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"author of "Sorbonne Confidential" and "Les Rêves Barbares du Professeur Collie""
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I love reading and writing, France and the USA. For more on Sorbonne Confidential see: For news and commentary on France, see:

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books, ecology, France, education, the fate of capitalism, humor...


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Liar's Poker de Michael Lewis
Liar's Poker de Michael Lewis
Written long before the 2008 crash, before the spectacular flame-outs of SocGen's Kerviel, Goldman's Tourre and JP Morgan's Iksil (the famous "London Whale"), Michael Lewis' account of his adventures inside the trading desk at Salomon Brothers is simply the most insightful and entertaining foray into the world of high stakes gambling (with, by the way, your money) ever written.
After studying art history and meeting the right executive's wife at a dinner, Lewis is hired at the world's most famous bond trading outfit - just before the invention of subprimes. His easy talent with language, his keen eye for the telling detail, combined with just enough ironic distance from the… Lire la suite
Swimming de Nicola Keegan
Swimming de Nicola Keegan
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 An outstanding novel !, 6 juillet 2009
Original, moving, ferociously written, and funny--Swimming by Nicola Keegan is that rare novel, the kind I love to read, then reread.

It's the story of a girl whose natural element is water under pressure. Propelled to greatness by tragedy and the will to survive it, the young heroine is anything but a trained robot. Surrounded by nuns and priests, sisters, friends, rivals and coaches, (what coaches!), she has an innate sense of humor that nothing--even death--can defeat.
Billed as light summer fare, Swimming is much better than that. It's a great work of fiction. One that rings profoundly true.

- Laurel Zuckerman (Paris)