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Just Dance:Biggest Club Remixe
Just Dance:Biggest Club Remixe
Prix : EUR 31,85

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Summer 2009 Dance Collection, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Just Dance:Biggest Club Remixe (CD)
I purchased this compilation of Just Dance: The Biggest Club Tracks and Remixes on January 30, 2010 from Amazon Germany (while I was still living in Orlando, Florida). Many of these exciting songs bring me back to when I was hearing their music variations on their radio still in the military and when I was living in Orlando Florida around and after the time voluntarily left the military and was honorably discharged (living in Mayport Florida from Feb. 2005-Feb. 2008,during my time of living in Norfolk Virginia from Feb 2008-April 2009, and living in Orlando Florida from April 2009 until May 2010). I mean only respect to even the artists that are not listed from this collection. However, I have to admit that these are some of my favorite songs from Just Dance: The Biggest Club Tracks and Remixes

Just Dance by Lady Gaga (remix with Kardinal Offishall), I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)- by Pitbull (More Englist Extended version), Mercy by Duffy (Hott 22 Vocal Remix), Touch My Body by Mariah Carey, Feel Your Love by Kim Sozzi, Evacuate The Dancefloor by Cascada, All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter, Give It To Me by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake, Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland, Right Round by Flo Rida feat. Kesha, Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf, For An Angel by Paul Van Dyk, and Lovegame by Lady Gaga.

There are many more interesting music variation of these club/electronic songs on this two disc set that has 18 songs on disc 1 and 18 songs on disc 2.

The Annual 2002
The Annual 2002
Proposé par thebookcommunity_fr
Prix : EUR 28,98

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Summer 2001 collection, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Annual 2002 (CD)
I purchased The Annual 2002 from Amazon UK on October 22, 2011. There are a wide range of club/house tracks with this three cd collection that has 21 songs on the first cd, 22 songs on the second disc, and 19 songs on the third disc. Rapture by Iio, Poor Leno by Basement Jaxx, Another Chance by Roger Sanchez, Temple of Dreams by Future Breeze, Dream Universe by DJ Garry, Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, Columbia by Paul Van Dyk, Sunset On Ibiza,Castles In the Sky by Ian Van Dahl, and Sandstorm by Darude are some of the multiple artists available on Ministry of Sound The Annual 2002.

Kuschelrock 25
Kuschelrock 25
Prix : EUR 15,80

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Kuschel Rock 2012 Vast Music Sampler, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Kuschelrock 25 (CD)
I admit that I purchased Kuschel Rock 25 from Amazon Germany on July 12, 2012. There are 3 cds in this collection with 19 songs on each cd. Adle, Rihanna, Timbaland, One Republic, Robbie Williams, Sugababes, Katie Melua, Madonna, John Lennon, Coldplay, Bruno, Empire Of The Sun, Eurythmics, Roxette, Sinead O’Connor, Phil Collins, Alannah Myles, Mr. Big, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Take That, Sarah Brightman, Rednex, Dido, Shakira, Enya, Santana feat. The Product GB, and Nelly Furtado, Melanie C, and Take That are among the multiple number of various artists featured in this collection that spans various musical genres (pop, soft rock etc).

Tunnel Trance Force (The Best of, Vol. 59)
Tunnel Trance Force (The Best of, Vol. 59)
Prix : EUR 9,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Fall 2011 Music Collection, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Tunnel Trance Force (The Best of, Vol. 59) (Téléchargement MP3)
I confess that I purchased Tunnel Trance Vol. 59: 50 Maxximum Overdrive Hardclub Traxx from Amazon Germany on October 18, 2011. There are 25 songs on disc one and 25 songs on disc two. Sunset Project Meets Tomtrax, Jan Wayne, Mario Lopez, Chris Van Dutch Meets Randropz, Angel Beats, Kaemon, Alexandra Stan, Tiesto, Orjan Nielsen, Dream Dance Alliance, Nature One Inc., Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Dave 2002, Neal Scarborough, Damian Wasse, Sy Gardner, and Athema are some of the multiple various artists listed on Tunnel Trance Vol. 59.

Now That's What I...Vol.79
Now That's What I...Vol.79
Prix : EUR 15,11

5.0 étoiles sur 5 July 2011 UK Music Collection, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Now That's What I...Vol.79 (CD)
I admit that I purchased Now That’s What I Call Music 79 From Amazon UK on August 3, 2011. There are 22 songs on disc one and 22 songs on disc two. Born This Way by Lady Gaga, On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay, California King Bed by Rihanna,Give Me Everything by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer, Beautiful People by Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi, Bounce by Calvin Harris feat. Kelis, Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, Sweat (David Guetta Mix) by Snoop Dogg & David Guetta, Save The World by Swedish House Mafia, What A Feeling by Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland, Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon, and Sun Is Up by Inna are among the multiple various songs available on Now 79 (UK Edition).

Annual Ii(2cds-London House )
Annual Ii(2cds-London House )
Proposé par Funkingdom
Prix : EUR 38,00

5.0 étoiles sur 5 The Annual Compilation From November 1996, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Annual Ii(2cds-London House ) (CD)
I purchased the Annual 2 music collection by Pete Tong & Boy George from Amazon UK on October 23, 2011. Disc One is mixed by Pete Tong and has 15 songs on it, while Disc Two is mixed by Boy George and has 14 songs on it. One of the things that reflects the vast musical range in this collection is that a remix of a song by Tori Amos is on disc one while a remix version by Prodigy is on disc two.

Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit. (English Edition)
Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit. (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 5,66

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Stafford Betty’s 2014 Book Creation, 27 juin 2014
Please understand that I humbly understand that I have so much to learn in my life especially due to the fact that I consider myself a spiritual truth seeker hungry for knowledge. I am only sharing my journey through the books that catch my attention and mainly look at them due to reasons that I am intuitively aware are indirectly related to my life purpose (however it has nothing to do with what most people would realize, I must add that I am blessed to be a healthy woman who expects to live to be at least 85-110 years old). I am humbly aware that if I go sooner it is only because my higher-self called me back to a heavenly blissful realm earlier than I expected. I found out about the book Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates From the World of Spirit by Stafford Betty after receiving an e-mail from someone affiliated with White Crow Books. The Good to this book is that the author takes the time to showcase different views from the afterlife as shown from some of the authors who wrote books on the afterlife well before the 1950’s. He even includes a reference listing in the back for those who would like to know more. This book takes on the idea of various higher and lower realms. There is information listed on some of the occupations available in the afterlife. I do not agree 100 percent with everything that is written in this book, however in the author’s defense, he does admit that he is open to the fact that the afterlife may turn out to be completely different from the various books and information that tell him what the afterlife is most likely to be. Additionally, I myself am an open-minded person who does believe in the afterlife, the higher self, and benevolent spiritual helpers. However, I do believe that there are skeptics and atheists that do enter blissful realms if an afterlife does exist (only because I do not believe a loving universal energy would punish a person for not having spiritual faith). I wish that there would eventually be a book published that legitimately channels the viewpoint of someone who use to be a complete skeptic or atheist until they crossed over into higher realms (due to the fact that a person who does not have rigid/or fixed spiritual/religious ideals may be a clearer channel for what goes in the afterlife). This book mainly has viewpoints from spirits who led religious lives while alive (from the major world religions). Please understand that I am not implying that there is anything wrong with being religious. I am only saying that if an afterlife does exist, that it is probably most like earth where the realities are more or less subjective and not the actual proven truths of what someone else may experience. Additionally, I understand that Betty is only coming from a place to help and uplift. It is just that I also gently disagree that all adult suicides go to the same place in the afterlife due to the fact that some of the adult suicides do not realize the harm they are doing to their souls either due to lack of psychic/intuitive/spiritual awareness (if they are of average intelligence or higher), mental illness, learning disabilities, and/or lack of love in their life due to poor and/or nonexistent family/friend support networks etc. I truly believe that these souls who only took their own lives and not those of another do truly go on to happier realms (if an afterlife exists) due to them not knowing any better. However, I do not know and feel uncomfortable with taking a position of those who killed themselves and took others with them. I would gently recommend The Other Side of Suicide by Karen Peebles for those who need support after someone close to them only took their own life and Adventures In The Afterlife by William Buhlman for additional afterlife perspectives. Aside from the fixed religion caveat, Heaven And Hell Unveiled: Updates From The World Of Spirit by Stafford Betty filled with diverse information and generously steers readers to other afterlife books that have been published.

The Big Bang
The Big Bang
Prix : EUR 1,29

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Lionhearted PickUp Type Of Song, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Big Bang (Téléchargement MP3)
I admit that I have only heard about the Big Bang show and have yet to watch it. I actually heard of this song from one of the radio stations based out of the D.C. area (I am unsure which one I heard it from first due to the fact that I listen to a wide variety/range of musid genres). Anyhow, The Big Bang by Katy Tiz carefully captures the spirit of summer because she does take about spending time with her person of interest at a beach. The Big Bang by Katy Tiz does sound like a bold come hither type of song with a strong mix of slight dance and pop music blends.

Drink to That All Night (Remix) ([feat. Pitbull])
Drink to That All Night (Remix) ([feat. Pitbull])
Prix : EUR 0,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Happy Go Lucky Song, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Drink to That All Night (Remix) ([feat. Pitbull]) (Téléchargement MP3)
I admit that I first heard of the song DrinkTo That All Night by Jerrod Niemann (Remix feat. Pitbull) yesterday via an IHeart radio station based out of Norfolk, Virginia (Now 105). I was curious to give this song a chance because I enjoy music from various genres and due to the fact it featured Pitbull. This country/pop dance music mashup actually harmonizes together seamlessly and appears to be a tune about relaxing in a carefree manner and taking it easy with a group pf friends. I would be classify this unique blended genre song as alight-hearted and fun summer tune.

Nirvana Ep
Nirvana Ep

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Well Thought Out Melodies, 27 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Nirvana Ep (Album vinyle)
I decided to get this Nirvana EP (mp3 version) by Sam Smith after spotting it in the recommendations feature of another song that I had purchased. This Nirvana EP by Sam Smith has him masterfully spilling out his heart on how he would proceed in certain romantic affarins. For instance, Safe With Me expressed his sentiment that he does not care about the romantic partner’s past and only cares about their time together. It also appears to be a song where he is expressing that he only plans to keep the affair between the two of them. Nirvana by Sam Smith seems to be a satisfying tune about how the casual hookup with a certain person gives him feelings of bliss and that he plans to enjoy their company even if it does not last for a lifetime. I have heard Latch on the radio and like the up-tempo version that is played. However, the quieter version o Latch that is on the Nirvana EP by Sam Smith is also well done.

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