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Who Made God?: Searching for a Theory of Everythin&hellip de Edgar Harold Andrews
This book doesn't beat you on the head, rather it's like a dialogue with a trusted wiser friend, who is kind, and funny, and who is willing to walk you gently through your questions about science and religion, mainly Christianity. Does science contradict the bible? Is it possible to believe in both science and God? Andrews showyou gently and clearly how science is immensely helpful in describing our world, but how we still need to look deeper for the purpose or meaning of life. It is a funny and very readable book, yet the science and arguments described are as solid as ever. If you have questions about science and God, this is a book I would highly recommend.
It's a Book! de Lane Smith
It's a Book! de Lane Smith
Parents will enjoy this as much as their older kids, which i think would be appropriate from kindergarten age to elementary (though teens may find it fun too). Simple story and pictures of what a book cannot and can do, but will it encourage your kids to read a real book again? You'll have to try it for yourself ;)!
Blue Hat, Green Hat de Sandra Boynton
Blue Hat, Green Hat de Sandra Boynton
Superb sense of humour, drawings full of fun, adored by children from very young ages and parents, need I say more? :)

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