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Rendez-vous avec la peur [Édition Collector Blu-ra&hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Dana Andrews
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This is the best horror film of the 1950's. Picking a title for every decade makes this one of the best dozen horror films of all time. The distributor knew this and delivered a perfect Blu-ray. Absolutely stunning and with no forced French sub-titles as occurred on GARDEN OF EVIL, dependent on the player used (something I'm sure you French gentlemen will avoid in the future). If there was ever a reason for a United States film zealot to buy a multi-zone player, this is it. It is no longer an idle idea; it is imperative. Want to see what this bad boy looks like? Type in dvd beaver.
Le Jardin du diable [Blu-ray] [Édition Spéciale] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Gary Cooper
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Four cynics, who are strangers to each other, heed the call of a siren to rescue her husband in Mexico. This reviews the newly available French Blu-ray and it is becoming apparent that Europeans have more respect for craftmanship than American film "executives". There was some concern on the part of an often consulted and useful web site that this disc would keep the sub titles on the screen regardless of which buttons were pushed. I am pleased to report that my Oppo doesn't do this. When you consider that this is in the original CinemaScope ratio, the sharpness and color consistency is astonishing with the same blue sky in every background. The makers of THE SEARCHERS knew they had… Lire la suite