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A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the &hellip de Bill Bryson
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Well done Bryson!, 9 juin 2005
Bryson who is not a hiker at the start of the book and who is not really in shape for it decides in the company of his friend Katz (who is even less in shape) to hike the AT (the Appalachian trail)and the wonderful thing about it, is that they make it, well nearly... Bryson did a lot of research on the history of this trail and relates it in an interesting and amusing way.
The day to day hiking is hard (especially at the beginning) but the author does not seem to make a big deal about it.... His friend Katz is also bringing a lot of entertainment and I have to say that if he had not been there with Bryson, the story would not have been the same...
The Holy Road: A Novel de Michael Blake
The Holy Road: A Novel de Michael Blake
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Ce livre est la suite du fameux livre et film 'Danse avec les loups'. J'ai bien apprécié le fait que l'auteur ne s'attarde pas à raconter une histoire d'amour entre les 2 protagonistes du livre précédent. Il se base sur des faits historiques et raconte la vie, le combat et la 'mort' d'une civilisation perdue, qui ne comprend pas ce qu'il lui arrive. C'est un livre triste qui nous rend morose à la fin mais qui donne beaucoup à réfléchir !!
Notes From A Big Country de Bill Bryson
Notes From A Big Country de Bill Bryson
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Excellent !, 10 octobre 2003
Bill Bryson is one of my favourite travel authors. I liked this book because Bryson has a very critical eye on his compatriots.(After living some years away from your country and then you're back, you get really critical of your compatriots - I am talking from experience -). After having lived 20 years in England, he's returning to his native country. His book is a collection of small chapters describing the good and bad habits of the Americans. Bryson's style is funny and vibrant, he has the talent to make you think, laugh and relax after a hard day at work... He's just brilliant !