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<Le français suit l'anglais> Amazon customer since the year 2000. I share my consumer experiences to help others make good shopping decisions. My reviews are mostly 5 or 4 stars because I research before buying and have, so far, been fairly lucky. Thank you for voting on my reviews ... it is the only way to know that my comments were helpful.

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Classement des meilleurs critiques: 223 - Total des votes Utile : 243 sur 258
A Killing Kindness: A Charles Dickens/Harry Pilgri&hellip de J.J. Durham
Despite my best intentions to take my time, I read this amazing book in three sessions and, to use that well-worn cliché, for the last 100 pages I simply could not put it down.

Harry Pilgrim is a recently-appointed Detective Sergeant in the five-men task force based in Whitehall. The notion of a specialized detective unit is a novel one in this fascinating period in history, when scientific discoveries and traditional lore jostle uneasily with each other. London is full of young, often beautiful, women who, having fallen out of the safety net of family or employment, have no choice but to sell themselves for the price of a loaf of bread. The unsavoury underbelly of the… Lire la suite
Happy Hour Is 9 to 5 de Alexander Kjerulf
Happy Hour Is 9 to 5 de Alexander Kjerulf
Alexander Kjerulf makes a compelling case for the subversive notion that being happy at work will make every employee more productive, more creative, more flexible and even healthier. That putting the employees first, and productivity, profits, shareholders' satisfaction and all the traditional corporate goals in subordinate positions, will actually achieve all those worthy objectives because of the happier mind-set of the staff and not despite it. I say subversive because, in my own experience spanning 30 years, two continents and dozens of jobs (I did a fair bit of temping), the corporate cultures and working environments I encountered have been the polar opposite of what is so… Lire la suite
Chaussettes Burlington pour Mode homme, Modèle 868&hellip Burlington
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Confortable et super qualité!, 23 février 2014
Chaussettes confortables, esthétiques et chaudes. C'est un produit qui de plus s'entretient très facilement. Acheté pour mon mari qui les adore. À mon avis, le cachemire vaut le prix.

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