Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

Classement des meilleurs critiques: 2 992
Votes utiles reçus relativement à des chroniques: 94% (309 de 327)
Lieu: Paris, France
Jour de naissance: 17 avril


Classement des meilleurs critiques: 2 992 - Total des votes Utile : 309 sur 327
Wenko 20264100 Paradise Tapis de Baignoire Transpa&hellip de WENKO
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Déco, discret et sécurisant., 2 décembre 2013
Acheté après une sale chute dans ma baignoire, ce tapis est à mille lieues des horribles machins en caoutchouc blanc à ventouses de mon enfance. Il est transparent et en forme de galets; on ne le voit presque pas, et il fait bien son boulot. Bon achat et prix raisonnable.
The Ravens of Falkenau & Other Stories de Jo Graham
I have long been a fan of Jo Graham's Numinous World series: her original, extraordinarily well-researched historical novels ranging from the Antiquity to modern times, linked by characters' common destinies. You can follow her heroes as reincarnated in different eras, from the aftermath of the Trojan War (Black Ships) to Alexander's successors nation-building (Stealing Fire) to Cleopatra's Egypt (Hand of Isis); or you can take the books individually and never be puzzled by continuity, since each can also stand alone with a self-contained story. (I would still advise to read her Napoleonic saga in sequence: The General's Mistress, The Emperor's Agent, the forthcoming The Marshal's Lover,… Lire la suite
The Kindly Ones de Melissa Scott
The Kindly Ones de Melissa Scott
Very few science-fiction authors create such layered and complex worlds as Melissa Scott. Discovering the weighted relationships and family feuds of this cold world is a journey in itself, unforgettable and engulfing. A great, classic book, deserving of a new generation of readers.

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