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Faith "Faith Mortimer" (Cyprus and the UK)

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LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Simon Grant Mysteries Book 2) (English Edition)
LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Simon Grant Mysteries Book 2) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,39

4.0 étoiles sur 5 Twist and turns on every page, 12 décembre 2011
Lock up Your Daughters - an exciting and taut psychological thriller, featuring policeman Simon Grant and entourage.

From the beginning pages the story unfolds, with many twists and turns. Characters are introduced regularly, and the yarn gets off to a great pace.

Each chapter has a title heading and date - and you need to keep your wits about you as Simon flits between different periods in his life, both present and back to university days.

And you have to pay particular attention to these periods as numerous clues are slipped in catch the reader unawares.

So, masses to think about and I have to confess I did NOT know who the murderer was until Mira K-B revealed all.

I would have given this the full Monty of 5*****, but for 2 minor things. I did have a bit of difficulty in the initial chapters, in keeping up with the rather largish cast, and I didn't really take in the dates - and these are very important, as I've already explained. Perhaps the fault lies with me, but I believe there might have been too much thrown in, in too short a time.

Saying all that, it is a rattling good story, lots of unique things to think about and I would read another of Ms K-B's books given the chance.

I wish there was the wherewithal to award this 4.5 stars as this is what the book merits.
Good luck, Mira - a great read that kept me engrossed for days!

Faith Mortimer

Take No More (The murder mystery thriller): (US Edition) (James Blake Book 1) (English Edition)
Take No More (The murder mystery thriller): (US Edition) (James Blake Book 1) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Italian Mystery Adventure, 12 décembre 2011
I really enjoyed my recent read of `Take no More'.

I enjoyed the setting in Italy and I liked the way you linked your story around the murder mystery and the main topic, which was the hunt for missing paintings, and the main protagonist looking for his lost love.

`Take no More' is a very good read, well plotted and together with the twists and turns, and some horrible ruthless criminals me enthralled from beginning to end.

Well done and good luck with this.

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