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Forever Odd
Forever Odd
par Dean Koontz
Edition : Relié

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Very Odd!, 30 novembre 2005
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Forever Odd (Relié)
To start with do not read this book until you have read "Odd Thomas" (Which I highly recommend!). If you have not read "Odd Thomas" stop reading this review and go buy it now. If you have read "Odd" then continue on.
"Forever Odd" Takes the reader back to Pico Mundo California, and its most celebrated and strange citizen, Odd Thomas. Odd has the gift of being able to see, feel, and speak to the dead (but for some reason they can't speak back?).
This time out Odd meets the ghost of Dr. Wilbur Jessup who has been murdered and has Odd come to his home, where Odd discovers the doctor's dead body! Jessup is the father of Odd's best friend Danny who is afflicted with a disease that makes his bones brittle. Danny is missing from the home! Odd uses his "Psychic Magnetism" to try and tract Danny down. I don't want ruin any of the surprises, but Odd soon finds himself the quarry of a beautiful but evil advisary who wants to use Odd for her own evil purposes!
This is a quirky story---The Ghost of a melancholy Elvis is still hanging around Odd---that combines a number of genres suspense, terror, adventure, mystery. and even some humor. The story moves along at a rapid pace and is a quick read compared to some of Koontz's other stories. Overall a good sequel to the original book, but it does not have the emotional impact, though it is still very entertaining!
If you like stories that combine genres check out the underground hit: "Tourist in the Yucatan" a thriller/adventure/Mystery wrapped in the mystery of the Maya!

Knife of Dreams
Knife of Dreams
par Professor of Theatre Studies and Head of the School of Theatre Studies Robert Jordan
Edition : Relié
Prix : EUR 28,43

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 But will it evere end?, 11 octobre 2005
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Knife of Dreams (Relié)
took this book on Vacation with me to the Yucatan (I was lucky to have acquired and advance copy). Overall, yes I enjoyed the continuation of the saga but was disappointed that not much is accomplished in 761 pages. The plot focuses Particularly on Mat, Perrin, Egwene & Elayne. Book 11 is not the Last book in the series, but maybe it is time to finish? Rand appears but just a glimpse really. In spite of all this I still give the book 4 stars as the writing is hard to put down! I do wish we could reach the conclusion, though I'll keep reading as long as there is another book! On my Vacation I also enjoy a mystical adventure thriller: "A Tourist in the Yucatan" very good book!

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