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Reiki Technician Manual (English Edition) de Kiyoshi Takahashi
4.0 étoiles sur 5 honest, 8 août 2014
I appreciate Kiyoshi's work and views in general which is genuine and humble.
It's important to keep this spirit of humility in the reiki community and spiritual fields in general.
I relate a lot to his will of transparency.
Thank you Kiyo for being around and remaining truthful!
Signs From Your Loved Ones (English Edition) de Sue Broome
I've related to a few stories like seeing/feeling loved ones in elements of nature,knowing who it is trying to communicate with me.
I've helped some souls to cross over and I know that in doing so they leave in peace and light for their souls and ours.
If you want some tips to be more aware , to pay attention to "coincidences", then go ahead and get the book!
I mostly agree with Sue's insights.
Wish her the very best.
Red Moon de Miranda Eve Gray
Red Moon de Miranda Eve Gray
I regularly subscribe to Miranda's meditations of the Womb.
I decided to buy the Red Moon because I had just seen the last blood moon / eclipse- the title was
a real invitation to me. When I realized it was by Miranda Gray, I knew I could trust the quality of the writing!

I noticed before my different mood swings, my creativity phases due to the moon phases or my menstruations.
This book provides concrete tools to be in touch with our true self as a woman.
Periods are still taboo indeed. It's great to go deep about this subject and pass on the gift of femininity...