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Before I Go To Sleep de S. J. Watson
Before I Go To Sleep de S. J. Watson
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I had wanted to read this for a while and was expecting great things after the reviews and position as best seller. I am very disappointed- I did not like the writing style and the version I read had been rewritten for an American market- words like principal instead of headmaster, high school , sidewalk,pocketbook etc. even though set in England Awful!
The basic premise was interesting but for me it just didn't work.
The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution de Jim Johnson
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 It works!!, 23 décembre 2010
I had a very bad attack of plantar fasciitis last winter and when my foot started to hurt again in the summer I was in a panic. The pain before was so bad I could not stand on it for at least 4 weeks and the only way I could bear to move around was with a stick and on the toes of the bad foot.
I had an insole made and then two cortisone injections and finally it got better. This time I realised I had to see if there was another option and my research led me to this book. it is true that the actual solution could be printed on one page but there is a lot of interesting statistical information and I didn't begrudge the cost of the book.
Anyway the bottom line is it does work if you… Lire la suite
The Slap: A Novel de Christos Tsiolkas
The Slap: A Novel de Christos Tsiolkas
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1.0 étoiles sur 5 Not for me, 23 décembre 2010
I had high expectations of this book but I was very disappointed. Quite frankly it was awful, is this what Australians are like in the 21st century? I hope not.