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life is short while the artistic production has a life of its own.

for those who've made it this far, i have to warn you not to look for synopses but mere reflections meant to give one a conceptual-view, and -flavor, of the works i comment on.
When I started commenting here, Amazon was not about as many things as it's become. So, while I still stand by the early version of "my own word… Lire la suite


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Celibidache - You Don'T Do Anything - You Let It E&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Sergiu Celibidache
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Being the happy owner/re-viewer of the great Celibidache, I came to this film with a certain amount of apprehension. Indeed, considering the bounty of music&wisdom of the former owed something to the conductor's son, as director of that production, I had thought another film on the subject could not even come close. If you happen to share such concerns, lay them to rest. This film does not follow as tight a narrative as the other, being a mosaic of smaller pieces (some published before), yet it is enlightening enough to become of reference for music lovers and Celibidache's (future) fans, alike.

The late Romanian… Lire la suite
JVC EX-A10 - Micro chaîne de JVC
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Being so happy an owner of JVC EXD5, I decided to upgrade to JVC EX-A10 as soon as the price of this unit was a little less than halved. This was about twice as much as I paid for its predecessor so on paper I was happily looking forward to at least twice as much.

A few extra watts of power output, DVD+ playback, the supposedly enhanced CC sound, discrete player and amplifier/radio components, AND a digital BI-AMP driving TWO wood-cone speakers in a larger rose-wood cabinet seemed in the eyes/ears of the folks at JVC like what's needed to have us pay that much more. Upon installing and playing many an hour worth of audio and video content on my JVC EX-A10, I can say that it is… Lire la suite
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the Wo&hellip de Niall Ferguson
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Ferguson comes up again as an unabashed defender of empire(s), especially those espousing financial capitalism as modus operandi. So much so that he touches revisionist overtones at times.

Had this been just a history book, however partial, Ascent of Money would have been only half bad. However, Ferguson's ideological positions only add insult to the periodic injury produced by financial capitalism.

Staying with history for a while, the book makes for a quick traversal of modern financial instruments and some of the supporting institutions and ideologies. Assuming the role of historian of finance, Ferguson doesn't seem to worry about proving anything; a narrative from… Lire la suite