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Placing an order

When you are ready to place your order, click on the "Passer la commande" button in your Shopping Cart to purchase your items via our order form.

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Shopping Cart options

Multiple quantities of an item: Change the number in the quantity box (Quantité). Be sure to click the "Mettre à jour" button at the bottom of your list of Shopping Cart items to confirm any changes.

Saving for later: If you prefer to order some of the items in your Shopping Cart at another time, click the "Mettre de côté" button that appears to the right of any item in your Shopping Cart. This will move the item below your Shopping Cart, to a list of saved items that you may buy in the future.

Deleting an item: Click the "Supprimer" button that appears to the far right of the item to remove an item from your Shopping Cart.

Step 4: Entering a Shipping Address