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Love Hacked: A reluctant romance de Penny Reid
Well, what a refreshing romantic comedy this is. I just loved it, lived precariously, and simply fell in love with the characters. Sandra is witty, funny, and has the kind of intelligent, unexpected remarks that made me love the first book of the Knitting in the City Series. And, OMG, Alex is so full of mystery, so full of charms and ZING that I just swooned over him throughout the book.
The Edge of Always de J.A Redmerski
The Edge of Always de J.A Redmerski
3.0 étoiles sur 5 3 stars and a half, 19 janvier 2014
The Edge of Always is the sequel to the Edge of Never. I simply loved The Edge of Never, and I do think that the story and the characters will always stay in my mind. So I was really glad, and surprised to be in the company of Camryn and Andrew again. However, the people who are about to press the buy button should be aware that this book is better enjoyed when The Edge of Never has been read first. In this second book we are allowed to have a glimpse at the life of the two characters, but the meaning of their life will bear its true meaning in the light of the first book. This second book has less intensity than the the first one but I enjoyed it. Three stars and a half only, because it is… Lire la suite
The Edge of Never de J.A Redmerski
The Edge of Never de J.A Redmerski
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Could we put 6 stars?, 14 janvier 2014
This is one of the most unforgettable love stories I have ever read. I loved the characters, their alchemy, their personal histories and what they experience and live together. This story is heart-wrenching, intelligent, moving and funny. Adjectives are scarce to describe how the story affected me. It's difficult not to fall in love with the characters.
Camryn Bennett decides to set off and hops on a a greyhound bus to leave her life far behind, like a desperate act for another life. She leaves without destination to give her life a new purpose. In the bus she meets Andrew, a handsome young man traveling up north. Gradually the two will get to know each other and Andrew will teach… Lire la suite