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Jabril (Vampires in America Book 2) (English Editi&hellip de D. B. Reynolds
However, after seeing Jabril's court, Cynthia feels more in sympathy with the young girl and finds it hard to understand how Jabril manage to become the tutor of two rich and orphan heiress. In addition, Jabril don't seem to expect Cynthia to be successful and has already engaged another PI. It seems that it was just an excuse to meet Raphael's new lover.

This book is in the continuity of the last one in the series. We discover new characters which prove to be as interesting as the previous ones, we see Cynthia works as a PI and try to figure out her relationship with Raphael. All in all, it was exactly what I was expecting and I wasn't disappointed. It is a great series but I'm… Lire la suite
Magic Graves (English Edition) de Jeaniene Frost
Magic Graves (English Edition) de Jeaniene Frost
Review for a questionable client

This novella shows us Kate und Saiman's first meeting and how she end up saving his life and catching his interest. It was a classic Kate Daniels' story with some mythological creature, powerful mage and Kate chopping bit of monster with her sword. I love Kate and Saiman's banter, they were really fun. It was a great story and a possible introduction to the series.
Angels of Darkness de Nalini Singh
Angels of Darkness de Nalini Singh
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I bought this book for Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh's stories but surprisingly, my favorite was Nocturne by Sharon Shinn. This novel shows us an angel who has become blind after an accident and who cannot fly anymore and a young woman who will try to give him back the will to live and to help him to go back to the sky. This story was excellent and really moving.

Nalini Singh story was ok. I love the world she created but the new characters introduce in this story are not my favorites.

Ilona Andrews introduces us to a new world, as interesting as all the other she created, but she said that the original story was more grim and that she had had to tone it done and add… Lire la suite