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"M/M addict <3"
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I'm a student and love to read M/M novels *g*


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The Backup Boyfriend: The Boyfriend Chronicles - B&hellip de River Jaymes
So a while ago, some of my friends strongly recommended I read this book. I bought it, but had so many books to read that I never got to it.

Still more and more of my friends read and loved the book and it was getting unrestful in its kindle cage and wanted to be read. With all the buzz surrounding this book, I finally caved. =)

My friends thought I would love it and they were completely right!!! It was an almost perfect read for me! Now after thinking so much about the book, I just had to get the paperback (only my 6th M/M paperback) of this story. Thats how good it is <3 Highly recommend this book!

The Cover: looks sexy as hell. Love that smile. For… Lire la suite