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The Burt's Bees Facial Kit de Pamela Liflander
The Burt's Bees Facial Kit de Pamela Liflander
I'm a loyal Burt's bee-yer. Though, this particular pack comes with a little step-by-step booklet that would take you up to step 5 but only contain(within the pack) products up to step 3. Left me thinking that Burt's Bee had an intention to lead you feeling like you had to purchase the missing products from the last 2 steps. Best to make a "pack" that contains ALL... I would not have minded paying more. Also, the box was taken up by a little ceramic dish for mixing the Mask which basically took up all the space BUT only had enough Mask(on small packet) to use once! The word 'Starter..' facial kit should be at the front of this title.

Nonetheless it was a refreshing experience… Lire la suite