon become the night fantasies of Tyler after a fateful night at “The Mansion”. She’s always secretly dreamed of being tied up and taken by a stranger and he’ll fulfill her fantasy. She lets him take her, gets incredible pleasure from their erotic encounters, discovering her darker side. Her stalker seeks to enslave her. He wants her to need him, to crave an intimacy he’ll always plan to deny her. She has to be his, his plaything.

As she’s falling for her stalker, Tyler is torn between him and Dean’s memory. Dean has always been her first and only love. She still dreams about him and longs for him. She’d like to have Dean’s tenderness and her stranger’s rough deviance. Little does she know they are one and the same.

Working at a newspaper, Tyler has recently been given her dream job: to write her own column. People with a secret crush can send messages to their beloved through Tyler’s column “From Afar”.

One message caught Tyler’s eyes.
Jeremy is sixteen, has been sick for a long time but dreams of kissing Julie, a girl he’s seen at Mac Do. Tyler will be taken by Jeremy and soon enough will visit him daily at the hospital. That part of the story deeply touched my heart as it had a “The Fault in our Stars” vibe. Jeremy has been alone his whole life, put in foster care and always sick. He’s never got friends because “who would want to be friend with someone sick”. He says it does not bother him and puts a brave and strong face for everyone to see but it’s all an act. Tyler will brighten his days and she’ll love him like the brother she never had. She wanted to give him so much because life has not been fair to this wonderful boy. Jeremy really broke my heart and I cried fat ugly tears many time.

Every day, Tyler gets to work and then visit Jeremy. But her nights are free for kinky sex with her stranger. She craves intimacy with him but he’ll always deny it. Dean wants her at his mercy and waiting for the final blow to be delivered. But as the story unfolds, he will get caught up in Tyler. He never really stopped loving her . He is branding her (yes, there is biting an sucking involved Ladies… sigh!), owning her so no one can have her but him. At war with himself, denying his feelings, he is still determined to exact his revenge, even at risk of backlash. But his actions will have dramatic consequences and will not only destroy Tyler but have terrible fallout.

So, to make it short(er) , this book had all ingredients I expect from a really good book.

-Wonderful and well developed characters:
Tyler is strong and yet feminine, can bend but does not break. She so wanted to take care of Jeremy. Dean is all possessive alpha, domineering in bed and mafia prince.
Jeremy was so likeable, I had my heart squeezed each time I got to read about this wonderful boy with a cheeky smile, glint in his eyes but so alone in life. And Ian is…I’ll let you discover by yourself.

-Revenge. Dean was like a spider in its web: waiting, observing and planning for years. He gave blow after blow even if he was left with a bitter aftertaste;

-A heart wrenching side story, warming my soul but leaving me distressed at the same time;

-Hot BDSM sex scenes;

-the right balance between “before” and “now”, between depiction and action. It felt real, I lived the book;

-unexpected ending and betrayal.

Warning, it ends on a cliffhanger much like Raw did. The good news is the second book will be published in just a few days, Friday 3d April. Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!

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