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The Chapel in the Woods (English Edition) de Susan Louineau
With three stories woven in to one, all set in France, this book instantly appealed to me. Having lived in France for more than twenty years and read many a novel that has been disappointing in its portrayal of the country, I was intrigued. Intertwining the story of a monk from the Middle Ages, with a World War two and then a modern story, makes this a very enjoyable read. I could relate to the modern character living in this country environment, and many of the difficulties I experienced were well recounted. A good dose of suspense drives you to finish the book in no time at all. It is a well written novel and is well deserving of anyone's bedside table.
Mouse or Rat: Translation as Negotiation de Umberto Eco
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As a translator, this book spoke to me, since I negotiate language every day. It was interesting to see the examples and the way Eco formalizes the different types of negotiation. However, it is a book that deals mainly with literature, so it must be taken as such.
It is written for a well-read audience, as are all Eco's books. I would recommend it to any translator, but would understand why a technical translator might find it less interesting.