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I've been retired for a few years from a career in magazine publishing as an Art Director so many of my reviews are for books dealing with visual culture. I've spent years handling images and type on the page so I'm naturally interested in book design and how well they work for the reader (we buy them after all) and my reviews will usually have some comments on the quality of design, photos, grap… Lire la suite

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My Listmania collection will give you a good idea of my interests.

I have a passion for books with about 1500 on my shelves covering Streamline design, FSA photos of the Depression, Art Deco architecture, contemporary Americana photography, forties… Lire la suite


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Burtynsky Water de Edward Burtynsky
Burtynsky Water de Edward Burtynsky
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Liquid through the lens, 10 septembre 2014
This is the second liquid book from Burtynsky following on from his stunning photo survey of the oil industry published by Steidl in 2009. Both books are the same landscape shape and about the same number of pages. While 'Oil' used photos shot at ground level and just above, 'Water' required a bird's-perspective from a plane to capture the scale of the subject. The book's photos were taken over four yeas and Burtynsky makes an interesting point in his preface: the introduction of high-quality digital camera equipment allowed him to make crisp, sharp images from a moving aircraft, something that wasn't easily done with older analogue film.

Despite oil and water both being… Lire la suite
Libraries de Bjarne Hammer
Libraries de Bjarne Hammer
5.0 étoiles sur 5 The public home of books, 8 avril 2014
Forty-four of the world's leading libraries are revealed in this lavish photographic celebration of books in their public homes. Considering that all these buildings hold the same thing the range of architectural styles is quite amazing, even those built in the last decade. Just compare the sweep of the atrium in the 2012 built Sir Duncan Rice Library at the Uni of Aberdeen with atrium of the Library of the Faculty of Law, Uni of Zurich, built in 2004. Both have a fresh take on a similar idea. Perhaps the common element in most of the libraries in the book is a central huge space with shelving round the walls and reading facilities on the floor.

The majority of buildings are… Lire la suite
Railway Posters de Thierry Favre
Railway Posters de Thierry Favre
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Rolling stock, 2 avril 2014
One of the specialities of the Victorian era poster was cramming in as much type as possible, the playbill is a classic example but European rail companies took it to extremes judging by the posters in the first few pages of this book. Not only large type for a heading, a main picture and maybe two more but also a route map and amazingly a comprehensive timetables. All this on a four foot deep poster and frequently the route map was as large as the main scenic picture.

By the early years of the twentieth century this very busy poster format had changed to a much more graphic approach with a big picture, headline type and no timetable. The route map though was a constant idea… Lire la suite